Too Late for CNY

Sen: ‘Hi kor! Happy Chinese New Year!’

My lively 15 year old cousin skipped to the chopping board of unfinished cabbage and continued the work, slicing and dicing them as unevenly as she could. This cousin of mine was close to my family as she loves to cook, dropping by at the most untimely manner when my grandmother prepares dinner. Now that we were all grown up, the only times she visited was during Chinese New Year, but that didn’t dampened her passion for cooking.

Mum: ‘Wei! You two! Stop playing! The veggies are all messed up. Go watch TV and talk to your relatives outside.’

The innocent me was suddenly dragged into the mess Sen caused, and we left the kitchen to the adults whom pretended to listen to my ailing granny’s nagging. As the house was crowded to a point there was no seats left, I went into my room and Sen tagged along. Unlike how she remembered, my room was messier and the only space left was my bed.

Sen: ‘Woah! TV! I can live in your bed forever! Just feed me taogey (bean sprout) and rice and already.’

She jumped into my bed without invitation and I sat at the edge, until she shifted in closer to the wall. Seated side by side, she did all the channel hopping and stopped only when HBO came on. How could anyone resist HBO right? This daring cousin then pulled my blanket over her body, officially stealing my chou chou from me.

Sen: ‘Why your blanket smell like mine?’
Me: ‘How I know? Don’t use it la. Very dirty.’
Sen: ‘I like it!’

It was awkward to be in the same bed with her as the close bond between us had faded with time. Yet it never bothered her that I was more mature and capable of fantasising better. As the day went by, the noisy living room quietened down and she fell asleep, turning to me to hug me like a bolster. When her thigh landed on my crotch, it was what happened next that woke her up. Unable to calm myself down from the sudden attack, a bulge in my shorts poked at her leg.

Instead of ignoring it, she just grabbed it and poked her head out from the edge of the blanket.

Sen (whispering): ‘What’s this? Someone is turned on?’

As the day was still bright, my white blanket was thin enough to let some light through. She disappeared under my blanket and pulled my waistband down, before her cold hand touched me. By then, I had lowered the blanket to let her breath and saw her curious eyes at my rod. The innocent touches she made got me even harder, to a point I had to get out of bed.

After she explored my rod for a bit, she reached into her own skirt and felt around.

Sen (whispering): ‘Kor. I’m wet too. Like you.’

She managed to stretch a strand of pre-cum for me to see and I was at the verge of raping her. She adjusted her height to my shoulders and played with my cock, showing a slutty lip-bite expression while looking at me. I gave in to the temptation right then and reached across for her groin, massaging her warm and moist area of her panties.

Me: ‘Take off your panties.’
Sen: ‘And you lower your shorts.’
Me: ‘Deal.’

We did as agreed and got off to a sensual start, helping each other out in the secrecy of my bedroom. Her clit was overflowing with juices as I rubbed faster, and my cock couldn’t be any more pathetic looking in the red and swollen state. Once she was too hyped up, she took my hand and guided me lower, so I could slip my fingers inside.

A soft, whispering moan escaped and she told me it was the first time she had someone elses’ fingers inside. She was tight and wet, making it tiring to finger her for long period of time.

Sen: ‘You ever had sex?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m 26 leh.’
Sen: ‘With someone my age?’
Me: ‘Nope. Underage sex is caning leh.’
Sen (whispering): ‘What if I want it?’

She turned into a little hamster when I climbed over her, spreading her legs out to the sides and touched her pussy with my dick. Her arms tucked cutely into her chest and let her palms hold onto my chest.

Me: ‘It’s going to be scary you know? Maybe painful too.’
Sen: ‘Who says I never had sex before?’

She gave me a grin before pulling my cock painfully at her pussy, dipping it in and using her legs to force my waist down. The initial tightness went away as I pumped her slowly, until she was screaming into my blanket from the pleasurable sex. Her eyes turned white as I shifted the angle of penetration slightly, but she remained as tight as I fingered her.

Gradually, I found a tempo comfortable to pound her in and straightened my body. Flipping one of her legs to the side, her butt became the ‘top’ as I continued to torture her little body. As time went by, she turned herself over and went on her knees. The tiny waist was a treat to hold as I rammed even harder into her, speeding up as my urge came like a wrecking ball.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Fuck.. I can’t hold it in anymore. Shit!’

With all my mental strength, I pulled out of her and she quickly rolled under my legs. Perched on my pillows, I went on my knees over her chest and she jerked me with both hands.

Sen: ‘My mouth!’

I straightened my back and she sat upright, devouring my cock and stroking me to the final moment. The bursts of cumshots fired safely into her mouth and she swallowed as I came, leaving no trace of evidence of our incestuous fling. As quickly as we started out, we tided everything once I was done and her parents came into the room shortly after.

Me (whispering): ‘Auntie, I think Sen fell asleep when we were watching TV.’
Auntie (whispering): ‘Let her be then. Help me take care of her. We will be leaving first. She knows how to get home.’

I closed the door behind me and walked the visitors out. Once those leaving were gone, I was back into the room, to find Sen naked under the sheets.

Sen (whispering): ‘Still got energy? I heard what my mum said!’

My shorts did not stay on for long before we went for another round of quiet sex, partitioned by just a wall from the heartwarming relatives here to see granny. A part of me says that our bond will be closer than before.

Fourteen Years

Jason: ‘Where do you want to go?’
Kelly: ‘I don’t know. Just walk around here?’

The small sized, secondary two girl looked even tinier beside the poly student. As they had met some time after school ended, they managed to go home before their date. When Jason spotted Kelly in the shopping mall, he could not believe his eyes. For the first time, she put on make up and wore a revealing spaghetti top, matched with a denim skirt that ended at her thighs, and not forgetting a pair of heels that lengthened her legs even more.

