Sister’s Love for Me

Melody (shouting): ‘Kor! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!’ Me: ‘Okay okay. Go out first. I’m shocked awake by your voice le.’ Melody: ‘No! You will go back to bed de.’ My morning wood was as stiff as diamond and wouldn’t go down no matter how I tried to divert my […]

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Doe’s Girl

The KTGS student hurried out of the school alone after the bell rang to avoid being seen by her classmates as she hopped into a white car with heavily tainted windows. Doe: ‘How’s school today?’ Jessica: ‘Just so so only. Very tired.’ Doe: ‘See what I bought for you?’ Her 20 year old boyfriend held […]

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Sporting Tenant

Me: ‘Can you sit properly? It’s so unglam.’ Amy: ‘Aiya. Don’t care lah. No one here also.’ She stayed in that position with her legs wide opened on the coffee table watching the TV and I went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of strawberry milk. Magically, the 21 year old student who […]

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Slow Poison

Looking at the bottle containing a few drops of poison he had bought from a peddler on the streets of the red light district, Ansen was headed to his secondary two student’s place for tuition. After Michelle opened the door for him, she left him in her bedroom where it doubled as a study as […]

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Underage Boy

Qiqi was at the second row of seats on the bus enjoying her Korean drama when she noticed the school boy in front was watching some intimate scenes on his iPhone. Thinking that it was just part of a movie, she did not bother him till his hand seemed to be moving busily while the […]

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