Annie’s Innocence

Me: ‘Hey Annie, you stay in this block?’

Annie and I went out on a ‘date’. It was actually a meeting before I go into NS. Went for a movie, then dinner and finally sent her home. Before she went upstairs, we sat at the staircase of the next block, talking about her ex and how he bullied her.

Ann: ‘My ex keeps asking me to give in to him and kiss and touch him. I don’t want. So break up with him lo.’

Me: ‘Haiz.. don’t worry. With me around, I’ll treat you better de. Treat you as my girlfriend lo. Since I single now also.’

Ann: ‘Really or not? Or you say this to other girls de?’

Me: ‘Really. I can’t bear to lie to you de. Don’t worry.’

Ann: ‘If you mean it then I will take you as my boyfriend too. Take good care of me ah. Really leh.’

Me: ‘Yupp. I promise you.’

Ann: ‘Ehh.. you know something? My ex hor, I was thinking of giving in to him if he ever made me felt loved. But he never did. Umm.. you do make me feel loved. Argh.. my mind is wandering now. Sorry sorry.’

Me: ‘Don’t worry lah. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do de.’

Ann: ‘Can we play? Here?’

Not knowing what to do. I nodded and she pulled my hand and slid it under her skirt. Automatically, I pushed my hand deeper and her legs spread opened for me. I came in contact with her warm panties and could almost feel a little moisture. I began rubbing her panties under her skirt. As her soft cotton panties gets wetter, her hands grabbed tighter around my left hand which is under her skirt.

Ann: ‘Not too rough k?’

Me: ‘Can I see?’

Ann: ‘Huh? Just one quick look ah.’

I lifted her skirt enough to see her bare pussy through the wet undies. I was rubbing her harder then and she had quickly forgotten about one-quick-look. I was looking at her orgasmic face as she clawed my arm hard. Immediately after that, she rested her head on my shoulders.

Ann: ‘What did you do? Felt so good just now.’

Me: ‘You climaxed lo. Never felt it before?’

Ann: ‘No.. I don’t even masturbate much. Can do it again? And and.. are you hard?’

Me: ‘Give me your hand.’

I pulled my pants and undies lower and took her hand. She was in a daze when she handed me her hand, I was already wriggling my fingers into her panties, rubbing her clitoris. She was in a trance to realise that her own hand is already jerking me off. Quite in pace too.

She went faster everytime I slowed down, hinting me for more. She knew how to get what she wanted as long as she has her hands on my dick.

Me: ‘Eheh! I’m going to shoot le. Relax relax!’

Ann: ‘Haha. Okay.’

She stopped but squeezed my dick tightly. It worked to stop me from cumming and calming me down slightly. I continued working on her pussy and she was really just holding on to my dick, while having orgasms herself. I didn’t finger her, just rubbed her fast and deep. Taking great care not to hurt her.

Me: ‘How? Hehe. You looked super tired lah. Still want?’

Ann: ‘No more le. Cannot take it le lo. Oh ya. Where you want to shoot? Haha. I want see leh.’

Me: ‘You want to see ah? Shoot on your hands lo.’

Ann: ‘Okay ah. Haha. How to help you shoot?’

I stood up and sat right in front of her, between her legs.

Me: ‘Give me your hand.’

Using both her hands, she jerked me off while pressing her wet pussy on my back, gently rubbing herself. I could hear her moans as she stroked me. Her action got faster as she cummed.

Me: ‘I’m shooting le!’

I grabbed her hands and covered in front of my peehole. Her legs was hugging me tightly like a baby on my back. I used her hand to continue pumping every drop of cum out. She examined my juices carefully and even listened to me and tasted it. Hehe.

Ann: ‘Ehh. Thank you for tonight. You really made me feel loved and nice. I want to see you soon.’

Me: ‘You made me feel good too lor. I want to make you feel the same way. Will see you soon de. And go wash your hands hor!’

She waved her cum covered hands and left for her home. Her juice tasted sweet. I probably began liking her. More to come!

Chocolate Play

I met Pam after work and we went to my house. She brought a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup and went to my room as instructed. Of course, the photo shoot was getting more daring and kinky.

I got into the bed with her and she popped open the cap, ready to drench my meat with it. I took the bottle from her, and told her ‘I want to eat you first’. She turned onto her back and opened her legs wide. The pink slit became brown and I quickly started feasting on the chocolate. Somehow, the syrup tasted sweeter when mixed with her moistening flesh. As the choc got lesser, more of her juice were smearing the mess all over her thighs.

