Discovering Secrets

Ting Ting arrived at the cafe just as I finished my cup of mocha and we left for the fountain in the middle of the flat that we usually hang out at. We had planned to meet at 10pm as I thought it was more convenient for her, assuming that work ended at 6pm or […]

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Playful Youngster

Denise held her boyfriend’s arm as she saw him waiting outside the school gate, ignoring the staring eyes of her friends and the security guards who was zoning out in the hot afternoon sun. The guy whom she was holding looked at least 10 years her senior, and it was actually not that far off, […]

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Public Trial

Derrick: ‘Eve, can give a blowjob now?’ Eve: ‘Okay.’ Her emotionless voice satisfied his request and she got up from the stone seats on the void deck, sweeping her short skater skirt along her butt to straighten it out. They went to the area below the first flight of stairs of the block that had […]

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Alcoholic Sex

Me: ‘Miss, are you alright?’ The girl looked drunk as she stumbled onto the table and missed the seat that was in front of it. The scent of alcohol was strong at her mouth and her face was flushed. There was no mistake in the situation she was in and the lack of response from […]

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Just Seventeen 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Sleeping with the device on wasn’t comfortable, but Jollene got used to it after two nights of futile fiddling with it. The was no loopholes or hinges to exploit. JC resumed classes on Monday and she had no choice but to go pantyless, and relied on her decently short skirt to […]

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