Sabbatical Sex

Once we checked into the villa in Malaysia, Baby couldn’t wait to remove the translucent blouse she wore over her new black lingerie set I bought for her. Pinning me against a wall, her rubbing hands worked on my solid bulge that she created from the handjob she gave on the road.

For the first time, I felt her enthusiasm to get it on me even before we reached the bed. Stripping my pants down to my ankles, her mouth literally blew my small mind away. The lack of lubricant covered my cock with her saliva, a less slippery liquid that let me experience her full prowess of her playful tongue.

Tiptoeing and shivering in her control, I could tell my locked knees were already weakened. When she started shoving her lips along my shaft, I was way too deep in a daze to stop her.

Me (moaning): ‘Baby.. I’m going to cum if you keep going!’
Baby (panting): ‘Then cum for me.’

She swapped out her mouth with her hand and jerked me in the direction of her D cups, filling the corridor up with my grunts as my fingers dug into her scalp. Within a minute, my back gave way and I thrust forward into her tight grip, spraying my seeds over her chest in huge, thick gooey load.

As I emptied my balls, her cute lips came over my dick again to suck me dry, forcing my body to tremble even harder. Now, with my head clear, I lovingly picked her up and led her into our bedroom.

Our luggage was opened and rummaged to get our love kit out, quite similar to the one I sold here. Her favourite black dildo appeared before her eyes and I jumped into where she laid (on the bed), ripping her panties off before prying her legs open with a little fight.

Me: ‘It’s your turn now baby.’
Baby: ‘Wait wait.. we haven’t even.. ‘
Me: ‘I don’t care.’

I gave the toy a lick and shoved it into her pussy, sending her into moans as I pumped it deep and hard. The desperate squeals did nothing to slow me down as I alternated the angle of attack, shocking her into an orgasm in under a minute.

Baby (moaning): ‘Oh god! I’m coming already?!’

Her tight grip on my wrist was useless in my high-speed thrusts, causing her to twitch randomly as the toy got harder to push. She frantically wrapped her arm around my back to reach for my exhausted but still elongated dick, stroking it as I used my other hand to massage her clit.

In the combined effort to satisfy each other, I was soon brought up to speed, or length, with her impatient hand. Thrusting toy, jerking hand, were the main cause of noise in our tiny queen sized bed.

Baby (moaning): ‘J.. come inside me now. I want you inside.’

I went between her legs and helped her up, undoing the bra hooks before letting her fall back into bed. She removed my clothes and cutely clasped her fingers over her mouth, unaware of how wild I would go this time. Responsibly, I capped a condom on and leaned over her, gliding my cock slowly into her cushioned vaginal walls.

As I felt my senses cloud up, she was making gasps from my delayed, slow thrusts. Speed gradually built up in our intense love-making, knocking back her knees as I slammed my hips repeatedly at her. There was something in her moans that I couldn’t get enough of, and the first penetrative orgasm was felt wrapping around my erection buried deep within.

The resistance built up was undeniable with her loud groans, turning me on to maximum speed. Her climax came in the midst of my overdrive mode, immobilising my hips with a strong suction between her labia.

Baby (panting): ‘Doggy?’
Me (panting): ‘Yupp.’

The excited little girl rolled over and stuck her ass out at me, luring me right into her without hesitation. A single stroke sent my balls slapping on her pussy and the rest came shortly after. Her kneeling, upright body allowed me to caress those full bosoms as much as I wanted, while her sweet voices filled my ears with love.

I was way deeper into her than any other poses and she was responding with passionate groans. The five minutes of rapid hips bounces soon came to an end when she collapsed into the pillow before her, clenching her fists around the edges as I hammered her flat.

Baby (moaning): ‘I’m gonna come again!’
Me (moaning): ‘Me too baby!’

She slanted her body away from me to let my cock slip out of her, but not before she caught my next thrust in her palms. Understanding her intentions immediately, she took her time to unroll my condom with every stroke, until she was holding my cock intimately.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘I’m shooting now.. ‘

She raised my shaft to her clit and let me ‘rub’ her off. Spending only two minutes in this bizarre new move she conocted, my cum was squirting continuously at her pussy while she kept her grip on me.

Before me, an overfilled creampie stared right at me, but I knew none of it went into her. She was careful to keep my dick away from her body when we resumed our sleeping position, and we were just panting in each others’ arms.

Baby: ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘Yeah of course. Look at the mess.’

Her gluey fingers hovered above our heads and they were cleaned one by one in her mouth. We left the bed after and went into the shower, for a relaxing soak in the tub before we headed to the outdoor diner for dinner.

Not forgetting our adventurous spirit out of the country, she went braless and pantyless this time, in a low-cut blue dress. Needless to say, countless sets of eyes were watching her every move.

The (Passing) Age of Silicone Pussy

Tenga Egg (top view)

Just a few years ago, it would be the fantasy of the younger-us to own a silicone toy, priced relative to the ‘touch’, ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of it. Those three benchmarks, were almost as crucial as ‘build-quality’, ‘exterior design’ and ‘extra gimmicks’, in the replication of the female reproductive organ. And let’s not forget that the pricier of them were even capable of pumping, twisting and heating itself up for you!

But as knowledgeable as I would like to sound, the interiors of such toys didn’t make much sense to me, since they (kind of) felt the same once I was in it. And after a few short minutes, all that was left was clean-up.

Contrary to the advertised ‘high build quality’, ‘ground-up redesign’, ‘101 customisation options’, I was more concerned about its price, size, ease-of-cleaning, and of course, the as-advertised quality. Thankfully, the Tenga Flip 2G, H.E.P.S (manual, blowjob toy), and an unbranded, Made-in-PRC, airplane cup held up well over the years since I last bought another toy to try ;).

Now that the era of Tinder, SKOUT and other hookup apps have arrived, what we are facing now is, as I would like to call it, an ‘invasion’.

Basic, sexual urges are now everybody’s problem, as they are advertised, marketed, and even forced into your DMs like you have ever mentioned the word, ‘sex’, online. If, for just a minute, you could take a look at the man-looking-for-woman section (on Locanto or Craigslist), I bet that you’ll start wondering if anyone would even enter such a page.

In a way, we, men, have chased them off to the far corners, void of any respect, trust, morality, and most likely, humanity. It has seemed that a vast number of men, have made women their sole solution to sexual urges we have evolved to suppress, or express in other forms.

Let’s be pragmatic here. Sex-for-reproduction is in less demand than sex-for-pleasure. So I am assuming the need to ejaculate as a timer-based need.

It is surely sad that many of us have neglected the existence of good, well-designed toys in place of affecting others adversely with personal (first world) problems. Save up that money for a one-time, ‘special’ massage and invest in a Tenga Flip, that you will use with all the porn you have ever downloaded. There is just NO bad reason to own one.