She cummed really hard from the slow licking and trembled even after I stopped. A few drops on her breasts and again, I was taking as much as I could into my juice-chocolate covered mouth. She was moaning non-stop and unconsciously rubbing her clitoris. She came for the second time and was most horny than ever.

Quickly changing position, she poured a handful of the sweet brown syrup on her hands and rubbed it all over my throbbing meat. She licked it all over in attempt to make the stick pink again. Without her knowing, I cummed during the second round of her chocolate smearing and it was mixed with the chocolate.

She didn’t really notice the extra liquid and continued licking and sucking. It tasted different, but she didn’t know. =P

She went on for a long time and I was of course hard, but it would take longer to cum again. I got on top of her, pushed my chocolate covered dick below her brown pussy and slid across her pussy for as long as she wanted. I could tell she was in the heavens as she cummed and wanted more, like a vicious cycle.

After 18 minutes of sex play, she wanted to put it inside her. She was really horny again and wanted more. I was very reluctant as she intended to save it after marriage. And I’m very sure she would be good in bed from her performance up to now, without sex.

Slowly, I tried to put into her, and inch my inch, my dick disappeared into her. There was blood, and she was in pain. I stopped and only moved when she give me a go. Her pussy was ripped open by my huge dick. I was feeling her pain just by looking at her small hole taking all of my meat.

As gradually as possible, I increased my speed bit by bit. And in no longer than 5 thrusts, she was already asking me to go faster. In and out our privates slapped against each other, the mess was epic, blood, chocolate, cum, all over our bodies. Her tight hole squeezed me and I pulled it out just in time to launch it all over her stomach.

We lay on the bed heaving and catching our breath. She flipped towards me and hugged while she cried. Both of us were worried of what’s about to change our lives, but I assured her that she will be well taken care of, and wouldn’t leave her.

The mess took us 30 minutes of non-stop cleaning and we were teasing each other while we did the clean up naked. Just before we went home, she gave me a quick handjob at one of the staircase at her flat. It was quick, but intense. And in return, I fingered her after my turn. I made sure she put on her panties covered with my cum before she went home.


Day: Wednesday
Date: 18 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Public Staircase

It was quite a coincidental way to know each other. I was suppose to add a friend on MSN whose address I didn’t get correctly, adding a girl instead, whose name was Christine. Instead of shying away, we chatted and got along quite well with each other.

We’ve chatted online for a few weeks before finally deciding to meet for a photo shoot. She was into photography too, but I was more focused on getting pictures of her. She was slim, with perfectly proportioned breasts, somewhere between B and C size for a 17 year old body, long silky black hair with tints of brown.

We met at Raffles Place to gather some shots of the busy city area. After a tiring three hours of roaming and shooting, we grabbed a bite at City Link before taking the train back. It was then when I took notice of her attire. Dressed in a black tight tank top and denim jeans, she looked very much like a pro with a camera in her hands.

Sending her home first, we decided to separate our ways at the staircase a few floors above her unit. As I turned to leave, she pulled me by my arms towards her and gave me a peck on my cheek. I was stunned for a second or two and felt the heat build up on my face, quite embarrassed. Without wanting to miss the chance, I held her arm and ask, ‘Can I return the kiss too? But on your lips?’ She turned to face me and gently closed her eyes.

Our lips met and it became a naughty deep tongue kiss. With her back against the wall, my body pressed hard on hers and thus, her little sister was aroused by my little brother.

Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her panties down, followed by pulling my shorts and taking out my upright-standing dick. Spreading her legs with assistance from the steps, she guided my dick right to her hole. Moving a step up solved the positioning problem and we had sex standing on the stairs.

Her pussy was not very wet. The little lubrication worked with my shaft skin to give deep thrusts. My hips was the only thing moving, along with her body which sync with the in-out rhythm. My dick was feeling extra warm, unlike with the others. After a long excruciating 20 minutes of trying not to cum, I felt it coming and pulled it out of her. Without waiting for anything, she squatted down and covered my dick with her mouth to give me the final suck and tease to fire it all out. Right into her mouth, she was teasing my with her tongue while I unloaded, right till after I was drained.

She stood up and adjusted her panties while I did up my pants, I didn’t even realised she gulped it down until she opened her mouth to show me that she accepted my gift. Giving me a wink and a peck on the lips, she turned and skipped down the stairs to her unit, not forgetting to gesture for me to sms her.