After their dinner, he walked her to her block as it would be easier for her to get home. But being homework-free and given a late night notice to her parents, going home early sounded as boring as an awesome-but-short date for her.

Jason: ‘Eh? How did we end up here?’
Kelly: ‘I want to see from the highest floor here.’
Jason (whispering): ‘And what do you see?’

He stepped behind her and hugged her around her waist, hands cupped together on her groin. Small kisses begin lining from her ears, down her neck and onto her collarbone. The moment her first moan came, his hands opened up and went onto her A cups, fiddling with her nipples under her tube bra.

Kelly (whispering): ‘How do I help you?’
Jason (whispering): ‘Just touch my dick.’

She struggled to undo his belt as he teased her even more, reaching under her skirt and into her panties to come in first contact with her pussy. The length of her slit was so short, quite exactly how her body would be at this age – small and cutesy.

Finally, Jason let go of his first groan when her fingers wrapped around his stick, jerking to the twitches her body was making. As things got heated up, he brought her to the steps nearby and sat down behind her. His fingers focused on her clit this time, attacking the most sensitive spot of the poor girl. Though Kelly had masturbated before, doing it with some experienced was totally different.

Her hands had let go of his cock and was on his neck as she lost control, arching back and forth in time with the orgasms that blew her mind away.

Kelly (moaning): ‘Dear dear.. stop. I can’t take it anymore.’

He pulled his hands away from her wet groin and let her turned sideways towards him. She resumed stroking his cock and he was in full size in just a minute. When friction brought the temperature of her handjob up, she gave her palm a spit and went back to work, surprising Jason with her improvised learning abilities.

Jason: ‘Want to taste it?’
Kelly: ‘Huh. Don’t want. Next time k? When I’m at your place.’

She paid her full attention to his rock hard stick and played with it till Jason was gradually losing grip of himself, groaning loudly as Kelly grinned at her ‘new toy’.

Kelly (whispering): ‘How about having sex? Wanna try it?’

Jason stood up and made her squat over his body, hands opened under her bum to support her lightweight frame. She was instructed to hold onto his knees for balance, but she was also giving him control of her bodyweight.

Jason: ‘Ready?’

His underaged girlfriend nodded and he relaxed his muscles, descending slowly until his tip was at her opening. Jason began to bounce her a little, as more of his cock disappeared into her. Where his hands began in the first place (her ass), how much his hands moved apart represented his size for his defloration act.

Jason: ‘Kelly?’
Kelly: ‘You’re so big! I love it dear!”

He covered her mouth and let her slide all the way down his rod, taking all of his glory into her cave. It resulted in an instant faint moment which he caught her fall, and stayed inside her until she was awake. Kelly knew what just happened and did not want to stop what she started. Holding his neck, she grinded her hips on her and forced her pelvic bone to clamp down on his huge cock.

For Jason, it was overwhelming to be inside such a small girl. His dick stretched her opening to its limit and went at such depth he could not bear either. She felt exactly like a condom that’s self lubricating and masturbating.

With his strength, he stood up and carried her down a flight of stairs, where a huge hold formed a window for breeze to come through. Jason had to bend both knees to let her feet touch the ground, and he changed into standing doggy a while later.

Both hands on her waist, he picked her up and rested her chest on the railings, feet almost 30cm away from the ground. That, besides their difference in height, was also the level their privates were together. She hugged the icy cold rails for her dear life and Jason continued fucking her, driving his cock deep into her premature pussy.

In that short period of time, he had gone through too much for one session. I was referring to the sensitivity, tightness, wetness, and the sick error of pounding his 14 year old girlfriend.

Jason (whispering): ‘Cumming soon Kel!’
Kelly: ‘Let me down. Let me down.’

He gently place her on her feet and let her bring him back to the steps, where she sat between his legs. Her hand never left his dick that was wet with her juices, and she was all care and concerned for him.

Kelly: ‘Where do you want to shoot?’
Jason: ‘In your mouth can?’

There was no hiding from his fantasies. To see his girlfriend, taking that huge load of his in those tiny lips, what could be better? Kelly shook her head hopelessly and went to jerk him off. He never felt any bigger before when he realised she was barely holding onto his thickness. She had to use both hands to reach the moment before Jason came, still a little unwilling to end the night.

Very carefully, she brought her mouth to his dick and sucked on the pee hole, saliva drooling from her lips as her hand continued pumping. In a series of groans and involuntary body jerkings, Kelly at her first taste of cum and instinctively drank it to avoid tasting. By the time Jason stopped struggling, his cum had already when into her nose.

Jason: ‘You.. I don’t know what to say.’
Kelly: ‘Silly, you don’t have to say anything. I love you. This will be our biggest secret k?’

How could he leave her even if he wanted? She had her first vaginal orgasm from the quickie earlier, and he too had his first sexy time with an unbelievable ending with his underaged girlfriend.

If you have a pretty and horny underage girlfriend, what would you guys do?

Her Diligent Student

Anson (whispering): ‘Ms. Sharon.. ‘

She had her twelve year old student lower his shorts in the bedroom where they had his Science tuition, hoping to teach him a little about human anatomy before it was covered in his syllabus. The young boy had no clue about the appropriateness of showing his birdie to a lady but there was nothing to be shy about following his teacher’s instructions.

Sharon: ‘Sit on the bed for me.’

He climbed onto his super single bed and Sharon pulled her chair along to the edge, where his legs dangled from. She bent her back down and got close enough to hold his penis, while he leaned slightly backwards. She had gently clamped the tiny wiener between her index and thumb, peeling his foreskin back and watched his expression.

Anson had no idea what was happening except that it felt nice, with a small quiver as she touched the hole where he peed from. It was the first time he had his foreskin exposed to air and it felt calming, as if a new part of his body had been unlocked.