As distant as the silicone pussy age is, they are always on sale. Rekindle your passion to take a close look at them again, at the advertisements, video demo, quality, designs, and get one you feel most confident of.

You will never be rejected, or have to say-the-right-things (for sex) again. When you are in the mood, WHAM! BAAM! PUTTT! Heck! The clean up can wait.

Bring the silicone pussy age back again. Change our invasive ways, give everyone a little more space, and earn some good will along the way.

One day, you will have no more use for that inanimate, lifeless object again, or.. will you need it even more so after marriage? Either way, ‘she’ will always be there for you, to be used alone, or when your S.O. (significant other) asked to show her how you kept your head clear all these years.

Misty Meetup

Misty: ‘Hey!’

I turned around in shock and saw the simply dressed girl, in singlet and shorts. My hand holding the bag of toys had not stopped trembling since we decided to meet for the first time. Through the ten minutes wait, we had not stopped texting about where we would meet, and somewhere between the texts we were hoping for a nice spot to sit down.

Me: ‘Haha. Singlet and shorts look quite good on you what.’
Misty: ‘Haha. Pai seh to be dressed like that to see you.’
Me: ‘Shall we go somewhere with less people to show you what’s inside?’
Misty: ‘Orh.’

The short reply didn’t help me feel any better, in fact, making feel as though I was bribing a little girl with sweets. Nonetheless, we walked into the park behind Ang Mo Kio MRT station and chose a block to head up.

For the whole walk, Misty did not say a word, and there was no reaction when I held her hand in the park, in case someone kidnapped her. Well, who was I kidding? I was probably the most dangerous person there.

Misty: ‘Here?’

The 9th floor was what I randomly stopped at, eerily quiet and dark especially when we peered at the ends of the corridor. We found a spot at the stairs and we set our bags down quickly. As a guy, I had expected her to be shy that this obvious direction where we were going.

Taking the first toy out of the paper bag, it was the long white dildo I showed her on Whatsapp.

Me: ‘This is the first one. You can put batteries if you want. But I usually don’t, in case forget to take out.’
Misty (answering shyly): ‘Okay.. ‘
Me: ‘How long is your boyfriend’s dick? Here?’

I took one of her fingers and placed it on the rod, which she dragged further down till about two inches from the end.

Me (whispering): ‘And how thick?’

Her thumb formed a ring and the fingertips detached, showing me 1.5″ of width. Her head was turned away from me through the whole time but it was normal. My chest was pounding so hard, not wanting to make any wrong move that would scare her.

Placing the toy in her hand, I cupped her knee and slid down her thigh, asking if her boyfriend does this. A shy nod came and fingers wriggled into her shorts, diving straight for her panties. She stopped me before I reached her pussy and held me for a while, until my other hand went around her neck. I used my fingernails to guide me down her collar and into the singlet, going right over her breast that cushioned my landing.

As soon as I located her nipples, my hand in her shorts gained permission to go deeper in and before long, I was rubbing her panties with heavy breathing from her. Both my hands worked tirelessly as moans came, escalating our tryst to the next level.

Me (whispering in her ear): ‘Lower your shorts for me?’

Her shorts, and not forgetting her panties, were lowered to her mid-thigh after a little wriggle. I then took the toy from her and gave it a lick, before blindly going between her legs to find the right spot. The relaxed Misty took over the docking process, leaving me to my toys once the tip had entered.

I drilled the toy in circular motion into her pussy and in no time, she had my arm on her boobs, hugging me tightly while I rammed faster. In the fight to maintain her composure, she came for my shorts and yanked it down, wrapping her fingers around my dick that was painfully dying to get out.

Her body got wet enough for the toy to continue fucking her and I was given my share of fun by her jerking hand, going in unpredictable speed to make me groan.

Misty (whispering): ‘I’m going to cummmmm!’

She squeezed my dick to near-death as her body trembled, pussy gapping on its own. I could totally felt how horny she was with my fingers around the toy sunk deep inside her.

Me: ‘Good toy?’
Misty (breathlessly): ‘Yeah.. ‘

We took a break for me to take out the next toy, a bullet vibrator pink in colour. She knew what it was and only looked at it lost while I prepped it to be used. When it disappeared down her chest onto her clit, her palms clenched my arms tightly with much anticipation.

The long, straight dildo from before was brought to her pussy with my other hand, slipping it easily in given how wet she was. The pink vibrator sent her body into small, innocent squeals, and when the dildo started thrusting, she was all blank from the double bombardment of pleasure. Her sensitive clit shook her body badly and the contrasting calm waves of pleasure inside her pussy was messing her mind up.

Before I even found the comfortable position to work the two toys, a tiny stream of juices flowed down the dildo and sobered me up. This ‘Pokemon trainer’ had lived up to her name as Water-type. After the embarrassing powerful orgasms exposed her vulnerable side to me, she snatched the vibrator away and tucked it into her pussy.

One hand kept the toy buzzing safely and the other came over my dick, stroking me while she was pleased by an autonomous machine. All her attention was on me, at least for the short moment till another climax took her senses out.

Misty: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Seeing how we had gone over the line and came so far, I turned the vibrator off and we stopped whatever we were doing. Both of us were contented about the ‘demo’, and had gotten our share of fun.

Misty (whispering): ‘Do guys carry condoms all the time?’
Me: ‘Yupp. In case of emergency right?’
Misty: ‘You have one now?’

I took it out and held onto it for a while, unsure if we should go all the way for our first meet. But you guys know what? My mind and body rejected that temptation straight. It was lucky of me to have come so far with Misty, a friend made through my blog.

Me: ‘I’ll show you the last toy.’

I flashed the Benwa ball in front of her and she shook it a few times to see if there were really something inside. Of course there are. I used to sell them for a living.

Misty: ‘It looks quite big eh.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. I didn’t really feel how tight you are hor.’
Misty: ‘Ya lo. What if I can’t take it out?’

I slouched on the step we were on till my dick was upright, and tapped the condom repeatedly on my dickhead.

Me: ‘Should we?’
Misty (whispering): ‘I don’t know?’

I tore the wrapper apart and capped it on, since there was no such thing as ‘waste’ as long as no decisions were made. In a very casual mood, she got up on her feet and walked over me, before replacing one of her feet across my hips. From that point on, I knew that the ‘no’ I told myself did not matter anymore. To see if that toy fit was more important than the casual sex we needed to have to find out.

Me: ‘You want me to be on top?’

A shake of her head told me all I needed, and her pussy descended, lowering herself in a squat over my dick that I held up for her. As we all know, ‘tight’ merely described how men felt without any basis of comparison. The moment my dick brushed along that slippery walls of her pussy, I knew that ‘tight’ meant something totally different in this case.

