Active Students

Daryl leaned closer to his date wearing a toga dress, slightly trembling in excitement for her first meet up with someone online. One of Luna’s hand was on his wrist further away, without obstructing his other which was stroking her thigh. Even though they only met that day, she enjoyed herself shopping and dining with the glib guy.

For a student her age, Daryl couldn’t believe how daring she was to put on a dress that brought out her developing body. His fingers slowly trailed into her short dress and felt her warm panties, shifting her legs apart as he pushed his fingertip onto her clit.

Daryl (whispering): ‘Let me know if I hurt you k?’

A shy nod hardened him even more and he moved the centre portion away, making way to feel her juiced up pussy. A perfectly smooth groin greeted his roaming fingers and he quickly settled down on her clit, tucked sexily between her puffy labia. Wet, sticky noises came as soon as he began rubbing her clit, driving her into an excited state to grab his groin.

He helped her undo his pants enough to whip his cock out, letting her hold him for ‘support’ while moans whispered through the air.

Luna (whispering): ‘Be gentle k? I’m a virgin.’
Daryl: ‘Don’t worry. we won’t be having sex.’

In the sky garden of a public housing estate, they were limited by their openness. Although there were no thoughts of sex, what she did with her hand was as good as he could expect. The massage on her pussy soon raised her feet to where her bum was seated, spreading her legs wider for him to go further.

Daryl’s lubricated finger easily poked into her vagina and her clench on his wrist tightened. Her body fell into his arms in the mutual masturbation act, drifting her mind away from sanity.

Daryl: ‘Can I try licking you?’
Luna (weakly): ‘But isn’t it dirty down there?’
Daryl: ‘I’ll check for you.’

He nonchalantly went on his knees between her opened legs and planted his mouth over her entrance, making out with her pussy while listening to her loud moans. More juices leaked into his mouth during the cunnilingus, giving him a vivid taste of her gorgeous mind through her privates. He only took three minutes to give her an orgasm that resonated across her whole body.

The breathless girl then gestured for him to sit back on the bench, and she kneeled obediently to repay his favour. Holding his throbbing cock in her hand, the slight appearance of fear disappeared once she planted kisses along the shaft, taking the tip in like frenching his tongue. Her active lips slipped shallowly over his mushroom head, at the part where his foreskin covered most of the time.

Glad that he had washed his little one thoroughly during the day, there was no interruption to his mind-blowing blowjob. The adventurous girl took more of his length in as time went by, pleasing his cock with the back of her throat.

Daryl (groaning): ‘Luna.. that’s long enough.’

She unhurriedly pulled his erection out of her mouth and gave it a final kiss, before returning to his arms.

Luna: ‘I already came once. It’s your turn now.’

She dropped a blob of saliva in her palm and smeared it all over his dick, covering his manhood in her womanly fluid. Pumping his desperate cock swiftly, she kept a steady tempo while he felt up her pussy.

The two students went into an orgasmic struggle to weaken each other, unwilling to give in to impress the other. As Daryl was well beyond his own control after her oral foreplay, her hands were doing more damage to his iron-will self-control.

Daryl (moaning): ‘I’m going to cum soon if you keep going.’
Luna (moaning): ‘That’s the plan isn’t it?’

She bit her lips and took in his thrusting hand, focusing on delivering the most intense orgasm he will never forget. His hips started fidgeting as she rubbed her thumb over his tip, causing him to turn away and sitting near the edge.

Luna wrapped her slippery hand around his waist and continued jerking him, until he let go of her pussy to hold her hand down. From the obstructed view, she caught glimpses of his load spraying into the distance, splattering loudly on the concrete ground. The three long distance shot came to an end, briefly followed by a warm liquid flowing between her fingers.

She paused her movements as he growled like a bear, waist twitching non-stop for the duration of his ejaculation. When he angled his body back at her, a dense, white liquid had covered the back of her hand, creating webbings when she split her fingers.

Luna: ‘Do you have any tissue?’
Daryl: ‘No. How?’

She parted her lips and licked the cum off her palm, sticking fingers one by one into her mouth to clean them up. To help her dry her hands, he offered her a less-obvious part of his shirt to wipe them, returning her sticky limbs to a presentable state.

The smitten girl climbed over his lap (after he kept his flaccid cock) and engaged herself in deep, tongue kisses, impressing his mind with their kinky first date. By the time they were done, she had dried herself and headed back home, with a much livelier mood from her anti-social life.

Luna (Whatsapp): ‘Come pick me up at 10am? My parents will be at work then.’

They finally had activities for their one-week long holiday and there was no lack of hot, steamy jerk-offs and fingering in Luna’s empty house.

Rolling In The

Girl: ‘Put lesser! You want to concuss here ah?’

The stone table next to me had two girls rolling their cigarettes and had a sheet of paper with some powder on it. They were using some plastic cards to divide the substance and scooping some into their sticks. Definitely not something I would come by everyday. Since it was none of my concern about their deeds, I continued with what I was doing.

