Blissful Husband

To avoid waking her husband, Winfred, up, Kylee moved slowly to his morning wood that was standing up right among the messy bedsheets. Licking her lips, she was ready to wake her dutiful husband up in the sexiest manner any guys could imagine. Starting off with a kiss, she let her saliva leak out of her pouted lips down his shaft and went on to take his dick as her lips parted. Sliding down in one stroke, the warmth at the base of his dick woke him up and he was greeted with the sight of his wife sucking on his rod, bouncing her head up and down to get blood flowing to every part of his body.

Winfred: ‘Babe, I’m awake now.’

She ended the short blowjob by pulling away slowly, keeping her tongue pasted on the base of his shaft as it slid out of her mouth. He walked into the shower and she followed closely behind, impatient to wash her husband clean for work. Winfred started the tap and aimed the nozzle of warm water at their bodies while she collected the body foam from the bottle. Rubbing her hands together to lather the soap, she spread them over his body while he did the task to clean her up as well. Trailing her hands down his muscular body, she couldn’t wait to land her hands on the stiff cock that was looking at her.

Carefully, she wrapped her foamy fingers around his dick and began jerking, watching Winfred’s face closely to see how much he was enjoying it. The silent gasps of his mouth was making her smile and she proceed to rinse the soap off his body, especially the part she got all her orgasms from.

Squatting in front of his feet, she held his thighs for balance and took his dick into her mouth once again, thrusting her face towards his groin. The bulky man just held onto the walls as his mind went blank from the pleasurable oral sex. The hardworking lady went non-stop to take his dick deep down her throat, and he was about to cum if she continued.

Winfred: ‘You can stop now. Let’s have breakfast.’

She went into the kitchen to prepare his first meal of the day and he got dressed, taking ten minutes before his socks went over his feet. Walking into his naked wife lying on the wooden dining table, she quickly picked up the toast, sausages and poured the scrambled eggs onto her stomach, prepared to let her husband eat them off her.

Winfred unzipped his pants to whip his cock out and stuck it into her wet pussy (since the moment she woke up to suck him awake) and bent over to eat the food without the use of any utensils. Half eating and half fucking, he devoured the food quickly before pushing all the plates aside, for her to bend over for him.

He plunged his cock right into her before she got on the table and continued ramming while she picked up the leftover sausages he could not finish. Jerking the table non-stop, her body slid against the smooth surface, forcing her to put one of her legs on the table top.

Winfred: ‘I can feel you cumming soon.’

Kylee: ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder.’

And so he went, going so fast till the table was shifted out of place. The overwhelming pressure on his dick triggered his load after a few minutes and he cummed right into her, filling her womb up with the milky warm juice she could not get enough of. As soon as he was done, he stepped away from her to get some air over his hot rod.

Instead, she backed her body at the same time and fell together onto the chair, where his dick went right back into her vagina.

Winfred: ‘I have to go to work now.’

Kylee: ‘I know. Let me clean you up.’

She went under the table to lick any fluids up from his dick and helped him zip his pants. Giving each other a tight hug, they made out for a few seconds before she ran to the cabinet where he kept her chastity belt. Once he collected the keys from her, he left the house to a waving girl who was naked and standing at the doorstep.

Just like how the previous story went, would you guys want such a wife? Ladies, how would you treat your hardworking other half knowing he worked hard to feed the family? I hope you guys enjoyed the two opposite parts of the story.

Blissful Wife

Winfred’s smart watch vibrated at exactly 5.30am, waking him gently from a tiring night he had the previous day. He disappeared under the blanket and placed his chin on his wife’s thighs, waiting for her to open her legs. Kylee gave him what he wanted and he planted his tongue on her slit, sliding up and down to wet the dry pussy that had its folds of meat protruding slightly. His fingers went to part the flaps so he could get to her clit, and worked tirelessly on it to get it erected. The moans from his wife was getting louder and she was moving her hands across her face, to wake her drowsy eyes.

The faithful man kept licking her till he felt her body tremble and a bit of juice came to lubricate his lips. Was his job done?

Kylee: ‘I’m awake.’

He got off the bed by gliding his body downwards and went to the bathroom, rinsing his body and soaping himself while his wife stripped for the morning shower. Once Kylee joined him under the showerhead, two pumps of Dove soap was placed in his hands and he proceeded to lather her up, cleaning from her neck down to her boobs, massaging her breasts by squeezing his hands over them. Next was her belly, and then her pussy, where he ran his fingers along her slit to make sure it was fresh and cleaned of any bodily fluid.

Kylee washed her own hair and let Winfred took care of her body, finally completing the ritual when he flushed the foam off her. He stepped out of the bathroom first to pick up the lingerie that she prepared on the bed and waited for her to exit the bath. Holding her bra ready for her, she slipped a white blouse on and left her bottoms exposed till the moment she had to leave house.

Kylee: ‘I can wear the stockings myself. Go prepare breakfast.’

Winfred: ‘Okay.’

He disappeared into the kitchen as she continued putting her make up at the dressing table, sending whiffs of eggs and bacon to her nose. When she went into the dining table, he was sitting on her seat, naked and legs apart. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary since they had all their windows blocked with curtains, and she would want a good meal to start her day.