It was the softness of her muscles within that caressed my rod gently. The entry wasn’t through a small hole, it’s what I felt inside that pushed my urge to a desperate state. The only representation I could think of was putting my dick in a super soft silicon mould, and set the shape for what I would enjoy most.

In that unbelievably fleshy encastment, tiny pores let her juices lubricate me so I could slide out, only to enter into a brand new mould each time. My vision was turning black as she bounced herself more, forcing me to re-live each addictive thrust. I could say that she had a body I would not mind to spend the rest of my dick-life in.

On top of the magical experience, I knew that pair of Benwa balls would fit, and possibly bring her into a new world if she wore it all the time. While my mind was struggling to maintain a hold on reality, the erotic moans and sleek belly waves kept my dick at a near-eruption state.

Every guy would know how agonising it felt, to be kept on the edge of cumming but couldn’t seem to tip over that edge. After grinding herself to another of those splashing orgasm, I was getting worked up by that sensitive cockhead that was controlling much of my groans.

When she lifted herself up, that mystical part of my dick activated the cum floodgate, somewhat like retracting the bowstring all the way to the end.. the sight of no reaction scared me the most after my dick was left to itself.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum.. ‘
Misty: ‘Now?’

She unrolled the condom slowly and the tip of my cock was just twitching on its own.

Misty: ‘Umm.. how now?’

The moment she surrounded my shaft with her hand, she felt the veins thickening. Immediately, her lips went over to the pee hole and took the large mouthful of cum, spewing freely in the most intense ejaculation I ever felt. Was that edging from a male’s perspective? Cause it was mind-blowing!

She maintained her position there will I was done, and sank her mouth to the circular ridge, tickling the tip for two more pitiful squirts that emptied me thoroughly.

Misty: ‘Mmm!’

She got up with the pair of shorts hanging above her knees and spat my load on the stair landing, an amount enough to flow on its own away from us. I was totally drained when she sat down next to me. It felt weird to be the weaker one with my shorts still messy tucked under my balls.

Me: ‘The Benwa balls will fit.’
Misty: ‘Sure?’

I picked myself up and leaned over to her, holding her head down on my shoulder while I pushed the orbs in. A little shift of her butt sucked the balls right in and her panties and shorts went back to their rightful place.

I got dressed after her and we hydrated ourselves from my bottle, making our way once we got our belongings. The hugging of my arm in her embrace left the final impression of her boobs in my mind, but it was the balls inside that got her so clingy.

Me: ‘Is the toy working?’
Misty: ‘Duh.. I think I’ll go crazy once I reach home.’

At a brighter part of the park, we noticed the damp patch appearing on her shorts and hurried to the main road for a cab. Upon getting in the car, my hand was kept between her legs still I alighted, followed by a suggestive conversation on Whatsapp.

Misty (WhatsApp): ‘I don’t know how to walk home now. I’m wet.. ‘
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Use your bag to cover? If you need another demo just let me know k?’
Misty (WhatsApp): ‘The dick shape dildo.. Maybe I’ll find you when I want to use that?’

According to her, that night was filled with vengeful sex on her side that got her boyfriend suspicious. But again, forceful or not, all men will be glad to get some of that ‘love’ right?

Seducing Love

After close to three hours of giggling and laughing in my sister’s room, her best friend, Alina, came out of the room and joined me on the couch. I had seen her a few times but did not pay much attention to her. Although she was the same age as my sister, everything was smaller about her than my sister.

Me: ‘What are you girls doing in the room? So noisy.’
Alina: ‘We tried on some clothes we just bought.’

She was in her school P.E. shirt, tucked out and over her FBT shorts she wore instead of the issued school shorts. While I was attracted to the Discovery Channel coverage of the Blackbird SR21, she was on her phone, typing and smiling silly to herself.

Casually stealing glances at her, her phone suddenly dropped onto her lap and her feet got on the sofa, arms trembling as though she just peed in her shorts.

Me: ‘You okay?’
Alina: ‘Yupp! Do you always wear like this in the house?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It’s not too revealing for you right?’
Alina: ‘No ah. I also wear like this at home. I mean short shorts.’

A moment later, she pointed her screen at me, displaying a Whatsapp conversation with my sister.

‘Try and seduce him?’

The phone was placed on the sofa after I read it and she pulled herself closer with my arm. Sitting half-serious, she crossed her legs and were facing me sideways.

Alina: ‘So how do I seduce you?’

There was way I could stop my imagination from running wild. I mean, this ITE girl, who looked underaged, actually asked that question. She placed my arm behind her head and laid on it, while shifting closer to me. One of her hand went over my shorts and felt the half-erect dick underneath, massaging it while watching my expressions.

Though I wasn’t that shy, I did not think of just jumping on her. She made me twitch and moan for a while, before she took my hand and dropped it on her legs. I continued to watch my show, but my hand was moving down her thighs. Soon, I was pressing on her groin and she was jerking me in my shorts, moaning loud enough for my sister to hear.

Alina (whispering): ‘Can I see it?’

My head nodded innocently and she tugged the elastic band lower, tucking it under my balls to keep my shorts open. The curious girl wriggled her butt backwards and leaned over my crotch, exploring my manhood with great interest.

Obstructed by her head, I missed the tongue that stuck out and simply felt soft, wet flesh licking the tip. Her lips went around my shaft and sank lower, saliva building up to pave the way. In no time, a hot surface touched my dick head and a gagging sound came.

She began moving her head up and down, sending me into a slight shiver that got some girlish moans out of me.

Alina (whispering): ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It feels great.’

She stood up with me looking at her, stripped her shorts and yellow panties off, and returned to the couch. She laid on the armrest on the other end relaxed and I finally turned off the pointless flat screen.

I went kneeled on the floor and bent my chest over her pussy, both hands holding her ankles apart. The first thing she did was to pull that glimmering wet wireless bullet out of her, the toy that got her so horny and trembling even before we started.

A gullible sounding ‘huh‘ did not stop me from going down on her and she grabbed a cushion into her chest when my tongue brushed across her clit.

Sluttish moans broke free and her fingers weaved into my hair, guiding my mouth that was flicking randomly on her wet pussy. Amidst the orgasms she was having, I did not notice the presence of my sister, who was standing watch behind me.

Alina: ‘Rachel!’
Sister: ‘Shhh!’

Alina kept my head down and the shadow of my sister placed her around Alina’s head. One feet kept her stable on the ground and the other knee went atop the armrest her friend was lying on. Moans became muffled and the threesome circled around that petite girl.

Sister: ‘Kor, stop for a while.’