I left for home while my mind kept replaying the whole scene over and over. Will there be another time? Am I really that lucky?

No Plans for Today

Day: Saturday
Date: 31 October 2009
Time: 11am
Location: Bras Basah, level 4, below stairs of surrounding flats.

Woke up early, went online, only to find she’s one of the few online. So I greeted her and asked her about her plans. She didn’t have any either. So we decided to meet at Bugis, get my things and maybe walk around.

As it was still early, shops were not open yet. We went to level 4’s open air area around the exit of Popular bookstore to catch some fresh air. Knowing of a nice place to fool around, I brought her to a spot below the flight of stairs under the blocks of flat.

Once there, we kissed like long lost lovers but without making too much sound, knowing we’re in a risky situation. We know we could be easily detected. She was wearing denim shorts and a tank top.

Turning her to face the wall, my hands went around her waist, loosened her pants and went straight for her pussy. She wasn’t prepared to have any fun today, so I had to get her wet. We’re not going to have sex, it’s too dangerous out here. Using one of my knees, I lifted her right leg and my naughty finger went into her widened pussy. Her moans were more like mewing when she tries to keep it down.

My fingers got all wet and soggy with wrinkle skin from the quickie I gave her. She buttoned her shorts back, and adjusted her soaked panties. She turned around to face me, and pulled my shorts open to stick her hand in, jerking my dick without warning.

Knowing this isn’t the best place to cum, she didn’t wanted to wait or go somewhere else. She found out a few new tricks that surprised me and reduced the time for me to build my load. As I was cumming, she squatted down and took the load into her tiny mouth, swallowing it upon entrance of my sperms.

We cleaned up and left before the peak hour starts. We got my stuff and I went to her house for another round of intense fuck session before going home.

Don’t we love it when we have friends we can enjoy sex with? Who says friends can’t make love too?

Feeling Really Lousy

Day: Wednesday
Date: 11 November 2009
Time: 6.30pm
Location: United Square, stairwell.

I was feeling super fucked up. I tried doing so much for a girl and a break is what I got in the end. I asked my ‘daughter’ out for some ice-cream frenzy. We ate at Ben & Jerry at United Square before a mood swing came over and I cried.

We went to the staircase as it was seldom used as I had no need to hold myself back. We just sat and she lent me her shoulders while I cried away. As I felt better after I say everything out, I peeked into her V neck shirt to see a very tempting black and white striped bra.

I placed my left hand onto her stomach, hugging her closer while my head is still on her shoulders. Slowly, I rubbed her stomach and went under her shirt, up to her chest and massaged her breasts. I undid her neck bra and allowed her assets to break free.

Teasing her nipples in a circular rolling action with my thumb and index finger, she was moaning in a gentle, enticing tone. My mood got better and I shifted my hand between her legs, feeling her moist panties. Her panties was really thin in material and that resulting in a super sensitive response with my every probe. I spread her pussy lips apart with my ring and index fingers so I could move my middle finger up and down her opening. As she got wetter, I used my thumb and index finger to pinch and massaged her clit till she orgasmed expressed with a tight clench on my arm.

Her moaning got louder and it made my bulge so unbearable. I loosened my belt and allow my dick to take a breath. She held it in her small hand and used the other hand to masturbate. It wasn’t masturbation with the other hand, she went to collect some of her pussy juice to use as lubricant.

Spreading over her own hands, she gave my dick a firm grip and jerked away. We were in a seated position, beside each other. Both her hands were on my dick and my left hand was across her hands between her legs, working on each other.

Without giving notice to her soaked panties, my middle finger went into her tightening pussy without much trouble from her wetness. I fingered her at a comfortable speed while she continued working on my dick. As my balls were about to explode from the 25 minutes of massage or you may call, teasing, I went to sit on the step lower in front of her  while she continued stroking my dick with her hands around my neck and across my chest.

Once the feeling came to unload, I took her hands and covered the dick head, hoping not to waste any drops. As I haven’t masturbated for some time, it was a huge thick load onto her hands. With both her hands dirty, I took the chance to remove her panties and bra, knowing I would return her after a visit to the toilet. She could not do much but allowed me to have my way.

We went to the handicap toilet and she got dressed. An idea came over me and no doubt it was getting a little late, I wanted to reward her. After she put on her panties, I seated her down on the toilet. Kneeling on the floor, I went to give her a pussy licking through her seductive panties.