Slowly lowering her pussy over his dick, a groan escaped as he went into her, parking at her deepest spot. Kylee munched her breakfast down as he gave her a breast massage to keep her boobs in shape, stopping only when the sausage was gone from the plate.

Kylee: ‘I’m done.’

She went back into the bedroom with him behind and laid on the bed. Winfred handed her a wet tissue and positioned her lipstick next to her head, for her to use after cleaning her mouth. He raised her legs into mid air and kneeled on the bed, right below her pussy. Knowing what he needed to do, he sent his dick into her pussy and began thrusting, to the sounds she was making as pleasure came to sober her up.

While he was pumping away, his wife was busy typing on her phone, readying her schedule for the first day of the week. After five minutes, she called out to him to stop and lie down on the bed. They swapped to the cowgirl position but she had no intention to do the work. Afterall, she was about to go to work and every bit of her energy must be saved.

On top of him, she kept her pussy above his hips and let him thrust upwards to continue satisfying her lust, with his morning wood that was still standing strong. The career woman was still on her phone and she was soon distracted by the orgasm that was coming.

Kylee: ‘I’m going to cum. Go faster.’

Jerking his hips was easy, and he could go faster too. Ramming upwards, her pussy tightened and juices leaked over his pounding dick, until she fell forward, pushing against his chest to prevent dirtying her shirt with his sweat. As usual, she let his dick out and aligned it towards his belly button. She then lifted herself to place her pussy on top of his shaft, sliding gently up and down his manhood. ‘Rose-lip’ as we know it, it was the act of non-penetrative intercourse that made use of the flesh outside of a woman’s genital to rub against a dick until he came.

The area under his shaft was especially sensitive and Winfred did not take long to squirt the streams of streaky cum onto his own body. After he got his treat, Kylee went to put her panties and a short floral shorts on, while he washed himself clean.

Kylee: ‘You know what to do.’

He picked up the chastity penis hood from the dressing table and locked his dick in an awkward curve, handing the keys to his wife.

Kylee: ‘I’ll be back at 6pm.’

Winfred: ‘I’ll be cooking a new dish tonight for the two of us.’

She did not reply his offer and went to the shoerack, letting him hold her heels while she slipped them on. A short kiss was exchanged and she left for work, leaving Winfred to do the dishes and tidy the house.

By now, you guys should have known what lifestyle the couple was having. He was the ‘wife’ and she was the capable breadwinner, who had no qualms about making money for them to spend. All he needed to do was to make sure she was well taken care of, in anyway she wants. Does he feel lucky? I guess he would be feeling whatever you guys would if you were in his shoes.

Mia’s Voice

This entry is written on behalf of a girl of legal age, whom shall be known as Mia. She has something to share with us today, and it was her recount during her secondary school days, sec 3 to be exact. That would put her at 15 years old I believe.

When I was 15, sex education was a mandatory part of my curriculum. The boys and girls would be excited about how the teacher describe our biological reproduction parts, but the few lessons were less than sufficient to cover every part of my curiosity.

It was one day when I returned to my empty house, parents having gone to work. There were a few glass bottles lying on the coffee table and my mind was still on the ‘clitoris’ and ‘vagina’ that my science teacher had spoke about. Something in me was begging to find out where exactly my clit was, and I brought one of the bottles to my room after washing it clean of any beer. At that age, I did not know that it was actually dangerous to use a beer bottle not because it is made of glass, but the risk that I might get an yeast infection if I did not clean it thoroughly. Thankfully, nothing happened. If not I wouldn’t even be thinking of writing my experiences down.

Once I stripped my uniform off, I went into the toilet to fill the bottle up with warm water, tying my hair up into a ponytail so it wouldn’t hinder my sight. I did not know why I topped it up with water, it just seemed more comfortable to be wet without wasting water if I kept the shower going. Sitting in the bathtub, I opened my legs and tried to peer at my pussy. It wasn’t easy at all. I could say most of the time I did not know where my fingers were touching, but once I felt a tingle going up my spine, I gave up trying to catch a glimpse and decided to ‘feel’ it instead.

My fingertips could not stop once my body felt where the satisfying sensation came from. The fleshy parts that joined at the top corner of my pussy, was the area. Sliding my nails upwards where the ends touched, the pleasure intensified as I kept rubbing on it. That was when I realised it might be the clit that my teacher spoke about. To think back, I probably am the last few girls who started masturbating at my age. Luckily, this was something no one has to know about.

I kept going as the awesome feeling built up, bringing me to another world where I stopped right before my mind went into ‘caution’ mode. It was super sensitive down there and as much as my body wanted me to continue, I did not know what was happening, or rather, what orgasm was.

The next minute was spent calming myself down and the bottle was brought into the tub. I opened my legs as wide as I could and pulled the mouth-piece in, feeling how it widened the part of my body I had never put anything into before. Slowly, the pain grew and I had to touch my clit to ease myself. Everything seemed easier after I resumed my clit-play and the bottle continued to enter my body.