Her hands finally let go off my hair and I looked up, at my sister who had her shirt knotted above her belly. Nothing else hid the shaved pussy between her legs.

Little sister went to lie on Alina’s position and all of a sudden, Alina dashed into her bedroom. Seconds before my dick started to lose interest, a strap-on dildo appeared before our eyes, shoved into my hand.

Alina: ‘I help you put it on.’

She granted my dick an ‘assistant’, dangling below the organic one.

She got into doggy over my sister’s athletic frame. And told me to fit both in before moving. So, I knelt behind the two pairs of opened legs and can’t help but admire the two pussies, one hovering over the other.

Moving closer to Alina, I guided the tip in and sister reached for her cold, lifeless, rubber dick, pointing me in the respective holes.

Once I had penetrated deep enough to stop any rods from slipping out, the girls started making out and my hips got started. Half kneeling and standing, I found the perfect height to pound seamlessly, multiplying the pleasure two folds.

Alina was tight beyond description and the slight resistance the dildo had told me the same for my sister. As they took the poundings, juices started splashing all over the sofa.

Sister: ‘Kor.. put this on the table for me.’

Her iPhone was retrieved from the edge of the coffee table and I placed it against a cup, in self-portrait mode and captured all three of us in frame.

Among their kissing, some whisperings were heard but it was mostly moans. Alina stopped me after a while and they squirmed away from the double-headed dildo.

I had to excuse myself from the couch when they sat face-to-face, engrossed in some secret discussions.

Alina: ‘Are you sure?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. Don’t worry about me.’

My sister went behind me and undid the strap-on, nudging me to lie over Alina in missionary. She disappeared into her room after and left us alone.

Alina lifted her legs over my shoulders and raised her butt, signalling me to finish the job. With some suspicion over their ‘meeting’ earlier, I had to complete the task on hand.

Piercing into the small hole again, I focused on getting her off and kept pumping till it was my turn. I pulled out of the delighted girl after I gave her the heads up and she called out for my sister.

They made me sit down and went between my legs, Alina’s hand jerking me off as I wondered what were these two girls up to. They continued that sightseeing mode till I exploded, covering her friend’s hand with cum that got them in awe.

They ran off to the kitchen to wash up amongst some giggling, and returned to her room to share more secrets. I was left there, wondering what just happened and where ‘we’, the three of us, will be heading to, in terms of sexual discovery.

About an hour later, Alina kissed me goodbye and my sister joined me in my room, working on some design templates for a project.

Me: ‘You dared Alina to seduce me ah?’
Sister: ‘No la. She likes you. But don’t know how to get you to like her. So I told her to seduce you lo. You won’t mind to be her boyfriend right?’
Me: ‘It’s not about minding to be her boyfriend leh. I won’t deny that she’s quite likeable. But you can’t suggest this kind of things to her mah.’
Sister: ‘Hehe. So I tell her that you don’t mind her as your girlfriend k!’

A sighing smile got her the answer she wanted. But there was something else on her mind.

Sister: ‘Eh kor. How does it feel to be inside her? Is she tight?’
Me: ‘I wonder what you two girls are doing in your room. I guess she’s tight ba. Her body is so small.’
Sister: ‘She says it feels awesome lo. She can feel your heartbeat inside her and the orgasms are different from masturbation.’
Me: ‘Haha. That’s for you girls to find out.’
Sister: ‘Kor.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Sister: ‘I also want to feel it for myself. With you. Can?’
Me: ‘Siao ah! Just now is an exception. No more!’

She stomped up on her feet and sat on my bed, out of my view. Not long after, moans came from behind and I turned around to see what she was up to. And there she was, lying on my bed with her legs opened, performing for me.

Sister: ‘Pleeeeease?’
Me: ‘We cannot let daddy and mummy know k?’
Sister: ‘Duh. And Alina too. She will be damn jealous.’

Since I was getting a little tired, I took my briefs off and jumped into bed, where my little sister quickly worked on my dick to get it up.

Sister: ‘Quite sad to know that I’ll be doing it more times with you than your new girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Eh. Don’t be so mean can? You made her my girlfriend leh.’
Sister: ‘Shhh.. ‘

And her lips went over my unwashed dick from the earlier ‘party’.

A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’
Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’

A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for what’s about to come.

I disappeared from the bed for a moment and returned with my Dremel, outfitting a thin dildo to the rotary head. The lights came on and blinded her for a few seconds, but the expression that appeared on her face was more of a shock than surprise.

Amy: ‘What’s that?!’
Me: ‘A little DIY project? It will spin and thrust at the same time. I ordered this from some 3D printer company online.’
Amy: ‘It’s supposed to be a construction tool of some kind right? Oh my god.. ‘

Her legs wide opened, I teased her clit for a while and the dildo went in easily. Her grip tightened on the old wooden headboard as she felt me pushing the handheld motor a few times, trying hard to keep her face straight before the real action began.

Amy: ‘You’re not going to turn off the lights?’
Me: ‘I want to see you.’

As the Dremel cannot be operated with one hand, I ended the short foreplay and pushed the switch to ‘1’. The spinning of the ribbed vibrator was slow (in comparison to its max speed), and it got her moans started.

Though it was loud, there was no one else at home. It was just me, her and the harmless looking Dremel. The thrust-motion was actually a physical attachment at the connector head, two sets of ‘teeth’ enabled it to make those ever short jerks. Thankfully for the ball-bearings, if not my arm would be vibrated off before she could get a orgasm.

Once it was running, my thumb was all it needed to get it to speed ‘2’, and Amy began to go into a fit. Imagine her body lying still, but the toy piercing into her kept thrusting. Juices leaked like a broken tap all over the bed but the moans she made was worth it.

Her eyes rolled white and fists stayed clenched, at the mercy of the Dremel going into speed ‘5’. The well-endowed girl suddenly looked pitiful, and I wasn’t going to stop.

Amy (shouting): ‘J!!! I’m going weak!’

Those were the last words from her as she sank into limbo, body trembling peaceful as the machine whined away. I had kept the whole set up as deep as she could take, with an inch or so of grace.

After I noticed the tears coming out of her eyes, the Dremel was shut off immediately and placed out of the way.

Me: ‘Hey! Are you okay?’
Amy (answering weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m still climaxing.. ‘

Her body did not stop shaking till five minutes later, when her soft hand went around my dick. Throughout the slow jerking, there were moments of pause. She would tell me that she came even when I did not touch her down there anymore.

Packing up the bed and loosening the straps, she appeared too tired to be up for anything else. In my mind, I was pleased with her getting too much pleasure. That’s a perk from being with someone who DIYs a bit right?

