Curious Kitty

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It was difficult for Jenny to recover from the ordeal, and even harder to understand what happened. No matter how hard she tried to forget the rape, it returned to her everytime she closed her eyes. On top of that, her body would register a pleasurable sensation when she recalled how she obeyed as his kitty. Master. Her pussy twitched as the recollection of how it slid inside her returned, brushing along her soft tunnel of meat, wet and warmed by the thoughts. Her nipples went hard that moment and the desire to go back to Master got stronger.

Picking her pouch up, she slipped on her grey school skirt and went back to the stairs she remembered. With only a tight fit tee and black bra, her skirt wrapped around her thin waist loosely. Kitty climbed the stairs and walked into the house, door wide open. She couldn’t hear anyone, and she had to see the room again to believe. Peeking around the door frame, the bed welcomed her, along with the collar and other chains on it.

Master: ‘Welcome home kitty.’

He pulled her by the arm and threw her on the bed. Pinning her against the sheets while he strapped the collar around her, Jenny didn’t struggle one bit. She turned this upon herself by visiting the house. As her legs got pushed open by him, the panties was soaking up her wetness that leaked without any stimulation.

Master: ‘Good. You’ve learnt to behave.’

She perked her butt up into doggie position, Master’s hand went down her back and into her panties, pushing his thick fingers into her pussy. It was so wet and tight he had no problem thrusting his fingers into her hard and fast. Kitty reached blindly to his pants by her side, tugged it low and grabbed the excited shaft, stroking it up and down as fast as his fingers went. She had lost control of herself, thrown into his world of domination. Picking up his pace, kitty fell onto the bed and moaned her heart out, shivering from the orgasm he just gave her.

Master: ‘You like it kitty?’
Kitty: ‘Meow?’

It felt better than admitting to a yes or no. He went behind her and lifted her skirt up before pulling her panties down. Her bright pink petals were begging for him, till it was drooling. Doing a dick slaps on her clit, his manhood slid right inside her, splitting the two pieces of meat open, as he took a moment for her to adjust to the pain and pleasure, as well as for her pussy to wrap themselves tighter. Slowly, his hips hit against hers and her fleshy soft ass gave a little cushioning. Jenny was long gone, leaving poor Kitty to Master’s command and utility. Kitty’s paws were clenching the bed, blown away by the forceful pounding and g-spot fondling.

After five minutes of constantly drifting in and out of unconsciousness from the pounding, Master decided to flip kitty around onto her back. He was purely ruled by his power over his little sex slave and could not convince himself to take a break. Pushing his hungry cock once again into her, the legs wrapped around his waist to push him deeper and keep him inside longer with every stroke. The fucking wasn’t just physical, her mind had accepted the calling and unwillingly enjoyed the dominance. With a string of orgasms to handle, kitty’s body broke down and legs went limp on the bed, the only response was her pussy tightening at his limits.

Without as much of a pause or slowing down, it was headed for the inevitable end. Spewing the load of hot cum inside her, his body couldn’t handle the sensitivity and collapse onto kitty, still high from receiving his warm present. After a minute or two, kitty had squeezed Master dry of every bit of life. He pulled out of her and rested while admiring kitty’s sweaty body resting on his bed – like an exhausted cat from sex. From his position, he watched as his fluid leaked out of her and dribbled down her fair complexion butt, staining the bedsheets.

Master then undid the chain on kitty neck and got dressed. He then helped the lifeless kitty put her clothes back on, minus her bra and panties. Carrying her on his arms, he went down the stairs and placed her on the steps, rudely disposed of like the last time.

Master: ‘Kitty, come back whenever you want.’

Like any feline, she gave him a final look before climbing shabbily to her feet and headed for her house. Roaming everywhere, cats do not have a home, but they remember emotions and sensations – to whom ever made them feel good.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

It was a usual Friday, and Jenny was in her way home after school. The weather was hot to a point she was sure would melt if she was chocolate. The perspiration soon soaked her white shirt as the distance home was too short to take a bus, but a distance to walk under the sun and along blocks of flats. She pressed onto her grey skirt flapping in the warm winds to prevent any upskirts.