Right there, was when I felt an obstruction. There was a sharp pain when I tried to push it deeper, but the warm water that was pouring out of the bottle was relaxing my vagina. It was then I felt alright enough (despite the pain) to continue and the bottle just slipped into me once the barrier was broken. The water turned red and went down the drain to my horror, but I knew what was happening. ‘Hymen’ was one of the things my teacher taught, and it was a mark of virginity, or some others might see it as ‘innocence’ depending on how important a guy values the existence of the hymen.

What done was done. The bottle neck opened my pussy to a new width as we know how bottles were designed. My mind was flooded with this unbelievable, secured, pleased, satisfying sensation that I did not know how to describe. Holding the bottle firmly in my hand (it was wet), I plunged it in and out to let the tip brush along the insides. My other hand was just rubbing on my clit non-stop, as though I had lost control of my body.

The double input of pleasure drove me to make sexy noises like the joy of relieving a full bladder, just that it kept coming on and on. My hands weren’t listening to me anymore and the near-death experience came again. This time, I told myself that I could die with no regrets knowing how pleasure felt like, and kept going despite my strength disappearing from the vigorous thrusts.

In a split second, a huge wave of energy shot through my body and closed my legs together. The fingers on my clit stopped as it got too sensitive and I felt a stream of warm liquid flow between my slit, lasting about twenty seconds. No, it wasn’t what you guys know as ‘squirting’, I couldn’t do it even at my current age. I had a taste of my first orgasm and it was so tiring. As I pulled the bottle out of me, a few sticky strands were seen from my bottom connected to the bottle opening.

Afterwhich I washed myself and kept the bottle under my bed, too tired to think about what happened. When I woke up from my nap two hours later, my hands went into my shorts to check if it was dry, and my fingers just went to the clit to energise me. I did not have any self-control then and gave myself another orgasm from the clit-rub, knowing what it felt when an orgasm came.

After that day, I spent most of my time at home masturbating with the bottle, before upgrading to the plastic handle of a plunger (used for unchoking toilets). I remembered it was one of the best ‘toy’ as I could stick it to the wall and basically, fuck myself. Following that, the two boyfriends I had never stopped complimenting about how good I could ride them, and they just couldn’t get enough of fucking me. With hearts broken when I separated from them, I learnt that sex wasn’t everything. But my plunger, though now replaced by a dildo, would never hurt me and could please me no matter how bad I was feeling.

When I saw Jhae’s blog, it definitely stirred a desire in me to get a cock inside me again, one that is warm and filled with life. As much as I held myself back, the email that I sent him about a ‘catch-up’ changed how I perceived sex and love. The moment two persons were having sex (not explicitly with Jhae), they would experience love. And once they got their desires fulfilled, the ‘love’ would return to friendship, or whatever they were related by. Love is always made, but the intentions will be different for different people. Some would use it to enforce their views about being single (having no fixed partners) and some would do it to strengthen the bond between two people.

Up her Shorts

Niklyn: ‘Shit, the bus is so crowded.’
Jay: ‘No choice luh. Or we will be late le.’

The afternoon bus couldn’t be more crowded even though they were first to board. Standing in the corner of the wheelchair zone, Jay stood behind his girlfriend of 19 years old, wearing a pair of short denim shorts that was slightly loose at the thighs.

Jay (whispering): ‘Did you wear the butterfly vibrator?’

She could not reply him without the other passengers hearing and just pulled the area of her shirt above her shorts up to show him the elastic harness of the toy. He had bought it for one of her birthday presents and had been asking her to wear it to no avail. This rainy day, she had decided to wear it under the protection of her shorts.

As the bus made its way to Bugis+, the constant grinding of her butt against his pants made him harder, mind still filled with the thoughts of his girl wearing the sex toy he bought. Halfway into the journey where more people pushed them into the corner, his hard on was getting bigger and ached at the pressure his girlfriend’s butt gave.

Jay (whispering): ‘My dick is hurting. I put it into your pants k?’

Nicklyn quickly turned sideways with a confused look and did not know if he was joking. Feeling his hands moving around her butt, the faint scent of his dick went up her nose and she realised he was serious about it. He slowly lowered his body in pretence of putting something on the floor and then raised his hips, nudging his dick up her shorts.

The rawness and warmth of his dick was so soothing that she couldn’t be bothered if he was discovered, since she wasn’t the one in embarrassment. Moments later, her vibrator went off when he clicked on the controller tucked at the sides of her shorts, wetting her slightly so he could lube things up.

As soon as he felt her body wriggling to the toy, he turned it off and stood even taller, poking a bit of his dick into her. Niklyn bent her back forward and stuck her butt out for him, where he continued thrusting to the movements of the bus deeper into her.

There was no way he could get his full length in but the tip was more than enough for her. She did not wear a panties over the toy as it would be too crowded. As the bus jerked and moved, a quarter of his dick was moving inside her and the sensitive area under the hood was driving him crazy.

The discreet bus sex was so subtle that no one else noticed and he just kept using her hips to grind himself.

Jay (whispering): ‘Shit! I am cumming le.’