We fell asleep together shortly after, and when her fingers went around my dick again, it was time to wake up. She had lowered herself to my waist level and the opening of her mouth dropped me back on the pillow.

Her warm jaws took me in and worked up and down the shaft, sending waves of pleasure across my body. Midway, another pause came and she was moaning as though an orgasm had occurred.

Amy: ‘Shit. I think I just came again. I can still feel the toy inside me.’

Too distraught, a handjob finished my share of fun in her mouth and she climbed back into bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Let’s get dressed. It’s getting late.’

The momentary freezes came randomly beyond our understanding, but it got her hugging my arm with it happened.

After she reached home, there was no more messages from her till the next day.

Amy (WhatsApp): ‘J, I didn’t sleep much last night. I can’t stop cumming with I think about the drill. And the orgasms kept happening even though I didn’t do anything.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s not use that again. I think it’s too powerful.’
Amy (WhatsApp): ‘Noooo.. I like it! Again tonight? I’m going to cum in the bus right now. Argh!’

The next call I received from her was from the toilet at her office. She masturbated and came while whispering my name, clearly enjoying the (un)wanted orgasms she got at random times of the day.

Did I awaken something inside her with that Dremel of mine?

Little Ena

This entry is written for Ena, the writer of Promiscuous Secret (now in dysfunc). It is a feature for National Day 2014, and you guys should have seen it on her blog some time back. So this is for those who have missed it.

Comfortably seated at the top steps, Ena leaned on my arms wearily, head almost touching my shoulders. I could smell the floral fragrance of her shampoo drifting towards my sense, all so natural in the concrete landscape surrounding us. For once, two person with intellect deeper than our understanding felt a connection, strong enough to spur a face to face encounter with someone who wrote their darkest desires.

Her arm laid lazily on one of my knees, and I placed my cheeks on her head, drawing a deep breath of yet another whiff from her head. Very slowly, I ran my warm hand across her back, feeling the bulge of her bra, and wrapped my arm around her neck. It had been too long since anyone had came so close to me, it felt so.. safe.

My naughty hand started sliding down her exposed chest above her black long-sleeve top, dutifully covering her seductive cleavage from prying eyes. Into the collar I went, and met her cold, soft breasts. The breasts of a mother, that fed her child, biologically enlarged to fill them up with the velvety milk that will provide all the nutrients good for anyone.

‘Be gentle with them J’, spoken with a pinch of shyness as though she wanted me to do exactly the opposite. Further down, I arrived at those pink berries, still unhardened before any teases. I squeezed one of them between my thumb and middle finger, gently rolling my index fingertip over. ‘Ahh.. ahh.. ‘. Her naturally sweet voice came without echoes, being the first sounds to break the aura of lust floating in the air.

The tired arm of hers shifted and her elbow nudged me backwards with her, lying relaxed on the steps we picked to contain our mysteries. The both of us knew where the line was, except that we chose not to see it momentarily. Not so we could do anything we want, but to reach across for something that we weren’t supposed to have. Much like.. temptations, except that it’s free, and rewarding. Thereafter, her hand continued north till she reached the zip of my jeans. Tugging it down in a struggle with my roaming hand in her bra, she freed my little one and we could totally see it twitching for air.

‘Wait.. I haven’t began with yours yet’, said in a hurry for someone who had been insecure about his ability to hold it in. ‘J, don’t worry about it. Us girls know we can always depend on ourselves to get the climax we want.’ That – was totally not fine with me.

I made her lie on the railings, facing me sideways, and I tucked my rod back into the grey briefs. Shifting her long, black and white skirt up to her thighs, I moved between her legs, only to free her collar low enough to reveal those milky white tits, topped with a pink cherry. ‘Hey J.. ‘, I didn’t let her complete her sentence and went down with my mouth opened, taking a huge ‘bite’ between my lips. Tongue went to work almost immediately and a squirm with shock told me I was hitting the right spots.

Blind to her arm movements, she dug into her bag and shoved something into my palm. I could tell what was it immediately. It was the controller of the wireless vibrator I had given to her to fill the ‘Toy’ wishlist on her blog. I gave the ‘Up’ button a click and her legs closed on me, clamping me in place as saliva coated her nips. Her fingers had wrestled into my hair, guiding my mouth along her glorious breasts where she wanted to be licked. I just couldn’t get enough of those freshly showered pair could I?

Finally, ‘Ena, turn towards me’, as I moved a step down between her legs. Not only she ignored me, she got up and helped me to remove her black panties that wrapped tightly around those succulent looking hips. ‘Is this okay J?’ How could it be any better? She was firmly seated in a position she had been yearning for, knees shyly together, but feet wide apart.

‘This is okay, but can be better’, a grin across my face made her turn towards the railing and those legs parted for the floodgates. I carefully pulled at the loop that the wireless toy was secured to, and popped out what was in my way. ‘Mmm!’, a yelp came with her lips closed, as though I watched how a little puddle formed on the step below where she sat, wetted by the fluids the toy had been holding in.

As my ears tickled up her thighs to the advancement of my head, Ena’s body reacted by spreading even wider, till I was taking in deep breaths of her beauty. My hands went to her inner thighs, and with my thumbs, I peeled those delicate folds apart, exposing the glimmering wet slit. It was inviting.

Spending enough time with the prelude, I dug in and wriggled my tongue in place. Right then, the letter ‘A’ appeared in my head, and I spelt it out with my tongue cause why not? Ena was controlled by a force she couldn’t say no to not because she had no choice, rather because it was a need our bodies couldn’t live without, like hunger, and this particular need came with moans.

As I reached J, her clutch on my head got tighter and her hips thrust at me. ‘J, wait.. I.. ‘, her words couldn’t be faster than what her body wanted to tell me. The sticky clear liquid appeared in bulk and I made upward-strokes to collect them all. She was breathless throughout the few seconds and as soon as she calmed down, she pushed me by my cheeks backwards to look at my mouth.

‘J, you licked them up? But most guys.. ‘, ‘Nah. I am not worried about something so delicious as you.’ A blush made her smile and the energetic Ena made me swap places with her. As a guy who isn’t used to a woman going on her knees for him, I felt particularly honoured. The guilt that I always felt, didn’t show up. Somehow, I could tell she wanted this.

‘Just relax and enjoy k, J?’ There was no need to say anything. Any, and I really meant every, guy would feel relaxed in this situation. Playfully, she reached for her little wet hole and retrieved some juices, rubbing them sparingly over my flagpole. Of course, I remembered how she liked the sweetness.

Her lips gracefully parted and I did not felt anything till she was halfway down. A sharp intake of breath made me sensed a smile behind those cute thin lips. She brought herself back up to the ring and sucked on the tip in short bursts, drawing all the blood to the top. Once I was trembling to the sensitive act, she tickled the tip as she slid her mouth along the shaft.

