Shooting at a Star

Me: ‘Hi Jacelyn. K here. We’ll be doing the shoot here.’ Jacelyn: ‘Umm.. okay.’ She entered the lift with me, and reached out for the 1.5 litre bottle I was holding with my tripod. As the lift whizzed to the highest floor, the silence was expected at our first meeting, since she said she was […]

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Reading Skill

Sitting in the long bus ride to Bras Basah, it was one of those days I felt crafty in the arty sense and decided to head there to get some parts to do some DIYing. As the bus got more crowded, a young girl boarded and walked towards the empty seat beside me, which for […]

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Somewhere Else

Melissa and Augustine sat in the living room while watching her parents leave house for work. Their whole morning was spent on their school projects and it was only at 11am when they finally had some privacy to the whole house. She walked to the peephole to see that they had left and went into […]

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Formal Report

This is an attempt to write in a different style from my usual stories, and it’s written from a female’s perspective. So, it’s Stapler ‘girl’ writing. Hope you guys will like it. Sitting in one of the rooms of the police station, it was especially cold as I felt scared and worried. Two officers actually […]

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Caught Skirt Down

In the heat of the moment, Tim turned Jill’s body towards the opening at the stairs of the HDB, unhooking her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. Her blowjob was getting him too hot to resist and she just succumbed to his force. Pointing her butt out, she waited for his dick to […]

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