Niklyn did not know what else to do in that position and could not just step away from him. So, in a similar fake manner, she bent forward to put her handbag down and the sudden depth sent her boyfriend shivering.

Inside her shorts, his warm cum squirted into her pussy but the shallow entry could not force his load deep enough. Some of the cum started leaking out onto her shorts and she simply kept moving her hips to smear his cum all over.

Once he was done, he placed his hand on the waistband of his shorts and pulled it up as soon as the bus braked. The nanosecond response adjusted his pants back to its original state and only Niklyn was left in a bit of mess.

The next ten minutes was unhappening as she contained her impatience to clean herself up. As soon as they alighted, she dragged him to a handicap toilet and removed her shorts, stained with his cum around the crotch.

Well, nothing happened in the loo as their movie was starting. But in the theatre, what his fingers did to her pussy under the gap of her shorts was up to your imagination, as she squirmed and breathed loudly in her seat. Those pair of loose shorts he wore really made things easier when she needed to slip her hand into them. :)


It was intentional when Ivy felt a wedgie between her pussy thanks to the close fit panties she wore. That range of undies had an open crotch designed for ladies to protect their privates while they peed, and the seam right between her slit was pressing onto her clit. Getting wet in a crowded last train was what she needed last and the swerving of the cabin just kept her on her toes to keep massaging her pussy against the uncomfortable panties.

Face reddened from the unwanted teasing, she alighted at her stop to the staring eyes of strangers at her beautiful face, brightened by the natural glow under the make up. Clicking her heels all the way to the station toilet, she was urgent to relieve her bladder from the two cups of orange juice she had before leaving work. Upon slamming the door in the hurry, she wiped the seat clean and sat over it, carefully spreading the seams of her new undies to pee.

A shudder came and went as the pressure was eased, and a quick clean up was done with two pieces of toilet paper stacked together. Ivy got up without adjusting the opening and fell back down when she felt her pussy lips got squeezed together, delivering a mind numbing sensation of pleasure along her slit.

Since the toilet was quiet, she knew there was no one waiting and once again opened the crotch area, taking out her lipstick vibrator. Putting it over her clit was the last thing she needed to relax after a tiring day of work and she rested on the cover, placing one leg over the toilet paper holder to reach her intimate spots.

Dipping the vibrator deeper, she ignored the noises coming from the next cubicle and focused on getting herself off. As the ruffling of clothes stopped, two voices were heard from next door and she realised it was a couple doing something they shouldn’t.

Man (whispering): ‘Are you sure there is no one else?’
Woman (whispering): ‘Don’t care. I want you inside me now.’
Man (whispering): ‘Shhh.. turn over.’

A few seconds later, the shadows under the cubicle stopped and a moan was heard as Ivy imagined his dick penetrating the girl’s pussy. Ivy’s mind was getting distracted by the soft slapping sounds accompanied by groans and moans, while her fingers moved on their on. That red part of her toy was getting useless to fill her urge and she switched to use her fingers. Fingering herself faster, a juicy wet sound was produced and the couple next to her had picked it up during the moments of silence.

Man (whispering): ‘I think there is someone next to us.’
Woman: ‘Hello?’
Ivy: ‘You guys can continue. Don’t mind me.’

A long break came and a black satin drawstring pouch was slipped into Ivy’s cubicle. She took it up and unwrapped a black rubber dildo, clean and smooth to the touch.

Woman: ‘Use it. It’s clean.’

The man shoved his dick harder to cause another louder moan and pounded his girl harder, to help Ivy imagine better while the dildo thrust deep into her. As time past, not a single soul stepped into the toilet to disrupt them and Ivy was getting dizzier from the orgasms she had quietly.

Woman: ‘You want to join us? I have condoms with me.’
Ivy: ‘No thanks.’
Man: ‘And eight inches.’

8 inches?! Ivy had not tried that before and the offer with protection seemed too good to pass. She quickly unlocked the door and the couple entered naked, with the girl leaning over Ivy’s body to use the water tank as support. The man took his time to roll the condom on and the girls spoke for the period.

Woman (whispering): ‘I am too weak to continue. He made me cum three times already.’
Ivy (whispering): ‘You’re okay to share him?’
Woman (whispering): ‘Yeah. He’s my loving husband. And we’ve never done it before with someone else.’

The man was done in no time and his girl shifted away, giving Ivy space to stand on one leg and the other kneeling on the toilet cover. The other girl sat with her legs folded in front of Ivy and rested her head on the tank, since there was not much space for three person. He carefully guided his rubber covered dick between Ivy’s open crotch panties into her pussy and started moving in slow strokes, splitting her vagina with little difficulty.

In a few more thrusts, he was ramming into her deepest spot and the other girl was touching her neck to increase the pleasure. She went on to unbutton her chiffon blouse and went under her bra, twisting those nipples as Ivy got redder from the pumping dick.

Ivy (whispering): ‘He’s really big.’
Woman (whispering): ‘I know right.’

After that sentence, a small shiver shot through her body and a couple droplets of juices landed on the toilet cover with a thud. The man was pounding her harder as her pussy tightened, driving him wild.

Man (whispering): ‘Fuck arghh.. I am shooting.’