Finally, the fifteen minute walk in the glaring sun was over and whatever remained to get to her 16 degrees cooled room was just another ten minutes walk through the void decks. Strolling leisurely and blasting music into her ear. It was exciting to know that the three pieces of clubbing clothes came that morning. It would be her first time going to a private birthday party.

Without so much a sound, a pair of hands grabbed her bag and tugged her backwards. The shock was so abrupt Jenny couldn’t react in time. The strong arm wrapped around her neck and the other around her waist, pulling her effortlessly like a string in the air. She was dragged up the stairs to the third level and she was pushed into a room into one of the flats. One with no windows, just a bed with its legs secured to the floor. Strewing her bag outside the room, he pulled her by her hair towards his face. Still in her school uniform, she was the perfect role play this man had wanted.

Man: ‘Let’s get familiar with each other. You’re my kitty from my on, and I’ll be your master. Obey and you will get rewarded. Disobey, and punishment will come. Understand?!’

The shove to the ground from master was so painful it prevented Jenny from moving for a while, it also gave him enough time to bound her to a chain locked to the bed. Restrained by this locks, there was not a moment Jenny had to get her thoughts right. Was she kidnapped? Or something worse? A strong pull from her new master made Jenny crawled on her knees, like a kitty, to him. In front of her, was a golf ball width piece of throbbing hot meat. Kitty had only seen such a size online, and knew what it was used for. But in this particular position, there was only one thing he would like her to do.

Master: ‘Kitty, lick.’

Having no other options, she licked under the shaft to find no taste or smell, reducing her guard gradually. Cupping her full lips over the head, her tongue came forth and did a taste test, dabbing onto a little precum. Still, it tasted like water. Master used his hands on her head to help her manage his size, similar to your palm’s length. It went deeper and deeper into kitty’s mouth and the choking feel was making tears flow down her rosy cheeks. Her worst fear had came true, it was rape, it was kidnap. She belonged to an unknown man. Whatever he was doing, she was sure he wouldn’t get away with it.

Feeling helplessly humiliated, Jenny continued to play kitty and sucked on Master’s dick as best as she could. Applying whatever skills she learnt off the net, he still showed no signs of shooting. Using the chains, he got her to where he wanted, on the bed. Lying kitty flat on the bed, he secured another two chains to her wrists behind her. And on her knees were two shorter ones tied to the front. She was in a permanent doggie style. Her hands would not let her fall forward, and the knees would not let her fall backwards. As for the neck chain, it was tied to the headboard, making it impossible to head backwards.

Going behind her, Master lubbed a little of KY and placed some onto her pussy, waking her from the despair with coldness. He had not removed her school skirt, just the shorts and panties. Soon, his hands were felt on her ass and a twenty cent width tip was felt at her vaginal opening. Pulling her backwards, her butt pierced itself into his dick and it tunneled in with minimal effort, well assisted by the lubrication. In no time, it was right at his base, the penetration reached maximum length and kitty was biting her own lips, resolute not to burst out crying or worse, moan to his pleasure. It definitely hurt, and hurt like hell too.

With force, Master began his thrust into kitty and went slow at first. Just to build up the climax, or rather his own climax. The size of it ripping her pussy open was unbearable, and going through the motion slowly made her felt like going through the pain over and over again, just feeling that bit better each time. Soon, the speed became steady, and Kitty could sync her breathing with the in-out motion. Reducing the pain, and.. unwillingly increase the pleasure. Without control over the speed, moans escaped after some time and Kitty was enjoying the rape.

