A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’ Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’ A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for […]

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Little Ena

This entry is written for Ena, the writer of Promiscuous Secret (now in dysfunc). It is a feature for National Day 2014, and you guys should have seen it on her blog some time back. So this is for those who have missed it. Comfortably seated at the top steps, Ena leaned on my arms […]

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Not Rough Enough

Mel: ‘Can you delete the photos now?’ Jasper: ‘Not till I’ve got what I wanted.’ Mel: ‘Sex?’ Jasper: ‘Maybe.’ They walked pass a toilet and he stopped at the alleyway, giving Mel a stare to see if she understood him. Knowing that she would have to ‘pay’ to get her photos deleted, she entered the […]

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Home Address

When the blogshop owner, Rody received an order for the wireless vibrator, he couldn’t be more happy to pack the toy and ship it out immediately. After he bubble wrapped the package, he scrolled down to the address section of the invoice to find something he least expected. It was his own home address with […]

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Blissful Husband

To avoid waking her husband, Winfred, up, Kylee moved slowly to his morning wood that was standing up right among the messy bedsheets. Licking her lips, she was ready to wake her dutiful husband up in the sexiest manner any guys could imagine. Starting off with a kiss, she let her saliva leak out of […]

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