The woman stretched her hands towards him and pushed him away, before helping Ivy step to the side. She removed the condom and sat at the edge of the seat, bringing her mouth to his dick and let him mouth fuck her. Ivy took the small space behind her and returned the favour, pinching her nipples and rolling it between her fingers.

His hands shoved her head so deep that it frightened Ivy, but she knew the girl would be alright. The minute felt like an hour to Ivy and when he finally froze, the girl pulled her mouth till her lips were just around his dick head. The man fell hard against the door and his hips trembled, pumping his man juice into his girl’s mouth.

The couple was done once she swallowed and they sneaked back into their cubicle after he checked the corridor. The toy was taken when she left and Ivy was once again alone.

Man: ‘Thanks for the chance.’
Ivy: ‘Don’t mention. You’re good.’

They got dressed and the three of them left together, girls holding hands and the guy carrying his girl’s bag.

Woman: ‘You live around here?’
Ivy: ‘Yeah.’
Woman: ‘Let’s do it again if we’re fated. I think he loves it. He came so much in my mouth.’

Ivy loved it too, having a round of sex filled with that huge piece of meat that gave her two orgasms in a row, and there was no strings attached, not even names. They went their separate ways home and Ivy was pleased with the undies she bought. That night, thoughts about that quickie kept bothering her and she masturbated herself in that same soiled underwear she wore after shower, draining the rest of her energy for a good night’s sleep.

Pearly Panties

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

After Mavis received the package she had been waiting for, she ripped the wrapping paper opened and held the nude coloured panties in the light. A sense of excitement breathed into her as she felt the centre piece, with a string of pearls sewn into the crotch area. Quickly snapping a picture of it showing the spheres protruding out of the panties, she sent it to me as a morning greeting, just to wake me up the right way.

At first, I did not know what to make of it, since it wasn’t so clear in the photo. But with a long way to go before the end of the day, I left the conversation as it was and went about my work, only replying at midnight when my shift ended.

Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘I wore this for a run just now.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘So fast to test it out huh? Where are you now?’
Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘Under your void deck? I see you walking.’

I spotted the sporty dressed girl in a spandex tank top and a pair of white, yellow sport shorts, those that had loose openings at her thighs to provide more manoeuvrability. We moved to a quieter stairwell in the neighbourhood so no one would bother us, and I made a request to feel how the panties worked. Sitting between my legs, I reached for her thighs and moved my hands up under her shorts, feeling for the string of pearls that trailed from her navel down to the end of her slit.

A bit of moisture remained in her shorts as I fiddled with the pearls, pressing and rolling it around against her clit.

Mavis: ‘Hey.. stop playing with it. I’m already turned on when I ran in it.’
Me: ‘So it’s working good? Seems like someone will be turned on 24/7 with it on.’
Mavis: ‘Hope I don’t get too addicted to it.’

Her head fell on my chest as I continued masturbating her outside her panties, and as time past, I could see her nipples protruding out of her top too. I could tell that the tank top was tight fitting, and the thin cardigan she wore as a windbreaker wouldn’t be able to provide much cover too. Nonetheless, I focused on her panties that she had gotten so wet that it was soaked.

Me: ‘Can you remove your tank top and just wear your jacket?’
Mavis: ‘I think so. No one will walk pass this place.’

I prepared her cardigan while she stripped her top off, quickly sticking her arms into the pullover and wrapping it around her chest. Now that her boobs were easily accessible, one hand of mine was squeezing on them while the other rubbed outside her shorts.

Mavis turned slightly to reach into my shorts while I kept her breathing fast, stroking my hard on in response to my teasing fingers. In no time, I was sticking my hand into her shorts from her belly button and toying with her clit skin-to-skin.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Let me remove my panties. I’ve wore it long enough today.’

The quick removal of her panties was less of a striptease as her shorts went on as soon as I catch a glimpse of that fair slit, returning to the mutual masturbating position soon after. As my dick pushed painfully against my shorts, it had been angled to my thigh gap and she was jerking it in the open.

Me: ‘Does it smell?’
Mavis: ‘A little?’
Me: ‘Too bad for me then. No blowjob.’
Mavis: ‘Yeah.. too bad.’

I helped her up and placed her over the ledge of the small window of the stairs, facing the empty coffee shop behind the block. This time, I did not remove her shorts but pulled it aside, just enough to let my dick enter. Growing impatient with a raging hard on, I let myself slip into her pussy and entered in just three strokes, fulfilling that starving cunt of hers. Quietly, I glide in and out of her gracefully and her hands clenched tightly at the railing, soundless to my gentle boning.

Me: ‘I love it when you tie your hair high.’
Mavis: ‘Makes me look wild and adventurous huh?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I made her hang onto the rails firmly before leaning backwards, using her hips as support. My hips was lowered to provide an upward angle that resulted in her losing control of her voice and moaned to my thrusts. This position was known to deliver orgasms quicker and true enough, her tight ass was wriggling as an orgasm built up.

Mavis: ‘Keep going.. don’t stop.. ‘

I rammed harder and deeper into her, stimulating her g-spot till a small stream of juices flowed down my balls, wetting my pants that was still around my legs. The girl was exhausted with just one climax and I slowed down to a standstill. With a satisfied face on Mavis, she led me back to the lowest step and sat between my legs.