‘Ena, just go up and down. I don’t want you to do this for too long.’ The obedient girl heard and nodded. To see someone do this for me, I assumed it was tiring and so it must be. What could be more important than the person you are trying to please? Definitely not myself. This has always been the way I worked, not that she has to know.

Each stroke was filled with more lust as her warm tongue laid motionless under the shaft, while her tightly-pressed lips took me in over and over again. I wasn’t looking to explode in her mouth, I wasn’t looking to be treated like a king. She was.. this girl I couldn’t get enough of, yet I understand that no one wants feel like a sex machine. I’m not going to let her feel anything close to that either.

‘Ena.. ‘ Her head rose and she licked her lips in a gratifying look. ‘J, You taste salty and I’m sweet.’ Yes, she is really sweet, in all ways. We got on our feet and made our way to a corner in the stairwell, where no one opposite could see us. The few pipes there served as support for her as she leaned forward for me, perching her roundness awaiting.

‘Hang on Ena. Protection.’ Her turn of the head with a smile expressed patience, and respect. I rolled on the rubber knowing it would benefit the both of us even if it didn’t felt the best. Our minds had already gotten what we wanted. Now, it’s time for our bodies.

‘Umm.. Ena.. If I don’t go deep enough, let’s change position?’, I was that insecure. ‘I’ll let you know J.’ Her reply wasn’t judgemental, nor did she show any signs of disappointment. I knew I was being appreciated for trying, for the least part. She spreaded one side of her rear and I guided my hips upwards, tucking the tip into the warmness of her. Now, the question is, how far can I go? Argh.. I should just focus on giving it all and not worry right? Except that this is the very girl I am trying to satisfy.

I entered her forbidden kingdom and all she showed me while inside was a forgiving slot. I was sure it wasn’t the deepest she felt, but I wasn’t sure what to think of the tight grip she was squeezing the pipes with. ‘This is as far as.. ‘, trembling voices ensued. ‘J, this is.. the right spot.’ Did she really mean it? I guess there is only one way to find out, plus this wasn’t the only position we can do right?

My hips began pounding and her extended groans were kept to the minimal volume. I was so distracted with her response that I wasn’t even trying to cum anymore. Within minutes, she was reaching for my back to keep me motionless inside her. I did not fight against her wishes and stayed still, feeling the impending tightness that wrapped so snuggly around me. It was full of compassion and.. something else. Somehow, she had accomplished a desire for someone who really meant to know her deep secrets, by reaching into her depths.

Her juices dribbled down her legs and some fell straight from where our physical connection was, dripping loudly onto the floor. Ena straightened her body and turned herself around to me. Foreheads covered in perspiration, eyes locked in bewilderment, genitals twitching with excitement, our hastened breaths only meant that we needed more.

I took a step closer to her and she rested her head on my shoulders, hugging so closely my Bratwurst slipped between her legs. With a wet shoulder, a whisper came about. ‘Thank you J. I haven’t felt anything like this even though I did this a few times.’ I had no idea what was ‘anything like this’, except that I did my job well. ‘Ena.. I felt more freedom with you than with any of my partners I had. Maybe it’s because we were looking for something beyond sex, but we have to go through it to find it.’ Her head slipped up and down, nodding to my words.

For a minute, we didn’t move, and when she did, a breath was taken and she went to her panties lying on top of her bag. ‘J, let’s tidy up and we’ll help you out.’ A weak smile was all I had strength for and my jeans went back to where it belonged, and her panties and skirt looked as normal as we haven’t done anything. Even the wireless, went right back to where it came from.

Stepping back into the corner, she unzipped my jeans again and took it out, only this time she was squatting down and her hair tied up into a ponytail. ‘You want me to shoot in your mouth?’, I was really hesitant about it. I would do it if she wanted me to, but there are urges I had held back so I wouldn’t hurt the people I love. Or could she have figured out from the start? ‘J, you have given me more than what I needed. Just listen to your body?’ I could only sigh and brushed my hand across her cheeks, bending down for a long kiss that kept us drawing breaths of the scent from each other.

Safely away from the wall, her mouth began to work back and forth, maintaining a suction that was channeling my energy downwards. She knew she was unlocking urges that most of us had been trying to contain for the longest time. With care, I held her ponytail and kept her in place while I thrust, shallow at first, but my body simply couldn’t hold back. Deeper and deeper I went, gagging sounds came about and her lips gapped for air.

Now, our bags were within reach when we tidied ourselves, so she slipped the controller back into my palm. Clicking on the speed button thrice, I hoped it was working. Her hand quickly disappeared under her skirt and the furious movements beneath, she was doing her best to accommodate the discomfort. Her other hand had moved to my balls and they were fondled as the stick moved, driving me crazier with each pump.

There was no turning back once she felt my balls collapsing into a firm sphere. She let go of my balls and placed her hand at my bum, forcing herself deeper as groans became more frequent. ‘Ena! I’m shooting.’ I buried her face deep into my groin as the white chocolate spewed into her mouth, unsure if they went straight down her throat or trapped at the back. We froze for the longest few seconds while she breathed through her nose, throat contracting rapidly as my muscles forced everything out.

At last, I felt truly empty and pulled away from her, till her lips were at the tip. She composed herself without separating, and went back down to the base for a tight squeeze of her mouth. Coupled with a gentle suck, she drew the last bit of cum and I helped her up onto her feet.

Without saying anything, I planted my lips onto hers and heard the swallow in my head. The next thing I knew, her slimy tongue pried my lips opened and I got a taste of what she just had. That little tongue fight happened at the same time she brought my little one back home, safely in the tight jeans.

Boy, wish I could tell you guys better what we did. We remained at the stairs after we were done, and cuddled as closely as we could. The both of us knew there was only one way to be closer, and we had already felt that moments ago. Resting and fondling away, I was happily clicking on the wireless toy. Little did I expect her to take me out again (along with the removal of her vibrator), and climbed over my lap to tuck it into where it wanted to be forever.

Ena, Happy National Day to you and to everyone who supported us. I hoped you enjoyed the wordy session above.

Not Rough Enough

Mel: ‘Can you delete the photos now?’
Jasper: ‘Not till I’ve got what I wanted.’
Mel: ‘Sex?’
Jasper: ‘Maybe.’

They walked pass a toilet and he stopped at the alleyway, giving Mel a stare to see if she understood him. Knowing that she would have to ‘pay’ to get her photos deleted, she entered the corridor first and went into the baby’s room, dumping her bag unwillingly onto a long seat.