A good twenty minutes later, Master went even faster and drove orgasms after orgasms into Kitty, weakening her body and addicting her mind. It was the feeling of his veins on the dick stroking through her insides that kept her wanting more, while the reluctance to let him go, squeezing him with tightness, kept him wanting more. Without warning, a thick load of liquid flowed into her, not stopping until it almost overflowed.

Master quickly untied Kitty and made a new one around her waist. Adjusting the contraints of her hands to the bed, it was the first real thing in this house she placed her hands on. She was kept in a kneeling position, low enough for her to sit on her calves, which girls didn’t mind at all. But there’s a catch this time. Master left and returned with a dildo, to be placed under her butt and poking it into her pussy.

Master: ‘Now, fuck it.’

Kitty obeyed and started riding the toy, cold and long, feeling his cum flow out and covering the toy. Shame wasn’t on her mind anymore, she had that little faith in the civilians’ protection – police. Increasing her pace, her body unknowingly was yearning for an orgasm since she was already on it. Just as she was minutes away from the xth number of climax, Master reached in and pulled the toy away, leaving the void in Kitty unfulfilled.

Master: ‘What should you say?’
Kitty: ‘Please?’
Master: ‘Please what?’
Kitty: ‘Please put it back into me!’

Not sure if Jenny really meant it or for show, Master’s hand came back in to place the toy, and decided to fuck her with the toy. He started at the fastest speed he could go at, giving Kitty the biggest chain of orgasms she ever had, forcing the toy into her body without stopping since ten minutes. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, eyes flipped white and fingers clenched tightly, even after he stopped.

After dressing up, he adjusted her uniform back to the original straightness, threw the bag over her and dragged her right to where he picked her up, and left her to rest on the steps. He wasn’t afraid, Master knew it would change her.

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New Blood

It was an accident when Ms. Ng knocked into a secondary one boy right outside the staff room. Somehow, the glass panel in the door did not reveal the small sized boy. With all the worksheets over the floor, they both picked them up in a frantic and the little boy, Jason, had his eyes down her collar. Right into the little canal that showed how firm and soft the two breasts were. Unknowingly to Ms. Ng, her skirt had already slide up her thigh and was giving Jason part two of the show, thin pink fabric revealing the hairless pussy of hers.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason, can you help me bring the worksheets you are holding to the Red Cross CCA room? Just follow me.’

The growing hard on had been a little uncomfortable, and he had to simply masturbate the thoughts off his mind. He followed her into the cold recreation room and placed the worksheet on the table, arranging them to need piles. Stealing glances at the teacher’s back, his image of her had changed. Those loose bra she wore, and the translucent pink panties. She would make a good model for the nightly wanks.

As the lust level grew in the CCA room, Harnold was hiding in the cupboard, supposedly to be eyeing his favourite teacher and giving her a surprise. Ms. Ng turned around out of a sudden to as she remembered Jason and saw the huge bulge from his tiny shorts. She got a little shocked and awkward, but it wasn’t the first time she was tempted to have someone younger anyway. Jason apologised profusely and sat down while he calmed his little head with random thoughts.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason.. are you feeling alright? Umm.. I don’t think sitting there is going to help. Why don’t you let me help you?’

Jason: ‘It’s okay. I am sorry Ms. Ng. Just give me a while can?’

She removed her heels and walked over to Jason, kneeling in front of him while she undid his shorts. The little boy could only watch in disbelief as his cock sprang from under with a coat of pre-cum over it. Then, the sexy teacher he fantasized just minutes earlier, took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it, clearly trained for it. Up and down her head went, higher and higher Jason felt. The four inches of meat wasn’t as big as Harnold’s, but it was sufficient then. After a few minutes, she stood back up and lifted her skirt high enough to remove her panties.

Turning around to show Jason how wet she got, Jason didn’t disappoint her and went to lick up her juices as she bent lower. Another few minutes later, Ms. Ng’s legs had gone too weak to support herself and she let herself down over his dick, unprepared for the virgin ride. Perhaps it was the fun of having virgins, Ms. Ng felt a sense of excitement and honour as his dick penetrated her wet pussy, it didn’t felt like the times she had with Harnold, but it felt satisfying. Bouncing up and down on his lap, Jason was trying his best to hold it in as she tightened around his meat.