Her trimmed pussy hair made me imagine that I was having an abalone – without the seaweed. Her love juice was also sweet and thick. Like a cat drinking milk from a plate, my tongue simply could not stop until she stopped me.

I cleaned my mouth before exiting the toilet, only to be seen by another couple waiting to use the handicap. FML.

Patched and More

Day: Wednesday
Date: 21 October 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: NYP Block S stairwell, my house

I finally got in check with my emotions, controlling my choices so I won’t get angry over them. And Peiling even initiated to a conversation yesterday.

I went for a movie and left her to be with her project and friends, whatever made her happy. She called me at 5pm and asked where I were. Well, just in school doing my FYP.

She said she wanted to come down and meet, so I said okay, maybe after 6pm. She reached at around 5.50pm and waited me for a while outside my room. Once we’re released, she wanted to talk to me about our relationship, salvaging it.

We walked to the staircase where I always had my quiet moments to talk to her through the phone and such. Few people walk that stairs, one or two within an hour or so. We put our bags down by the railing and sat down on the first few steps to talk.

After about 30mins of talk, we ended up hugging each other and crying. I got myself a second chance, and she felt sorry too.

I pulled her up and onto the platform before the steps to kiss. Our kiss got intimate and our hands started to get naughty. She slipped her hands under my shirt to feel my skin and I did the same too. She sure smells and feel good.

She was wearing a simple shorts and tee and me in a bermudas and shirt. Being in school and in such a location, I could only massage her pussy through her clothes and she massaged mine too.

We had this intense kissing and teasing for a few minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore and left for my house.

We entered and went to my bedroom immediately. Lying on the bed, we had turns being on top and kissing. Soon enough, our clothes were gone, leaving us in our undergarments. We felt really close and took turns getting each other off over and over again. She sucked and jerked me off and I rubbed her pussy lips and clitoris with the use of vibrator too.

She kept me cumming non-stop and taking every load in her mouth. She had to spit it out everytime though. To return the favour I kept her wet and in a continuous orgasm mood.

As before, she loved it when I used my dick’s bulge (with FBTs) to press against the vibrator in her panties on her clit, she could still hug me tight for every orgasm and kiss. I totally respect her decision not to have sex. I liked it when she’s just servicing me happily though, I’m just contented with that.

No long after we fell asleep in our undergarments and when we woke up, my mum was watching TV in the living room.

As this is not the first time she could guess what we’re doing, we got dressed and walked out as though nothing happened to watch a little TV and left. I’m glad we patched, and strengthen my trust, which I always had an issue with.


Day: Unknown
Date: September 2009
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Public staircase

I was in need and so was she. I’ve MSNed and sms her about meeting that day and she told me she had tuition till 8pm. Since I’ve ended school with nothing to do, I decided to make my way down to Roxy Square, where she is having her tuition.

I waited for her for about an hour, reading my book and lazing around. I saw her coming out and walked towards her, immediately she asked if I want to go to the staircase. I turned right and opened the door into one of the many stairs at the top level and went to scout around. Seems that going above would be impossible since there’s a camera aiming at the stairs.

We stopped at the staircase between the top and the floor below. Standing, I gave her a deep kiss and she returned it. We place our stuffs down and sat on the steps. She was wearing this pink babydoll dress which has a low cut, revealing her cleavage. She had already removed her jacket once we entered the staircase.

Seated on her left side, my right arm went over her and into her cleavage, directly to her right breast and pinching her nipple, fondling it. My left hand went up her left thigh and massaged her pussy outside her panties. Being naughty, I went down to see the colour of her panties, black!

My left hand entered her panties and searched around for the entrance. I asked her to guide me and she did, by hold my finger and positioning it at the entrance of the hole. My middle finger went deep and she sure is moaning (more like mewing) fast. I fingered her without stopping as her moans turned me on even more.

After I took a break, I asked if she can give me her blowjob again. She said okay and we’ve agreed earlier that I shoot my load in her mouth. She proceeded to suck me off, with slow and constant movements. Her hand-mouth coordination is out of the world, she made my (big) head go numb a few times. One word of it, heavenly.

As my stamina is a little unprepared for, I asked that she alternate between her hand and mouth. And on the last stand, I cummed loads of cum close to ten days of storage.

She spat it out at a drain hole nearby and we packed and left. Tired, but contented. And felt a little guilty.