Mel: ‘Now what?’
Jasper: ‘Drink this.’
Mel: ‘What’s that?’
Jasper: ‘It’s a little something to get you in the mood.’
Mel: ‘Can I not drink this? I’ll do whatever you want.’

He shook his head and she gave a sighed before grabbing that tiny glass vial. Emptying the sweet solution down her throat, she went to her bag to check on her phone while he was busy on his. After five minutes, she felt her body getting warmer, and her hands were shaking too. The heat got intense between her legs where nothing had been done yet, getting wetter on its own and even feeling her pussy twitch.

Jasper: ‘You are blushing. Do you feel anything?’
Mel: ‘A little?’

Her tight jeans had been pressing right on her groin and the temptation to touch her privates was overbearing. She sat on the same seat as Jasper, one hand right above her zipper to constantly press onto it as she felt hotter.

Her eyes were attracted to his pants to find out if he was hard, but he was just quietly sitting there and lying on the wall with his eyes closed.

Mel: ‘Can we start now?’
Jasper: ‘Alright. Remove your jeans and panties.’

She did as asked and remained on the seat, till he stood between her legs and raised her feet onto the edge of the long chair. True enough, she was dripping wet without her panties and her hands right at her upper thighs were shivering, as though they were held back from touching her pussy.

Jasper: ‘Start masturbating yourself.’

He took out a camera from behind and placed it at the sink, aimed at her half-naked body from the side. Following that, he undone his pants and the sheer boxers he wore, cupping his hands over her ears to bring her mouth down to his dick.

As Mel’s fingers rubbed on that swollen clit, she opened her mouth to land her lips at the halfway point of his dick, sucking upwards as moans were captured in their oral penetration. Somehow, her body was dying to get this rod as hard as it could get so she could fuck it. Never had she expected her strong character to be controlled and overpowered by the lust that came along in the drink.

The mental resistance she put up not to make herself look so slutty gave way once her fingers decided to plunge into that slippery looking hole, shoving herself silly while her mouth went deeper on his dick. Jasper did not do anything yet and was already super turned on by the horny girl he blackmailed.

She had sent him photos out of lust created by reading his stories, to a point she just recorded videos of herself masturbating to him. The accidental poor angle captured her face and she did not realise till the file transfer was completed.

As he was groaning to her deeper strokes, he had reached for his bag to fish out a dildo, short with a ribbed design on it.

Jasper: ‘I want you to stick this in your butt.’

Mel stopped what she was doing to catch a glimpse of the toy he washed, and it was stuck onto the chair with a suction base.

That wetness of her pussy was enough to tell how desperate she was. She immediately squatted up and lowered her ass over it, squinting as it pierced into her ass. How could he be satisfied with just watching her get pleasured? Was that all he was after?

The toy in her special place did stir up something deeper, and it was driving her crazy with that thick juicy meat before her eyes. Her mouth automatically went back to his dick after she resumed her fingering, milking his dick to a point he would give in and fuck her.

Jasper: ‘I have enough of your mouth now. Go to the sink and wait for me.’

She hopped over to the huge mirror behind the basin and touched the anal plug, moving it a little to feel how good it was making her. Jasper was busy at his bag, strapping something around his hips. When he turned around, she could see from the mirror that a strap on was placed above his dick, arming him into a ‘two-headed’ beast.

Mel: ‘Are you going to put both inside me?’
Jasper: ‘Don’t worry. Just one.’

He parked himself behind her and the cold rubber surprised her. Was the dildo to go first? Whatever the case was, her legs were opened and the dildo was disappearing into her. The coldness was creating a new sensation, cooling the warmth of her vagina.

Soon after he was in, gentle thrusts started and it felt so pleasurable to be taken from the back, while his stomach will bump the anal plug deeper. Moans accompanied the slurping sounds coming from their privates, and she was slowly losing herself to this bizarre blackmail sex.

Mel (whispering): ‘Can you put yours inside me? It’s.. ‘

She sobered up all of a sudden and realised what she said. Never should she be enjoying any of this at all. It was her instincts doing the talking.

Jasper: ‘Don’t move k? I’m detaching the dildo.’

The silent moments passed and she was left alone, with two holes filled with toys. He did something behind her and when he was ready, she felt something going into the dildo that was in her pussy. Jasper had actually bought the toy for it’s hollowed dick tube, allowing him to ‘wear’ it before sex. Now, he just slid his cock inside the hollow dildo and Mel felt her vagina spreading even wider.

It was so thick that her body almost forced it out, but the thrusts from him kept the dildo in place. Once the air was forced out of the toy, it fitted snuggly over him and his pounding got stronger, dipping so deep into her pussy that she could only moan with her mind blank.

Mel (panting): ‘It’s so fucking huge in me.. ‘

Jasper did not say a word but kept moving his hips, hammering her breaths out with each thrust. Whenever he paused to recover the rhythm, she would move her hips to grind him, basically not giving him any peace.

Jasper: ‘Have you cummed?’
Mel: ‘Yeah.’
Jasper: ‘When?’
Mel: ‘One time after I sit on the ass plug and another after you put your dick in.’

He continued ramming his groin for ten minutes, and she was breaking apart from the overdose of orgasms in that short time. The sheer size had been stimulating every inch of her vagina and the speed, was heating her up so wildly.

After he got tired from all the action, he pulled his dick out along with the strap on and sat on the seat next to them. The penis extender was placed on his side and still coated in her juices.

Mel did not need any instructions and went to his dick, jerking it next to her face with her hand.

Jasper: ‘Just your hand?’

As soon as her lips touched his dick, he forced her head down and rammed her breathless, plunging balls deep as she fingered herself vigorously. Somehow, taking him so deep and fast did not pose any problems as she was as high as fuck.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.. Don’t waste any drop.’

He let go off her head and she continued sucking him, till the first powerful squirt blew into her mouth. That little pause she took made him force her head down, and let her throat squeeze his dickhead for the rest of the cum. Waves after waves, she gulped to contain his semen that was flowing down her throat.

He lifted her head away after he was done, and helped her up on the chair. Going to the basin, he gave his strap on toy a rinse and packed it into his bag, before collecting his camera.

Jasper: ‘Only when you know how to please me, I will delete the photos.’

In Mel’s mind, she was disappointed with him for using her like a slut. Having fucked and cummed in her mouth, he did not stand by his words. The sadness she felt wasn’t too bad though, seeing how his cock was still hard after shooting. It was still throbbing wet, and her pussy was as refreshed as though she was unsatisfied.

Something in her wanted him to keep fucking her, no matter what the reason was. If the photos and video were the only thing that allowed him to do her, it was better than nothing. She took her time to dress up and kept the butt plug on. Turned on by the minute movements in her ass as she walked, juices were leaking into her panties again in no time.