Sharon: ‘How does it feel?’
Anson: ‘It’s nice. And cold.’

She smiled nonchalantly as she worked the excess skin up and down, slowly increasing the bloodflow into his divine sword. As it rose, his eyes were glued to the magical sight, turning Sharon on with his innocence and confused hands that wanted to stop her but couldn’t.

Anson: ‘What is happening to it Ms. Sharon?’
Sharon: ‘It is growing bigger so it is easier to make little Anson feel good.’

She reached into her bag with her other hand and took a bottle of baby oil, dabbing a few drops into the massaging palm. The shy boy gasped loudly as she smeared it over his cock, changing into a jerking motion as he breathed faster.

Sharon: ‘Do you want to help your teacher too?’
Anson: ‘How?’

She stood up and pulled her dress up, revealing a smooth, shaved pussy that got the boy excited to see it up close. Sitting down on her chair, she opened her legs with feet by his hips, and brought his small hand to it. Immediately, he started exploring the puffed labia and quickly moved between the folds, making Sharon moan as he listened to where it made her felt best.

Sharon (whispering): ‘Here here. Keep touching there.’

He got her cue right away and kept his thumb rubbing on her clit, while he was vibrating the bed with her handjob.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon, you’re getting wet.’
Sharon: ‘Yeah. So I don’t need any baby oil.’

She moved closer to the bed and they were masturbating each other furiously, with Anson groaning uncontrollably. After a while of not getting her orgasm, her body climbed on top of him and had him hold his dick up.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon, are we having sex?’
Sharon: ‘Yes. Does Anson want it? We have to keep it a secret though.’
Anson: ‘I won’t tell anyone.’

Sharon was proud of his quick response and set up her phone by a corner, aimed at their bodies. There was no need to spread her pussy once she felt his tip poke into her, and needed to only lower herself till his short ‘childhood’ was inside.

Almost instantly, Anson was fidgeting harder, accidentally thrusting his cock into the mature vagina of his teacher. Sharon began riding him to curb her fetish and continued without stopping no matter how Anson pleaded.

Anson: ‘Teacher, something is coming out.. I can’t control it.. ‘
Sharon: ‘It’s okay. You can just let it out.’

Half serious half moaning, she wanted to feel his virgin cum so badly. It would be a spectacular sensation to feel a little boy’s cum make a creampie out of her too. Poor Anson was flipping his body left and right, unable to comprehend what was this terrifying end he was being dragged into.

No doubt Sharon could not get an orgasm out of him, it was more important to have his little gun firing off inside her. That would also be the first time she would allow anyone to cum in her. Rocking away, he reached for her breasts as his hips jacked upwards into her unsatisfied pussy, head and eyes rolling like going through a spasm, looking most cute in the eyes of his teacher.

Once he had calmed down a little and composed himself, she leaned backwards for her chair, landing on the bouncy seat with strings of cum hanging between their genitals.

Sharon: ‘Anson, get up quickly. See what you gave me?’

He held onto her hand and sat upright, looking closely at the yellowish cum that emerged at the entrance of her vagina. The innocent boy reached for it and fondled with his cum, smearing it all over, and soon returned to her clit where he remembered it felt good.

Sharon took over his hand and used his tiny fingers to finger herself, getting so close to shoving his whole hand inside. Well, it was small enough, but she settled for a clitoral orgasm not long after. To relieve her own body’s need, she continued rubbing herself next to Anson on the study table, turning him on without touching him.

Two climaxes later, she was done pleasing herself and the little boy had a hard on under his pants.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon. I don’t know why but it’s hard again.’
Sharon: ‘Okay. I want you to go wash it with soap and come back. I’ll do something different.’

He reappeared very quickly and she had him lying flat on his bed this time. Lying between his legs, she took his dick into her mouth and suckled on it, getting all those unwanted fidgeting again.

There wasn’t much length to go deep throat on, and she used her tongue to swirl his stick around her mouth till the same arched-back shoved him deep. The second load then creamed into her mouth in a bigger load with a sweet aftertaste that got Sharon to keep sucking for more.

It was like a dream come true when she swallowed them hungrily, in front of the boy who was hoping to see how much he came. Finally, it was time to end the tuition and they got dressed, without so much a hint that they used the bed.

Anson: ‘How does it taste like Teacher?’
Sharon: ‘It’s sweet. And I like it. Must remember to eat your fruits k?’

The clever body nodded happily and ran out to his mum who returned from grocery shopping, feeling much appreciated by the smile on her little boy.

Anson (whispering): ‘Let me taste you next time k Teacher?’
Sharon: ‘SHHH!’

Said the sexy teenage teacher while looking at the kitchen where his mother was sorting the groceries. Sharon left after her student handed her the school fees for the month, with an additional deposit in her pussy and stomach.

Perhaps it is time for her to go on a fruit and vegetable diet for her little boy.

Following Strangers

James headed back to the library for the last part of his project, dressed smartly in a suit and croc-skin leather shoes. No one else had anything as formal as him, but it was his daily outfit, especially going anywhere further than two blocks from his house.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hey!’

The school uniform clad girl waved at him with such delight he could not feign coolness and ignore her. He had sat at the same spot for the four days of research and she was always there, alone working on her textbooks.

Girl (whispering): ‘What do you work as?’

James signalled for her to stop talking and scribbled the answer on a piece of blank paper, sliding it to her.


She turned the words around towards him and drew a :) smiley next to it, causing him to lose his focus and returned a smile at her. He was there to finalise his report and it took no longer than thirty minutes, where he then packed and got ready to leave.

The student suddenly started packing her books as well and a midair ‘stop’ sign made him hold back from standing up, and she quickly threw her bag over her shoulders.

Girl (whispering): ‘Where are you going?’

