Active Students

Daryl leaned closer to his date wearing a toga dress, slightly trembling in excitement for her first meet up with someone online. One of Luna’s hand was on his wrist further away, without obstructing his other which was stroking her thigh. Even though they only met that day, she enjoyed herself shopping and dining with… Read more Active Students

Rolling In The

Girl: ‘Put lesser! You want to concuss here ah?’ The stone table next to me had two girls rolling their cigarettes and had a sheet of paper with some powder on it. They were using some plastic cards to divide the substance and scooping some into their sticks. Definitely not something I would come by… Read more Rolling In The

Void Deck Bonk

Keller was smoking away at his void deck quietly that cold night, deep in thoughts about his current life that was heading nowhere. Being freshly graduated from a prestigious local university, he had never expected life to be so hard even with his degree. The years he had put to study, could well be used… Read more Void Deck Bonk


A girl appeared in front of me, wearing a grey skater dress, walking her dog. She was looking for something in her purse when the dog suddenly made a dash and the contents of her purse spilled onto the floor. I hastened my pace and walked over to her, squatting down to pick her cards… Read more Unluck