As a treat, I was given the first row seat to watch her finger herself, pushing more honey out of her pussy onto that white shorts. At the same time, her head lowered onto my groin and my dick disappeared into her mouth, eyes frequently locked in my gaze. The opening and closing of my mouth was all she needed to know how well she was doing, as her tongue playfully fondled the sensitive spots on my manhood.

Mavis: ‘Let me know when you’re about to cum k?’

I could only give her a nod as another long stroke down my shaft took my breath away. It was the hardworking mouth that kept going despite her tiredness that touched me deeply, letting her soft, fleshy tongue do the work while her cheeks created a vacuum to keep up the blood flow. Sure enough, with her skills, I did not last long in that state of blank and warned her before the deadline was up.

She wrapped the pearl-lined panties around my shaft and kept only the tip inside her mouth, sucking while stroking that veins-covered shaft violently. The pearl did provide a little pain to up the sensation, and before I could do anything, the sudden death feel overcame my senses.

A little jerk of my hips signalled the moment and she pushed her tongue against my pee hole, blocking the ejaculation in vain. Although it did not feel like ‘complete’ at the first few shots, her lips that went along the shaft to milk everything out brought the ultimate sense of ‘relieve’ to my balls, emptying it till there was not a single drop left.

As soon as I was done, she swallowed the load and wiped her mouth with that pair of undies in her hand, which surprised me since she complained that there was a smell.

Me: ‘You swallowed?’
Mavis: ‘I need my protein for the afterburn. Plus, my pussy pretty much cleaned the smell off this little one.’

She gave my dick a little push downwards and let it bounced right up, accidentally leaking a tiny drop of cum which she licked it up. She returned to sit beside me and I gave her a round of cunnilingus that she loved, officially draining any of her energy left for the night with a subtle orgasm.

We each gave a peck at the respective genitals before separating for the night, with her walking in front so I could admire that tight ass, donned in a small shorts without any pantyline (cause her panties were wrapped in her tank top she held in her hand), and the sexy back, braless behind that sheer yellow cardigan.

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Just Some Guy

Paul boarded his last bus in a hurry and sat on the chair at the third row. It was those seats facing forward at the driver while passengers could still seat on those chairs facing the back. He placed his shopping bags on the narrow space and started playing on his iPad. He was a long way from home and was tired from the walking to and fro in the mall.

A few stops later, a tall girl wearing a normal t-shirt and FBT shorts appeared and sat opposite him, folding one of her legs over the other. Paul had a fetish for girls in those sexy FBTs and it was considered one of his lucky days to be able to come face to face with one. She plugged in her earphones and slid her body lower to rest her head. By then, Paul had lost all interest in the game and was peeping at her long legs. The raised feet was giving him a good look up her shorts, and he was trying his best to act normal while adjusting his height.

Finally, he found an angle that allowed him to peer all the way up her shorts, surprising himself by the pantyless crotch. A tiny white string was sticking out of the slit and he was still figuring out what was it. The girl had one hand in her clutch and clicking on something, before a little jolt brought her eyes opened.

She stared at Paul who noticed the jump and darted her sight left and right, embarrassed yet unaware that he was enjoying the free show. Moments later, he caught a glimpse of the moist that coated along the thin line of her pussy. The girl still had her eyes closed, and clicking on something in her purse.

Girl: ‘You like peeping at girls? Sicko.’

Paul: ‘Shit. I didn’t mean it. I just.. couldn’t help myself. I’ll change seats if you are offended.’

Girl (laughing): ‘Just poking fun at you luh. You like what you saw?’

Paul couldn’t tell if she was serious or not, and just nodded since anything he said could be used against him. The girl did not change her position but placed one of her feet onto his chair, between his thighs, without the slippers. One kick, and he would be getting the punishment, but she didn’t do that though. Her feet moved into his groin and pushed at his hard on, where pain and pleasure mixed beautifully.

She gave a glance at his feet and stepped on his slippers, causing his feet to slip out before he could dodge.

Girl: ‘Put your leg up too.’

He did as she asked and let her placed his one of his feet at her groin. His toes wriggled itself and she increased her strength of her toes as well, fondling his dick with her toes clamping it. The girl pulled the cloth around her thigh open and stuck his foot in, coming directly into contact with her wet pussy.

Girl: ‘There’s no more stops along the expressway, dare to take it out?’

He wasted no time and hastily lowered his waistband, letting her toes clip onto his hard on. The distant masturbation was so random yet arousing, forcing him to restrain the thoughts of what his toes were going through. Halfway, she stopped him and yanked the wireless vibrator out, dropping it into a handkerchief in her clutch. Now, his toes could poke a little into her and her expression changed to a pleasurable one.

Girl: ‘You’re driving me so crazy I wanna fuck you. Too bad we’re on the bus.’

Paul turned around to check that there was no one around, and took his foot out of her shorts. He glided his back down on the seat and opened his legs wide, hinting a direct message to her – you can sit on me and we will be fucking in no time.