His lips read ‘office’ and she pulled the straps tighter on her bag. They walked out of the library and went into his car, where she sat casually as though he had agreed to let her follow him.

They drove to a dull looking building about ten minutes away and a quick flash of his access card slide the glass door open. They went past a few more doors within and stopped at his office, where a fold out bed among a bookshelf got her attention.

James went to work on his laptop for a while more, sending the documents into the intranet network before taking his coat off, leaning back on his lavish leather-lined office chair relaxed.

Girl: ‘Your office is so cool! What kind of scientist are you?’

His fingers pointed to a rectangular glass box as he walked to it, retrieving a metallic flask that showed a blue liquid through a narrow window. He then went over to the sweet little girl and unscrewed the lid, holding it near her nose for her to take a deep breath in.

An icy chill ran through her spin to immobilise her limbs but it felt more like a relaxation med than an evil one. He hooked a earpiece-like device to her left ear and then placed an identical one on his. Her eyes were fixated on the earpiece he had that blinked a few times before the green light stay lit.

Mysteriously, her hands started to move towards her top and began unbuttoning it, stripping herself naked almost naturally. She knew he was doing something to her but did not know what it was. It didn’t matter if he saw her naked cause he did nothing to scare her.

Squinting her eyelids a little, she imagined him loosening his tie and he did, with a few seconds delay. Before she got him naked, he had her fingers on her pussy, rubbing pleasure into her mind. As hard as she tried, she got his hand on his dick as well, jerking his erection in her direction.

The whole awkward scene continued for about three minutes, to each of them trying to stay focused. James who was nude, had defined abs to make her view more pleasant. He knew how to override the control and she quickly learnt that as well. With sheer force, they could stop doing what their partners wanted but it would meant losing control too.

James then made a short whistle to get her attention, and bite his teeth twice to make two click sounds. The curious lady did the same and a little ache was felt on the temple on the side where she wore the controller. The eye nearest to that ache flashed a few times and they had exchanged the view of one eye with each other.

A new sensation of pleasure filled one side of her body, feeling exactly what he felt when she made him masturbate for him. He too, had felt the same soothing, calm waves through his privates as she fingered herself, bringing their mutual mind-control to the next level.

Once they were accustomed to the foreign nature of the pleasure, he made her hold his dick and leaned her head closer to it, opening her mouth wide with sheer imagination. With single vision, he moved her head back and forth over his dick, sucking and licking his dick that was twitching in her mouth.

She did not just let him get his way too, making him reach forward with his hands on her nipples and toying with them, causing moans to happen. After a few minutes, she got him to pull away and he turned her over on her own, raising her ass into doggie.

Now, she is fully aware that her virginity was about to be taken. And she could easily end all this by taking the earpiece on. Instead, her mind was picturing a scene, one she felt at a hundred percent real-time. His hands went on her waist and his hips moving forward at her pussy, where she could see through the ‘eye-sharing’.

She was in fact, taking her own virginity with another body. No matter how she imagined him to stop right there, the movements of her pussy got her moving in another direction.

Within a minute, he was grunting like a bear, having his dick sinking into a pussy way younger than girls his age. It was small, warm and overwhelmingly wet. He could feel his anus clenching at the same time she tightened. The poor but horny girl on the other hand, was feeling the rhythmic throbs of his manhood, with an urge to thrust.

During the struggle to push James out, he was certain there was no way to overpower an unwilling girl and wanted to give up on his experiment. Somehow, an invisible force shoved him right back in and all resistance was broken.

Take it deep Clara!‘, she screamed loudly as his body lost all control, ramming his groin on her thighs. In response to her submission, he gave his anus a little push and felt her squeeze down on him, so ever breath-taking that cause Clara to moan out loud.

James placed her hands on the wall and pushed herself backwards while she forced him to pound her harder, totally blowing her own mind with her umm.. own mind.

The compounded effect of pleasure drove their bodies to release a lethal dose of adrenaline, fucking each other at speeds never designed for her small frame to handle. Orgasms were felt throughout his body and the urge to cum simply hovered around his balls without any chance to ejaculate.

It could be that he wasn’t present in his own mind, or that she had no idea how to ‘shoot’.

Immediately, he slowed his thoughts down and Clara regained her sanity, ending his merciless rampage through her own pussy.

Clara: ‘You need to cum.’

James sighed when he heard that and stumbled on the bed enlightened. All of a sudden, he felt her control over him weaken and she was kneeling between his legs, head closing in on his dick. He closed his eyes and pictured the most perfect blowjob, executed by a defenceless sweetheart that let him did what he wished for.

Those luscious pink lips stroked his shaft continuously, and he could feel how his throat was tickled by the deep throat. Things never felt so peaceful for him before and he just kept her going. He did not forget her needs and placed her hand on her pussy, touching that tiny clit while she sucked him off.

Gradually, his biological response returned and his body loaded his load seamlessly, pulling the trigger to empty his rounds into her mouth. Not wanting her to take it unwillingly, he let her mouth opened in front of his dick when he sprayed and all of it was caught perfectly.

He had her reach for a box of tissue nearby and spat it out, all and every drop of the thick, white fluid he gave her.

Both of them panting, he clicked his teeth before her and guided her to remove the earpiece. When she took it off, her body collapsed to the side and she was barely awake.

He went over to her side and planted a kiss on her forehead, before tucking her under the sheets.

When Clara woke up, he was in his chair, and a gorgeous two-piece outfit was on her. A spaghetti top with an overlay of straps hanging freely on her back, black and thin enough for the all-year summer weather. For her bottoms, it was a thigh-length skirt with beautiful, intricate, curly lines sewn into it, made of materials thick enough to eliminate her worries of it being too sheer.

Clara: ‘My uniform?’