Harnold, being kept in the cupboard long enough, burst into the room with his pants already down and stood in front of Ms. Ng, whose mouth was wide open in shock, which was also in position when Harnold forced her mouth on his dick, choking her a little as he thrust hard into her mouth. Jason was stunned too, but quickly understood what was happening and smiled as the two boys worked together.

After a long ten minutes of threesome, Jason was about to cum. So, Harnold pulled Ms. Ng up and turned her around, bending her towards Jason to suck him off while Harnold continued using her pussy in doggie style. No more than a minute later, Jason ended his first sex class and unloaded his huge load into her mouth, which Harnold instructed not to swallow. It was definitely the biggest load Jason had gave, cause he was so weak on the sofa he almost fainted on the spot.

As Harnold felt his climax reaching, he increased the pace and rammed harder into Ms. Ng, till the moment his rifle cocked. He pushed Ms. Ng onto the sofa in front of Jason and kept his hard dick inside her as the firing pin struck and forced the divine load of cum right into her pussy, filling her to the brim. She was kissing Jason with his cum contained in her mouth instinctively all the while, sharing whatever she tasted with him. Her knees resting comfortably on the sofa, Harnold pinched her nipples hard and brought her body backwards to him.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, you can swallow now.’

*Gulp.. gulp*

She swallowed with a smile and went on to adjust her clothes after Harnold pulled out while watching the two boys got dressed. Cum was still dripping down her legs when the boys left. Hasty? Maybe. But ever-sexciting.

Bad Student – Xuan

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Shelia had a very good friend in school, Xuan. They were as close as sisters, and shared almost anything that can be shared, including Mr. Lee. Unknown to Shelia, it was the love between that made Xuan signed up for his ‘private’ classes. Nonetheless, Mr. Lee did not exploit their friendship and made the learning process enjoyable. Back to Mr. Lee, although he was just a teacher whom had three pets under him, it wasn’t the first or the last to have such dealings too. He was merely part of something bigger.

Mr. Lee was one of the members of the ‘Wise Men’. There is no leader among the five, never a physical meeting, and not even faces to their call signs. The information they trade were closely related to the ‘outstanding’ girls which ironically meant their weak or vulnerable minds, and ‘potential’ guys, which genuinely meant that they needed a little reward or encouragement to do that bit better.

Mr. Lee: ‘Wen Jie, see me after school.’

It was probably time.. Wen Jie thought, his scores were falling, due to his family’s financial difficulties. He had to take a few night shifts at the fast food restaurant to earn that bit more income and now that the crisis is over, his body had trouble adjusting back to the ‘stay awake in the day’ time zone.

In the class with him was Xuan, always staying back to do work and consult Mr. Lee on various topics even though he wasn’t the subjects’ teacher-in-charge, he too would help her as much as she could. Explaining how she maintained her average results. Mr. Lee appeared a while later and approached WJ, sitting in front of him while flipping a file of worksheets.

Mr. Lee: ‘This is the least I could do. Spend your waking hours on this, do as much as you can, and show it to me whenever you are free. Alright?’

A smile broke across WJ’s face and tears swelled up in his eyes. Imagine a 16 year old guy sobbing, be it gratitude or shame, it was very rare. Mr. Lee knew him as a strong boy, hardworking, but sadly, not maximizing his intelligence. He wanted to fix another thing on the spot too, one which Xuan can come in handy at. Mr. Lee gestured at Xuan for her to sit behind him and did what he briefed her on, while Mr. Lee gave WJ’s shoulder a pat.

Mr. Lee: ‘We too, must fix your nocturnal habits.’
Wen Jie: ‘Thank you Mr. Lee, I will get more sleep at night.’