It was almost 1am when I was drinking at the void deck, watching a movie on my iPad with my ear phones plugged in. The girls lit their cigarettes and the idle rising smoke at the tip was spiralling in green. I did not know what were they smoking but it was certainly illegitimate from their suspicious reactions. Their heads were swinging back and forth as the odour drifted to me, causing a slight lightheaded feel.

Just then, one of them walked up to me with a stick and placed it on my table, with a lighter ready to fire.

Girl: ‘Why so lonely? Want to join us?’
Me: ‘What’s this?’
Girl: ‘Something fun lah. Just try. If cannot finish give it to me.’

I stuck the thin end into my mouth and she lit me up, watching me closely as I drew my first breath in. It wasn’t like anything I’ve smoked before (when I was younger), as my thoughts faded into white in my mind, and the surrounding began smudging in my eyes.

Me: ‘I can’t take anymore.’
Girl: ‘Lousy lah you. Give me.’

She snatched it from my immobile hand and sucked a mouthful of it, before kissing me and making me take the poisonous air into my lungs. The second hit amplified the first wave and I was feeling that sensation of euphoria mixed with a little tingle in my shorts. The desire to just go naked and get my urge relieved was so huge, as though I was in a hotel room alone and there was no one else to stop me from doing what I wanted.

Girl: ‘High already?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I can’t think straight.’
Girl (shouting): ‘Come over leh. Don’t emo alone.’

Her friend came over and the sight of a young woman’s body made my mind even more creative. Girl A, who was speaking to me, wore a tank top with a crystals-lined bra strap across her shoulders, and a pair of tight fitting skirt. Her friend, Girl B, was in a plain t-shirt and a pair of loose cotton shorts. Both of them looked like they had just completed their secondary school and did not looked mature enough even to be smoking.

Me: ‘How old are you girls?’
B: ‘Seventeen.’
A: ‘I can’t take it anymore le. It’s making me.. ‘
B: ‘Shhh!’
A: ‘Don’t tell me you are not horny lo.’

One of A’s hands came over my shorts to check if I was hard, and felt the tip poking in her palm. The stoned girl did not think twice about what she sensed and raised one of her feet to the seat, pulling my right hand to her exposed pink underwear.

A: ‘Help me first.’
Me: ‘Then who help me?’

Tsk She lowered my shorts in a hard tug and pumped it dryly, while my fingers were beginning to rub her panties under the skirt. Girl B was still smoking away, probably more immune to the effects from frequent dosage and did not request anything, till she was bombarded by both our moans.

B: ‘Don’t be selfish leh. Help me too.’

She unzipped her shorts and quickly removed them to strip her panties off. Her cotton pants went back on but the zip was left undone, giving me enough space to work my other hand. Both of the girls, one on each of my side, were moaning to my fingers thrusting at their wet pussies. They even took turns to let me take puffs from their cigarettes, while I pleasured them in a ‘two cats one rock’ style.

B: ‘I think your fingers are not enough eh.’
A: ‘You wanna fuck him ah?’
B: ‘No lah! Hehe.

The girl in shorts looked at me and asked, ‘you want to fuck me?’

The glance I took at our surroundings did not exactly register in my nodding head, but I was too high to care anyway. Girl B stood behind her seat and held onto the backrest, while I went behind her, pulling her shorts down to her thighs.

B: ‘You don’t have a condom with you right?’
Me: ‘Nope. Still want to do it?’

The annoyed girl reached between her legs and guided my dick in, returning me the control once the tip entered. Her sexy back was bent at the perfect angle for both my hands to hold on to and I was pounding her in a hurry. Girl A sat on B’s empty seat and kept scanning around for any passer-bys, masturbating herself while waiting for her turn – or so I guessed.

It was a monotonous moment for me as I could not really feel the ejaculating urge, just the waves of pleasure as I ripped through her pussy over and over again. B’s moans got louder as I went faster, until I had to cover her mouth in fear. Her vagina sealed around my dick so closely that the vacuum was pulling me back in, driving me nuts with the wriggling waist of her, yearning for more.

I rammed the desperate girl harder just to get at her and she was finally giving in after five minutes of furious thrusting. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and her cunt was relaxing to my force.

B: ‘I am going to cum.. fuck!’

As that F word left her mouth, her pussy suddenly went into black hole mode and I had to push myself away or risk shooting into her. She turned around with me holding onto the seams of her shorts, pulling them up before collapsing against the chair. The panting me was like a dog, totally wet from perspiration but still rock solid in front of her.

A: ‘Don’t be shy leh. Use her mouth lah.’
B (tiredly): ‘You shut up.’

I took B’s smouldering cigarette and took a deep puff from it, before standing over her outstretched legs. I pushed her head towards my dick and she took it in straight, letting me continue to fuck her mouth. As I was moving to my heart’s content, she suddenly choked and blurted cum out as she coughed, surprising me with the sight of my milky white that had left without my knowledge.