He pointed the end of his pen to the bag at the edge of the bed and she hugged the most memorable school experience in her arms. James took his bag and then hers, walking out to the secretive rows of doors and into the carpark.

A quick input of her six digit postal code later, they were on their way home. Right before she undid her seatbelt, he held her head in his hands and gave her another peck.

Clara: ‘Will you call me or something?’

He took his phone from the dashboard and scrolled a few pages, to her name and phone number. With another delighted cute smile from the innocent school girl, she left his car and went straight to the lift landing.

James (whispering): ‘Scientist’

And that’s how she would remember him by for the rest of their days of experiments to come.

Winnie’s Chance

Read this particular entry from a female’s POV. More details available at the end of this entry.

Me: ‘Uncle Rick.’
Rick (whispering): ‘Shhh.. your mummy just fell asleep. Why are you still awake?’
Me: ‘Going to sleep now. Someone came over to look for mummy just now.’

He took the blanket away and opened my legs, rubbing my thighs in an uncomfortable way. It wasn’t the first time he entered my room when my mum was asleep, but he always visit her before he came over. So I assumed my mum knew he was here.

Rick: ‘Uncle bought something for you. Wear it for me to see?’

The then 16 year old me did not know what he was planning, and it was always those pretty clothes he bought for me. Those dresses that girls my age wear, and shirts and skirts that were always in the pictures of those blog shops I saw online.

My education stopped at secondary two when we moved out of our HDB into this condo, one that I knew my mum couldn’t afford on her own. My dad, who was totally capable of providing for us, got into some argument with mum and she took me with her when we left. Not knowing what happened, I just followed her and she gave me everything I asked for.

I took my shorts and panties off, in front of Uncle Rick and put on the black lacy thongs he gave me. It was a little ticklish at first, but after he showed me the photos he took while I was in it, I was fine with how it looked on me. My ass never looked so good with those cotton panties mum bought in packets of three.

He helped me remove my shirt and pulled a maroon coloured, cross-back, spaghetti top on me, snapping a few more photos after I posed for him to see.

The wide smile on his face made me happy, his eyes were all over me from top to toes. Frankly, I felt like the barbie dolls I always wanted when I was younger.

He placed me on the bed to browse through the photos he took and removed his own shorts. Since I had been getting naked in front of him, what he did did not bother me too much too. I’ve seen his little brother a few times. Whenever I saw his dick, my mind would be looking forward to the nice feeling that he would give me.

Climbing onto my bed, he felt up my legs again and pulled those undies off. His fingers went to my pussy and the pleasure tingled my head. He kept touching a sensitive spot and I could feel myself getting wetter. When he paused for a while, I knew he wanted my hand to be on his dick. He had guided me enough times for me to know that.

As soon as I was pumping his cock, he started moving faster. His fingers poked into my vagina and it was made wet when he entered. It moved in and out and all I wanted was for him to keep going.

My muscles stiffened up as he went super speed, making me moan with him. My pussy kept me shaking on the bed and before I knew it, a powerful sensation shot through my back, bringing me to a high. There was once he made me took a pill, and it felt the same. My mind was spinning and each thrust of his hand would introduce a soft, orange glow into my blurred vision.

I had to use his hand to please myself whenever he got tired, but his dick never left my hand.

Rick (whispering): ‘Want to try something new today?’
Me: ‘What is it?’
Rick: ‘It feels better than my fingers.’

Was it a toy? That vibrates? Or a second finger that I’ve never felt before? There was only excitement and none of suspicion I had for him. I had no doubts about anyone who showed care and concern for me. Yes, I was that naive. He spread my legs wider and sat between them. He placed both my hands on my stomach and helped me to open my pussy up.

He put the tip of his dick at my hole and leaned over me. It hurt a little when he forced my small pussy wide, but when he began to move in and out, the pain slowly went away. I felt him going deeper each time and my mind almost went blank when he was all the way inside.

It was so much bigger than his fingers and so deep I could sense my sensitive vagina hugging his stick. Cute, squishy sounds started coming out of where he was pounding, and it was way better than his hand.

I was half moaning and screaming, while he was grunting like a big bad wolf. To think I imagined myself to be ‘little red riding hood’ then, it was embarrassing.

We stayed in that position since I was too weak to turn over, and he just kept shoving his thick cock into me. Those colourful orgasms kept pulling me away from sanity, he was shocking my body with those tiny little climaxes.

Rick: ‘Mei, I’m going to cum!’
Me: ‘Cum?’
Rick: ‘Shoot something out. Like how you moan when you feel high.’
Me: ‘Oh! Then just keep going? I want Uncle Rick to be high too.’
Rick: ‘Cannot. It will dirty you.’

He took it out as my body recovered from an orgasm. He went around me to my mouth and I turned sideways to help him out. His hand went between my opened legs and continued massaging my sore clit, while I jerked him off.

My moans made him harder and he tasted my juices every once in a while. He was soon fingering me and I went faster till he held my hand tightly still on his dick.

Rick: ‘Open your mouth for me?’

Well, he licked me before in the past, so it was only fair I did it for him. He aimed his dick at my mouth and placed one of my hand on my pussy so I could masturbate.

Surprisingly, I was getting myself off easily and he was groaning louder. Suddenly, my body trembled violently to an orgasm and he shoved his dick at my lips. I sucked hard on them to keep myself from moaning too loud and a hot liquid splashed over my tongue.

It was warm and salty, and it kept coming. I was so worried my mouth could not hold all of it. After it finally stopped shooting, he squeezed his stick to get every bit out and his hand went back to my clit to rub me.

It was so comfortable when he did that and I just licked off all the white stains as he calmed me down.

Rick: ‘Let me see it.’

I pushed his cum with my tongue and he was in all smiles when some almost leaked onto my bed. He patted my chest and whispered for me to swallow, having only achieved that with some peaceful thoughts to ignore the eggy taste.