Mel: ‘When do you want to meet again?’
Jasper: ‘Tomorrow. After my work.’

They parted ways at the bus stop, leaving her wet and horny. Her mind was telling her how unfair it was to let him fuck without meeting the objectives, yet her pussy was showing her that her job was not done till she felt his raw dick inside.

Action speaks louder than words right? That night, she fingered herself while using the anal toy to get herself off another two times before exhaustion finally claimed her tiredness. With that toy still in her ass, the wet dream that woke her up the next day led to another round of masturbation, this time with her rabbit vibrator that was waiting in her bedside drawer.

Home Address

When the blogshop owner, Rody received an order for the wireless vibrator, he couldn’t be more happy to pack the toy and ship it out immediately. After he bubble wrapped the package, he scrolled down to the address section of the invoice to find something he least expected. It was his own home address with the recipient’s name as his own younger sister, just seventeen year old.

Still wanting to uphold the integrity of his little business, he wrote the information down but did not mail it on the spot. His sister, Ruyi, was still not home yet and the plan he came up with was to pretend that the postman sent the package to their house as it couldn’t fit in the mail box.

Two days after the order was placed, he had the package on her bed, to find her sneakily going into the bathroom with it once she saw it. Rody did not know what to do then but thoughts about his sister using his toys was making his mind wild with fantasies. Was she going to use it with someone? Or just to pleasure herself on the go? As soon as she was done, the envelope was thrown away and she kept just one item of the two piece sex toy in her bag.

Rody: ‘What did you buy?’
Ruyi: ‘Nothing lah. It’s just some girl’s stuff.’

Dinner came and went for the both of them as their parents weren’t home to cook. His sister went to the bedroom at ten, the earliest he had saw her turn in but did not question her. She must have wanted to play with the toy she just bought. Right then, something came to his mind. All the wireless bullets were programmed with a series of fixed radio waves, meaning, he could turn it on without her remote. So, quickly going to the box where he kept his goods, he retrieved one of the remotes and clicked it on.

Seated in the living room, it did not take long before he received an email, from Ruyi who asked if the toy was broken. Safe under the blanket, she did not come out of the room but Rody did not reply to her email either. A few hours later, it was almost one in the morning when he decided to turn it on again, but he would be in her room hiding in the dark.

The buzzing sound came from inside his sister’s body while he sat in the corner behind the standing fan. Ruyi did not turn it off this time but pulled the blanket away, fingers going into her panties under the white shirt she slept in. From the lights in the living room, he could make out the movements of her fingers as she rubbed herself faster, till her hips arched upwards to an orgasm that left her breathless.

Turning herself to the wall, he found the time to reply her email.

Hi Ru, the product you bought isn’t defective. The cause of the toy going off is due to another remote controller that someone is using in the vicinity. Do you have anyone around you that might be using it as well? How about your brother? Who sold the toy to you?

As soon as he saw the light from her cellphone lit the ceiling, the toy went off again and he got on his feet before she turned around. Scrolling down her screen, she suddenly sat up and realised what might be happening.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei? Don’t be surprised k?’
Ruyi: ‘Kor? What are you doing in my room? Are you really the seller of the toy?’
Rody: ‘Yes I am. Sorry for not telling you.’

He went to her bed and sat beside her, while pushing the button on the remote to increase the speed. His sister just grabbed his arm tightly as the buzzing sound became louder. Without thinking twice, he took one of her hands and placed it over his boxers, where his bulge was dying for some attention. Ruyi’s legs crossed as the toy made her wet, hands roaming into his boxers to hold onto it while pleasure flowed through her body.

Ruyi (whispering): ‘It’s really powerful.’

He told her to pause for a while while he ran into his room, appearing with a dildo that was shining silver in the plastic form. Opening one of her legs, he sat in front of her and let her continue with the handjob. As she pumped him to the desired hardness, he reached behind his back and extracted the wireless bullet with the tiny loop sticking out of her pussy. He replaced the toy with the dildo he brought and sent it straight into her body, shocking her to increase the speed of her jerking.

Ruyi: ‘Can sit beside me?’
Rody: ‘Yupp okay.’

They leaned against the pillows stacked behind them and she placed one of her legs over his. Tugging at his erection, the toy was disappearing in and out of her quickly. ‘Incest’ had never came across their minds as they indulged in this mutual masturbation, where she was hugging his arm while cumming to his strong hand ramming the toy.

After his sister had finally held his hand with the dildo still, did he noticed how tired she was from the slow handjob he was receiving. Panting deeply, she was worn out from the orgasms that he had unknowingly delivered into her tiny body.

Rody: ‘Tired?’
Ruyi: ‘Yeah. But I want to help you finish.’
Rody: ‘Want to try sucking it?’
Ruyi: ‘Sure?’

How not sure could he be? He guided her head to lie on his stomach while her hand pointed the tip at her mouth. Out of sight, he could only rely on his senses as a slippery tongue came to lick his pee hole. As she listened to his breathing, she wrapped her lips around his manhood and slid slowly downwards. The gentle warm travelled down his shaft as another sensation of pleasure went up his spine. He was actually getting a blowjob from his sister.

Moving her head across his stomach, her hair provided the traction needed to keep sucking without brushing her face on his body. Rody was in the heavens when she tried to reach the base, though failing a few times. Things had never felt more calm than this taboo intimate moment with his sister. A quick pause came to let her put the wireless bullet back and he clicked on the remote lying by the pillow to keep her in the mood.

As her pussy began receiving her dose of pleasure, her mouth picked up speed and was making sucking sounds while his dick throbbed wildly.

Rody (whispering): ‘Mei, I’m shooting.’
Ruyi: ‘Huh? Where?’

Her mouth returned to sucking him while waiting for the answer but it was too late when she head him saying, ‘oh shit’. The thick glob of cum had shot into her mouth and covered her tongue in generous amount while he held her head still. Tasting a little salty, she had no choice but to suck him clean while he did not release his grip.

After a minute, his hands finally let go of her and she took one last trip down to his base, emptying his barrel on the way out. Seeing his sister bend over the bed to the bin below, she spat his cum out while the toy was still vibrating inside of her.

Ruyi: ‘Kor, don’t tell mummy and daddy I bought the toy k?’
Rody: ‘I won’t. But keep this (what they did) from them too can?’
Ruyi: ‘Yupp. So can I keep the silver toy?’
Rody: ‘As long as you let me use it on you.’

With a peck to his cheeks, her grateful was understood as he pinned her down on the bed, the dildo in his hand. She let him pull the wireless bullet out and the longer stick plunged into her pussy without time wasted. Moaning into the night, they made full use of the alone time while their parents were out, climaxing till they were too tired to continue.

Tomorrow will always be a better day right?