He stood up to shake Mr. Lee’s hand and suddenly, he heard the chair screech and a pair of hands going around his waist straight to his pants.

Wen Jie: ‘Xuan?! What are you doing?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Don’t worry Wen Jie, I’ve spoken to Xuan about your sleeping problem and she had agreed to help – in her own way.’

He pushed his hand behind and locked it while turning him to face Xuan. She had already undone his trousers and it was on the floor with his underwear. To shout out no was kind of dishonest with that peeking red flesh under the foreskin. Xuan sat on the chair and used her lips to roll the excess skin backwards, going into contact with the sensitive nerves ending at the little mushroom. With her head bobbing up and down his virgin shaft, it was well-lubricated with saliva and her eyes remained fixated for as long as she could on him, showing him her outmost effort in fixing his problems.

Her throat opened up for his size after a few minutes and she went down deeper on him, showing no resistance to the fact that they were classmates and had mutual respect of a high level. Her hands were gliding up her thighs, and skirt was lifted up to her hips, while slipping one of her hands into her pink lacy panties. It was already wet with a patch, but definitely not enough for her.

With his limit approaching, Xuan could feel the balls tightening and paused for a break. Mr. Lee had been long gone by then, using a table instead to support Wen Jie’s weakening legs. Standing up before him, Xuan pulled her panties off under her skirt and turned around to keep it in his bag. Watching her butt shake left and right in front of him cocked his rifle for the biggest blow and after she was done tucking her gift into his bag, her knees got on the chair and remained in doggie position for him.

Pulling her skirt up for the shy boy, he walked toward her and his compass pointed right at the opening. Slowing pushing his way into her, it was the third time Xuan had something of this nature in her. Here is where Xuan was totally a different league from Shelia. Her body had this specially tight pussy, that was softer than toufu, yet constantly existing in a moist environment. Even when she wasn’t horny, her vagina was wet. Just a little saliva on the outside, and you’re welcomed to play on the inside. There was no other way to describe the feeling, but if you could get two pieces of toufu and fuck between them without mushing it up, you will know what i mean. She’s soft yet unbreakable, constantly pressing tightly onto you, and no matter how hard she squeezes, you will always feel the softness.

The moment Wen Jie entered her fully, he was so sure the gun would blow already. The vacuum had secured him inside, and any movements would immediately trigger his orgasm.

Xuan: ‘Jie, wait inside for a while. You will feel better.’

Feel better? You’re fucking tight Xuan! If only you knew what I meant. It was the longest two minutes for his cock to calm down a little before starting to thrust into Xuan’s tiny body. The urge to just go hyper speed and cum was too intense and WJ couldn’t control himself either. The slippery walls of her pussy were just so tempting. His fingers went forward to play with her small nipples as a distraction while he continued pounding into her on the chair. Though it was some distance from mirror beside the noticeboard, he could see that Xuan was admiring how he was fucking her from behind, dripping sweat onto her skirt, trying his best to control himself not to cum.

As the moaning went on, WJ had gotten a little numb for her and thus increased his pace. While slapping away on her butt, he just had to take out his camera phone and snap a little picture for memory.

Xuan (heaving, puffing): ‘Jie, you can cum anytime you know? Mr. Lee had asked me to help you for as long as you need to fix your sleeping issues.’

Hearing that piece of good news, he tugged hard at her waist for the last few slams on her butt and squeezed the load out of his pipe, pumping the fuel into his new car, topping it up to the brim. Xuan couldn’t move for a while as her pussy was overflowing and she had to hold it in case it dirtied the floor.

Flicking his penis head up and down on her slit, Xuan loved the last bit of teasing as he took the initiative to wipe her ‘lips’ clean and even help her with the skirt too. As for Wen Jie, he received an oral clean up before she put on his pants for him, like how a maid treat her master.

Xuan: ‘Sleep tight tonight. If you are still tired tomorrow for class, we will have to do it at least twice each time. ;)’

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