He took a few pieces of the baby wet wipes for me and we cleaned each other up. He wore his clothes back and I slipped the new pair of thongs on, along with my sleeping shorts. As for the top, I decided to wear it to sleep since it was so comfy and sexy.

Rick: ‘Can you tell mummy about this?’

I placed a finger over my lips and he placed a few blue notes on the dresser table for me. Only after two more occasions with Rick, I learnt that he had supplied my mum with drugs to keep her working (or sleeping). That was how he could get into my room my mum always warned him about.

At that age (of 16), I had no idea what I was being groomed into but it was clearer to me after I tried to Google ‘sex with uncle’. I found Jhae through this blog. It has been almost three years since I knew the author, and only now, did I allow him to write my story for all to.. enjoy(?)

It is my past that is long behind me, and I no longer stayed with my mum in that dreadful ‘sex stop’ where more and more men came in and out I was spending more time outside than that ‘home’.

For my mum, she never moved out of the condo since the arrest of Rick never affected her ‘trading venue’. She’s probably earning more than me and has never bothered me more than those casual ‘how are you doing’ texts. I guess she knew how risky it was to be in that house where she worked.

Winnie now lives with two other girls whom I, Jhae, knows went through similar ordeals. They were more than happy to take Winnie in to help with the rent-sharing. True story or not, it shouldn’t matter to you guys.

Although all things related to prostitution and freelancing should appear to be more professional now, there are countless unreported (small scale) cases where both lives overlap. I guess very few of us can picture ‘doing it for my children’ as a valid reason for them to sell themselves.

Yes, there are organisations set up to address that problem, but what if prostitution is the only way out? Have you ever cared to find out the truth? Or does it not matter as long as you paid?

A Great Fall

My bag swung onto my chest as I ran over, to the long-legged girl who slipped on the wet floor during this rainy season. She tried to get up but the impact had numbed her waist down, leaving me to carry her under the arms to a nearby chair.

I went back to the books scattered across the floor and picked them up, turning some of them to the drier sides as I stacked them up.

Girl: ‘Thanks. I’ll just rest here for a while.’

She sat there quietly while I stood around, laying her books out to dry on the table.

Girl: ‘I can’t feel my legs. Shit.. ‘
Me: ‘Where do you stay?’
Girl: ‘This block.’
Me: ‘I’ll help you to up. Then you call your mum or something?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. Thank you.’

Beyond her pitiful state, I couldn’t pay any attention to her figure or clothing. Her ankle swelled and the paralytic state worried me more than anything. We got everything and I handed it to her, making her hug her books before I princess-carried the surprised young lady.

Girl: ‘I’m heavy! I can hop on my own.’
Me: ‘Please press the lift number.’
Girl: ‘Okay.. ‘

The lift door beeped shut and I rested my hands on the railing, lessening the load before I had another lap to clear. She was just lying there looking at her toes, trying to move them and tears started building up in her eyelids.

Me: ‘Okay. Hang on.’

I brisk-walked to her door and knelt on one knee, while she fished out her keys and reached up to unlock the knobs. With no one else in her house, I brought her straight to her bedroom with direction and let her rest, after her shoes and bag were removed.

Me: ‘Where’s your house phone?’
Girl: ‘We don’t have one.’
Me: ‘Your handphone?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have one. Umm.. can you stay for a while?’
Me: ‘I’ll lend you mine. Call your parents. I’ll get a towel for you.’

I unlocked my phone and left it on her body, making my way into the bathroom after she shouted the location for me. After going back to her room, she was topless and my phone was by her side.

Me: ‘Called them already?’
Girl: ‘I don’t have their numbers. They are my aunty and uncle.’

I folded her shirt neatly into a pile and placed them by the stool near her bed, and she proceeded to flip sideways in an attempt to get her shorts off. I saw the wet patch on her bum and said nothing, tugging her shorts off while she pulled a blanket over herself.

Me: ‘You’re not worried that I’ll do something to you?’
Girl: ‘Do what to me?’
Me: ‘Nevermind.’
Girl: ‘Can help me take a pair of panties from there?’

I walked over to the cupboard and opened the first one, where pastel coloured underwear lined up in a row. When I returned to her, she had the wet one at her kness, unable to go any lower than that. I had no idea how naive she was but I wasn’t all that gentleman to begin with. I am a – guy.

Her cleanly shaved pussy appeared as I slipped the new piece of underwear on her, and she wriggled herself for me. Now that we had changed out her wet clothes, there leaves nothing no reason for me to stay in her room anymore.

Me: ‘I get something for you to wear?’
Girl: ‘I want to stay like this for a while. I’m still cold.’

She pulled the thick blanket tighter around herself in a cute manner and something just told me to stay by her side.

Girl (whispering): ‘Lie down with me?’
Me (whispering): ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Shirley.’
Me: ‘And you know my name?’
Shirley: ‘Ken.’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Shirley: ‘I like that name. Barbie’s boyfriend.’

She unwrapped the blanket and included me inside, lifting her leg over mine to embrace me like a bolster. Her pussy was rubbing against me even though the rest of her was lying still. The random squeezing of her hands on my arm made it felt even more naughty, like something was making her twitch.

Me (whispering): ‘Are you alright?’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Yeah. It feels good Ken.’

Her hand started moving down my belly and over my shorts, suddenly coming into contact with my bulge.

Shirley (whispering): ‘Why is it hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘I guess guys work differently from you girls.’
Shirley (whispering): ‘Does this feel good too?’

She began stroking me, brushing over my shorts with her hand. My breaths emerged as sighs and she moaned with me, letting me slide my hand between her crotch and my thigh. Before I knew it, she was grinding herself on my fingers, that were poking into the ‘Y’ shaped cave. The incoming moisture was unmistakable, and her stroking became faster.

