I Volunteer

Girl: ‘I’m Michelle! You are?’ Me: ‘J.’ Michelle: ‘Oh! Nice to meet you. You also volunteered to collect goodies for the old folks?’ Me: ‘Yeah. I have some free time today.’ I partnered the daughter of a community centre lady to collect food and non-perishable items from the neighbourhood, as part of the twenty plus […]

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School Girl Diary

This is a guest entry for a school student, with unknown details about her current age or authenticity of her recount. Still, it is worthy of a read. It came so natural when we dropped our bags on the ground. He pushed me to a wall and grabbed my boobs, while I ran my hand […]

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Plus One Minus One

Me (shouting): ‘Oi! Who’s there?!’ I dashed up the empty stairwell towards the top of the stairs, to see two teenagers frantically adjusting their clothes with their laptops and bags on the ground. The condominium was off limits to the public, but these two kids had somehow found their way in. While the guy was […]

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Braced in Lust

Taylor (whispering): ‘It’s the first time I’ve hooked up with someone this quick.’ Harry (whispering): ‘And I won’t make you regret it.’ Standing isolated in the corner staircase of her house three floor down, her red dress didn’t provide much cover when he dragged his hand up her thigh. Immediately, she felt her tingle in […]

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Childhood Neighbours

Ginny: ‘Tony kor kor, going out?’ Tony: ‘Yeah. Sheng Shiong. You?’ Ginny: ‘Same! Going to buy bread and eggs.’ They locked their doors and went into the lift together, attracting him with her oversized basketball jersey (singlet style) that has her school logo on it. He had pretty much watched the poly student grew up […]

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