She stuck her head out to see the driver focused on the busy highway, and moved over to Paul’s legs. Paul was quick to pull her shorts aside and exposed her pussy enough to ride him. Imagine what the passing vehicles were missing under the windows. She kept her knees together and lowered herself on top, letting his manhood slip into her clasped pussy.

A moan almost escaped from Paul as his dick penetrated the girl at the tip, sending her on an adventure down his shaft. They were now interlocked at their genitals and what came next was a clever move.

Paul: ‘Keep your body over the chair. I’m going to sit at the edge. Don’t fall k?’

She bent over her seat and he moved his butt to the edge of his chair. In a gentle mode, his hips started thrusting and she was losing control from the exciting sex-in-bus fuck. Her hands had reached for the handles at the top of her backrest and Paul rammed her harder, since time was against them.

She helped him got deeper by sitting back on him while he thrust, and resumed her position whenever he pulled outwards. The silent, hyper speed intercourse remained unseen and thrilling to the two strangers. As the bus zoomed past the now empty roads, traffic lights could be seen from their seats and the fun had to end no matter what.

Paul: ‘Fuck, we won’t have enough time.’

Girl: ‘Stop stop.. I’ve cummed enough. It’s time to finish you off.’

He sat down on his seat and she tidied her shorts, only to exchange places with him at the first traffic light. She tugged his shorts opened and immediately went down on him, forcing her head fast and deep down his rod. Paul had his feet opened and placed on the space beside her, giving her an easier time both to bend her head down and going fast.

The duo embarked on an intense mouth fuck session until they were about two stops away from the interchange. Paul’s head was spinning from her skilled blowjob and the deep throat she gave was unbearable.

Paul: ‘I’m cumming now.’

The girl kept her mouth at his base and let her throat contract against its wishes. A few shallow thrusts into her mouth finally erupted the active volcano, and she swallowed as he emptied his balls. The movements in her throat further teased his sensitive tip and gave her a few extra finishing, before the driver shouted that the bus is docking.

She picked her chest up and licked her lips, satisfied by the enormous amount of cum he had given her. Paul felt a little weak while getting off the bus, but his dick was hiding in joy behind the loose foreskin. Finally at their destination, they paused at the air-conditioned interchange and chatted, still a little breathless from what happened earlier.

Paul: ‘It’s a crazy fuck we just had.’

Girl: ‘Totally unforgettable. Look at the mess leaking down my legs. ‘

Paul: ‘Think we can keep in contact in case we’re heading home at this hour again?’

Girl: ‘Hmm.. ‘

Would she keep it as once in a lifetime occurrence? Or deliberately plan for this to happen again? Nonetheless, they bumped into each other more than once after that night on the same bus, and in the same amount of privacy to let them reenact that fateful night, over and over again.

Kit Kat

Elaine (shouting): ‘Do you want Kit Kat? I’ve got a lot in my fridge.’
Gwen (shouting): ‘Okay! Bring more!’

Elaine went back to her room with 4 packets of kit kats and handed two to her sister, before going back to her bed opposite hers to continue with her show. Gwen was on her bed as well, facing Elaine so she wouldn’t notice the gay video playing on her screen. The two sisters ate the chocolate and Gwen’s panties was getting wetter as the men started doing each other.

Covering her legs with her blanket, she started masturbating herself discreetly, while Elaine typed away on her computer. Taking breaks in between, Gwen accidentally touched on the second packet of Kit Kat on her bed, and a temptation to ‘use’ it came to her. She unwrapped it casually and dropped one under her legs, while quickly finishing the other piece.

Back under her thighs, the cold chocolate was making its way into her pussy and Gwen’s body reacted weirdly.

Elaine: ‘Are you okay? Why are you shivering?’
Gwen: ‘Just a bit cold.’

As Gwen moved the chocolate faster, some of it melted and formed a gooey warm lubricant that emitted a strong chocolatey smell. Suddenly, more shivers came and her face went red with a little shortness of breath.

Seeing that her sister got so tired all of a sudden, Elaine went over to her sister’s bed when her eyes were closed and saw the wrapped all over the blanket, with two men engaging in some dirty acts on her monitor.

Although the blanket was covering Gwen’s lap, a tiny gap at her feet was all Elaine needed to peer into it and saw the mess between her legs. Elaine then lifted up the area around her feet up to her knees, giving Gwen a shock.

Gwen: ‘Oh my god! What are you doing?’
Elaine: ‘Just having a better view? You’re such a dirty girl! Why did you use the Kit Kat?!’
Gwen: ‘I was just.. you already knew what I did! Why still ask?’

The small talk went away and Elaine helped her get her laptop off, and exposed her chocolate-covered pussy so Gwen would not dirty the sheets.

Elaine: ‘It’s quite interesting to use Kit Kat bars eh. I’ve never thought of it.’
Gwen: ‘It’s just an accident.’
Elaine: ‘Yeah right.’

Gwen held the wet tissues in her hand, and prepared to wipe the mess up, but Elaine had stopped her before she did it.

Gwen: ‘Why? What’s wrong?’
Elaine: ‘I’ll help you. I can see better from here.’