Shirley: ‘Put your hand inside.’
Me: ‘You too.’

I slipped her panties to the side and she entered my shorts, carefully exploring my dick as the warmth of it soothed her accident earlier. She entered a sleeping state as pleasure built up in her, slowing her hand movements down to a standstill.

Shirley (breathing heavily): ‘Something is coming. I can feel it.’

Her body started shaking and I rubbed her clit even faster, throwing her into a convulsion when she finally broke and moaned her heart out. Juices had coated evenly over my fingers and she gradually tightened her grip on my dick as her orgasm died down.

Shirley: ‘Let me try it on you too.’
Me: ‘Don’t! Something will come out.’
Shirley: ‘Sperm?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Shirley: ‘I want to see!’

With that, she flipped the cover open and massaged me faster. I was groaning uncontrollably and she just kept going as quick as she could. Giving herself no breaks, I was at her mercy and after a few minutes..

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

A pause finally came and she angled her head over my stomach, facing a monster that was about to breath fire. A few more pumps of her fist squeezed the first round onto her lips, and a quick manoeuvre slid her ear over my groin. Her lips sealed around my cock and the rest of the load poured into her mouth, continuing to squirt with her hand jerking the final bits out.

I sat up as soon as I was done and reached for the box of tissue under her bed. I had saw it when I pulled the stool out, definitely coming to good use in times of emergency. Holding one piece in front of her mouth, there was no way I’d expect her to do anything else with that.

Me: ‘Spit it out.’
Shirley: ‘Ahhh..

She opened her arms and I fell into them, hugging her braless top which was another surprise to make this rescue a little better. After the tiring pleasure-trade, she straightened her legs and fell asleep. Needless to say, my job was done and she was too groggy to respond to my shaking.

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Hey Ken.. Will you be at my void deck tonight? Aunt and Uncle won’t be back.’

Me (WhatsApp): ‘You told me you didn’t have a phone.’

Shirley (WhatsApp): ‘Who doesn’t? Answer me first!’

For that moment I left my phone with her to get her underwear, she had keyed her phone number and name in. We confirmed our next date at 9pm that night and we once again found ourselves in her bed, this time totally amped up but taking one small step after the mutual ‘handjob’.

Two Against One

I could hear the chatter before I saw them, the first girl was in a short skirt and tank top while the second was in t-shirt and shorts. As young as they were, my mind couldn’t stop fantasising about how they would look like when they got older. The girl who walked in my direction had a long, sharp face with pretty fringes combed behind her ears, while the second one had a side parting to her long waist length hair, face a little round towards the cute side.

They sat right behind me and continued chatting, but their conversations were softer.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘

As much as I didn’t want to pause my space shooter game, Gemini, on my iPad, their hush-hush ‘hey’ got the better of me.

Me: ‘Yeah?’
Girl: ‘What’s that game you’re playing? Your life is so low.’

True enough, they just saw me getting bombed by a dying boss and I was feeling a little helpless. I knew where the game was going.

Me: ‘This boss is hard to beat. Then you two distracted me.’
Girl: ‘Eh. Don’t play la. Talk to us.’

The girl sitting near the aisle (in shorts) came to the empty seat next to me and she snatched my phone which was lying between the iPad and my belly.

Girl (whispering from behind): ‘Her name is Elly.’
Me: ‘Elly! Return it. Don’t play with people’s phone.’
Elly: ‘Wei! Why you tell him my name!’

She poked my ribs and I jolted back immediately, being extremely susceptible to tickles at that area. The two girls paused and asked me to keep my iPad, and I did! Before they realised they could take that away too.

Being the oldest person among us, it felt childish when I joined the girl behind me to take Elly down, ending the little fight with laughters and heavy breathing.

Elly (whispering): ‘She is Josephine. But I always call her bitch.’
Josephine: ‘Eh! This is our stop! Let’s go!’

From behind, Josephine took my phone from my hand and hurried down the deck, forcing me to follow them out of the bus. Sure, it was just one stop away from mine, but I was worn out and needed some rest.

Firing up my camera app, they took a few selfies before turning into a lift, where I had to run to catch up with them.

Me: ‘Where are you bringing me to?’
Elly: ‘We’ll return your phone la. Don’t worry can? Take your phone for what? Photos ah?’

They had such a cheerful spirit that infected me, to a point I didn’t mind them being so playful. I was after all, too old for them to consider as a ‘partner’. The age gap alone already kicked me out of ‘BFF’.

Bearing my heavy messenger bag, Josephine flicked the strap off my shoulders and caught it before it hit the ground. Without my bag, everything just seemed refreshing. When I noticed which floor we were at, the beautiful skyline of Bishan was drawing me towards the edge of the corridor.

With a girl on each side, looking at the same thing, my arms went around their waist to pull them in.

Elly: ‘Nice right?’

They turned around suddenly and my arms touched their breasts, pushing me backwards to the concrete wall behind. These two girls stayed close to my chest, pecking from my cheeks down to my neck. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. Why would they pick a seemingly unfasionable guy like me? Don’t girls their age love guys in skinnies and high ankle shoes? At least someone with a dyed head of hair.

Both of them took my hands and pushed them under their top, kneading a firm, athletic one on my left and a soft, tender one on my right. Their padless bras had already made things easier.

Me (whispering): ‘Why me?’
Josephine: ‘It’s actually not you. It’s her. She wanted to try it with an older guy. And you don’t look scary.’
Elly: ‘You look normal! Which is good.’

Elly stood in front of me kissing, while Josephine worked on my belt, an easy click-release type I funded on Kickstarter. Before I got my head clear, they were torturing me with a handjob and ball-playing. I was groaning right into their ears..

Me (whispering): ‘Elly.. you have done it with guys your age?’
Elly (whispering): ‘No. They are so immature. And I think smaller too.’

She descended out of my sight and a mouth was felt on my dick, wetting the tip before running her lips down my shaft. In her small mouth, I must say it was the most wonderful feeling ever. I barely fitted into her.

Josephine stripped her panties from under her skirt and placed my hand beneath, greeting me with a moist, warm hole. My fingers needed no guidance and pierced right into her, causing a moan that made Elly jealous.

Elly: ‘Bitch. Can you don’t make those sounds?’
Josephine (moaning): ‘He’s really good.’

I signalled Elly to get up on her feet with a tap on her hair, and she was bottomless (since she was in shorts) after a bit of wobbly striptease. Both my hands went to work on their tiny, shaved clit and the stereo moans turned into music.

Elly (moaning): ‘I’m so wet right now.. ‘
Josephine: ‘No. Don’t even think about that.’
Elly: ‘You don’t pretend you don’t want it la.’

The girls stopped everything and we headed down a flight of stairs with our belongings. Elly, the naked waist-down girl, sat on a step with her legs apart and Josephine stayed away to stack our clothes neatly.

Kneeling on the hard floor, the pain was ignorable compared to what was before me.

Elly (whispering): ‘Jo! Come help.’

A couple of question marks appeared above my head, unsure of what to make out of that. Her friend sat behind her with her legs opened as well and held my dick, searching for the entrance on Elly’s pussy with her pinky.

Tugging gently, a gasp was heard when the tip entered. Elly had grabbed onto Jo’s arms tight. Continuing forward, I listened to the contractions of her body to let myself in, and the moment our groin touched, she just bear-hugged me.

Josephine (whispering): ‘Go slow.’

Carefully, I thrust my hips and the hug loosened, with Jo’s hand rubbing on the clit at the same tempo. That tiny little slit of Elly’s, was too big for what I was feeling within. There was no extra length to move deeper. In short, she felt like a wet condom about to slip out of me.

Me (whispering): ‘You’re too small.’
Elly (whispering): ‘Just move.. ‘

I followed her instruction and dragged her vagina in and out, feeling the ends of her pussy as I moved. Within a few strokes, the tight hug returned around my neck and her body just vibrated strongly. I couldn’t cum because of how weird it felt. She was way too small for this.

Josephine helped her off me and pulled her shorts back up, leaving her to rest against the railings. After that was done, she pulled me up to the ‘window’ of the stairwell, and bent over.

Me (whispering): ‘You sure?’
Josephine: ‘When you’re about to shoot, take it out k?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I slid easily into her wet pussy and it felt more decent. No doubt her body was as small as her friend, there was sufficient stimulation to get me pumping. My body went on auto-pilot and rammed as fast as I could, watching how my rugged jeans slammed onto her soft, bandage skirt.

The huge contrast in our physique and mood and size was driving me crazy. All I could feel was pleasure, and juices running down my thighs and some dripping loudly onto the floor. Her grip on the railing was constantly tight, and her moans did not come out loud behind those lips-bitting orgasms.

As I felt my urge coming, I was making the deepest strokes into her. Within four or five powerful thrusts, she collapsed in front of me, falling into a pile.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey hey! Are you alright?!’

Dragging her by her armpits, the two girls laid side-by-side, eyes closed and in a disgruntled look – meaning messy clothes. Quietly, I took my phone and took a few photos of them, making sure to catch their faces. It was priceless right? To be ‘picked up’ by a pair of sweet, really young things.

Elly (whispering): ‘Umm.. you came?’
Me: ‘No. But I’m okay. You girls need to rest now.’

She leaned over to Josephine and rubbed on her clit, shocking her awake. Looking lost, my flaccid dick brought all the memories back.

Josephine: ‘I’m too tired to continue. Help him shoot?’

Elly, whom had recovered her strength, kneeled on the step she sat on got into doggie. Now feeling better knowing that they were fine, I did not turn her down and went to work.

Penetrating her in one stroke, her vigour returned and I hammered her non-stop, recreating the same dripping sounds under our genitals. Her initially tight cunt had relaxed and I was feeling her overwhelming squeeze on my shaft now.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

Without hesitation, I pulled out and Elly returned to sit next to Jo. They started making out and I brought my dick to join them. Sliding between their lips, their tongues finished the job.

Their lips formed a small clover and I blew onto their mouths, spraying cum that they were not prepared for. As soon as some landed on their shirts, Josephine grabbed Elly’s hair and forced her mouth over my dick.

The remainder of my cum shot into her mouth where she could not break free from, since her head was painfully shoved at my cock. As I slowed down, Elly pushed my away and panted deeply.

Elly: ‘Stupid bitch.. ‘
Josephine: ‘Spit it out la!’
Elly: ‘You think?’

Every drop when down her throat but their superglue-like bond did not seem to be affected. The girls minded their own business and got dressed, before sending me downstairs.

Josephine: ‘You two can continue uh! I’m going home.’

With that, she went back into the lift and disappeared, leaving me with Elly.

Awkward, was what we felt. At least not till I asked if she enjoyed herself.

Elly (whispering): ‘Yeah.. I kind of liked it when she forced me onto you. You? Enjoyed yourself?’

I stopped in my tracks and turned towards her, pulling her in for another kiss. That kiss turned into a tongue fight and we almost fucked right there, under a study corner but it didn’t happen.

Instead, she brought me all the way to her place, empty for some reason.

Elly: ‘My dad rented this place for me. My parents are separated.’

What else could I say? I embraced her for the longest time I could remember and we had the most intense raw sex – all over the house. After that night, she got into bondage and wore unspeakable attire under her school uniform. Giving me total control of her body as she wished for me to do.

That, was her final request before telling me to never listen to her other demands to stop or end this. So, we never ended, to this day.