Elaine sat on the floor between Gwen’s legs and used her fingers to reveal more of the chocolate stuck under the clit, intentionally turning her innocent younger sister on even more. Elaine swiped her fingers up and down her slit to wet her before pulling the rest of the wafer out, putting it into her own mouth to finish it.

Gwen was surprised at what her sister just did, and was wondering if she was turned on too. What Elaine did next gave her the answer, as she licked the chocolate at her clit with her tongue. Gwen was immediately thrown back to the wall next to her bed while her pussy was being stimulated by the hungry licking of her sister. The strokes around her labia was carefully directed to gather the gooey chocolate before a suck came forth to clean it up.

After some time of enjoying the cunnilingus, Gwen’s hands disappeared up her braless shirt and played with her own nipples. The sisters were having fun with each other and things were only about to get hotter.

Elaine finally cleaned most of the mess between her sister’s pink lips up and she went to her drawers, taking out a L shaped dildo. Without a word exchanged, the shorter end of the dildo went into her sister and Elaine climbed onto the bed, going over her sister’s feet and lowering herself down the longer end.

Elaine’s wet pussy made it easy to ride the stick and Gwen was getting hotter by the minute movements as her sister positioned herself on top. Once the toy found its way into the girls, not one inch of the dildo was left uncovered. Elaine then started moving her hips to thrust the toy into her sister and their faces rested on each others’ shoulders while soft moans were escaping their mouths.

Elaine (whispering): ‘I’ve long wished to use it with someone.’
Gwen (whispering): ‘I like how deep you are inside me.’

They continued the missionary style without much trouble and the younger sister (Gwen’s) mind was slowly going blank from the orgasm that was building up. Slowly but surely, the toy rammed harder into her and Elaine whispered to her that she was cumming soon. In a rhythmic manner, the toy slurped in and out of them until Gwen’s hands suddenly grabbed Elaine’s boobs, squeezing them so hard as a wave of orgasm flooded her mind. At the same time, Gwen’s pussy tightened so hard that the toy missed its chance to slip out, secured firmly instead inside her while her hips thrust so hard that the tempo went messy.

The girls paused on top of each other panting, feeling their pussies working on the lifeless solid dildo.

Gwen: ‘Jie, can I try doing it in doggie?’
Elaine: ‘Yupp. Let’s change positions.’

Elaine pulled the toy out of her and went into doggie, awaiting her sister who was still fiddling with the dildo. Gwen had took the short break to change her shorter end with the longer one, and masturbated herself for a while before switching it back.

Elaine: ‘You don’t want the longer end?’
Gwen: ‘It’s too much for me, I don’t think I can move properly with it. I’ll just stick to the short one.’

The dildo extended out of Gwen’s legs like a penis and she guided it right into her sister’s pussy, delivering the full package in one stroke. A loud scream broke the silence as Elaine almost came from that one single thrust. That would be the result of a penis replacement as Gwen could not feel how dry or unprepared her sister was.

Anyway, since it was already in, Gwen wasted no time and began pounding her sister, making her scream in pleasure as the rod stretched her vagina deeper. The movements of the toy in Gwen was pushing against her g-spot as well and the incoming orgasm made her thrust even harder at her sister, hoping to cum together.

Five minutes passed and Gwen came right when Elaine went silent from the torturing speed she went at, moving so fast that it overwhelmed her pussy to a numbness. A gush of juices hit Elaine’s anus as Gwen held firmly onto her waist, trying to recompose herself. The fight with her squirting moment was a tough one and Elaine was helplessly teased by the random probing of the toy inside her.

Elaine: ‘I am going to cum. Sit down on the bed with the dildo inside. Guide me k?’

Gwen carefully sat herself on the bed and kept the connection stable, letting her sister adjust herself to ride in reverse cowgirl. Kneeling towards the front, Elaine started riding and made sure their pussies swallowed the dildo whole, giving her sister no chance to recover. The urgency to satisfy herself was overpowering and there was no time to waste.

With Gwen’s hips slapping hard against Elaine’s butt, the synchronised orgasm was coming quickly, giving Gwen the energy to ram upwards too. The two girls groaned and moaned like a slaughter house for a good five minutes, before a sudden slam onto Gwen’s groin ended the ride. A few motionless seconds lasted like hours as their pussies were inclining towards climax. The first domino fell and the Elaine jerked backwards, lying on her sister’s body as the dildo did a final rub on her g-spot.

Gwen hugged her sister tightly as their bodies started shaking, gradually intensifying from a small tremble to a convulsion. Possessed and exhausted, they allowed themselves to flip everywhere their minds wanted and squirted like an unmanned machine gun, spraying all over the bed. Their sanity managed to keep their hands together, but the mind blowing orgasms had already put them in a trance without hope of undoing what they had just experienced.

Slowly, the girls recovered their composure but was already too worn out to properly get dressed and sleep in their own bed. Dozing off in the messy bed, the dildo was in one corner while the sisters slept holding each others’ hands, too tired to say anything besides smiling in satisfaction.

So, this is how much pleasure a Kit Kat can give to a pair of sisters. ;)