A: ‘Don’t waste it. Swallow some?’

B closed her mouth to prevent anymore wastage and swallowed whatever that was left. I picked her up and placed her on her seat, while Girl A took her place on top of the table, sitting with her legs opened. Her skirt was out of our way, while her panties were pushed to the sides. I went between her legs and she let my autopilot dock the meat stick.

I did not pause throughout the entry and A was groaning in pain. Her wetness did not help with my size at all and her legs just went around me to keep my inside. We took a little break to let her get used to my rod and right after, we were fucking in a hugging position, dripping sounds coming from the floor that had a puddle was forming from her juices.

As if a horny demon had taken over my mind, I felt strong and sturdy, like I could go on for a long time. Despite the fact I had already came once, I was still as hard and did not disappoint her. My hips kept thrusting deeply at her and her eyelids vibrated as she felt an orgasm coming.

A: ‘You are really big.’

Her friend had recovered more or less and sat beside us, occasionally snapping pictures at Girl A who was in a trance. Finally, an orgasm strike her and she closed her legs in vain, clamping me but did not slow me down at all.

B: ‘She’s not really tight right? Her boyfriend had been sharing her with his buddies like a slut lo.’

True enough, no matter how hard she came, she wasn’t as tight as B. I could not bother less and kept going, till A blacked out in my arms. I was so horny that I did not mind a dead fish at all. Fucking her for another few minutes, she regained consciousness as I felt the cumming sensation returning.

Me: ‘My turn to cum now.’
B: ‘Just shoot inside her. She’s on the pill.’

Girl A was hugging around my chest as I unleashed the last burst of energy, releasing all of my soldiers at her as I kept moving my hips. We remained in that position for some time, letting B take a few photos of our ‘intimate’ moments. At last, I pulled out of her and a huge load of cum just splashed onto the ground, in lumps that flowed around.

B did not waste that scene and digitized the mess on the floor. We rested at our respective seats and I cleaned myself up with the wet tissues B had in her bag. Girl A was still high from the cigarette and the two of us had to clean her up, a big baby indeed.

B: ‘I will take care of her. You want to exchange numbers?’

The smile on my face gave her a satisfactory answer and we got hold of each other. Numerous photos were sent to my phone and she instructed me to show it to her whenever I needed it. Deep down, I knew Girl A wasn’t what I wanted, it was B herself.

Me: ‘And if I needed you?’
B: ‘Call me lo. I stay around here only.’
Me: ‘Okay. She lives near too?’
B: ‘Yeah. Next to me only. But she always stay with her boyfriend. Cause her dad hits her. You wait ah. I call him first. You wait at the playground.’

I packed my belongings and sat on the slide, watching the boyfriend appear and load A into his car. Girl B stood at her lift until they were out of sight and came over to me, covering her shirt over my head childishly.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t be so naughty leh.’
B: ‘Haha. We are free to do anything we want now!’
Me: ‘Wanna go to my place?’
B: ‘No one home?’
Me: ‘Just you and I.’

I made her remove her bra and shorts at the void deck, using only her shirt to cover her bum. No one interrupted our trip home and she got naked the moment my bedroom door closed. Lying on my bed comfortably, you guys should have seen her face when I took the self-made bondage straps out. The girl had no experience in that but the obedient girl had no problems carrying out every of my commands.

Her sudden change to a submissive slut told me how much she liked to be dominated. And she constantly asked me about what to do in every possible, kinky moments.

B: ‘Can you tie me up all the time? I want to be your little slave.’
Me: ‘I won’t do that. I like you with a bit of freedom to yourself. But promise me, wear nothing below all the time, and keep this inside you.’

I presented her the wireless vibrator and she hastily put it in, hooking my pinky to assure me of her promise. Her renovated room had a sliding window facing the corridor, and that opening had became my ‘door’ to spend the tiring nights with her, usually with a ball gag over her mouth and my dick stroking inside her non-stop.

That little slut just couldn’t let me rest for even five minutes without sucking on it to get it big again. Yay or nay? ;)

Void Deck Bonk

Keller was smoking away at his void deck quietly that cold night, deep in thoughts about his current life that was heading nowhere. Being freshly graduated from a prestigious local university, he had never expected life to be so hard even with his degree. The years he had put to study, could well be used to work and a long term plan was needed to set him on the right track immediately.

At the carpark right in front of him, two scantily dressed girls were walking along the quiet street and he stared at them, too far to see anything in detail. Still lost in his own world, the girls went up the stairs in his direction and stopped a few steps away from the stone chess table he was at, checking him out before approaching him.

Girl: ‘Smoking alone?’
Keller: ‘Yeah. Can I help you?’
Girl2: ‘We’re looking for somewhere to smoke too.’

Seeing that the both of them do not have anything resembling a pack of cigarettes on their shorts and skirt, he opened his pack to offer them, and they took it with thanks. Both of the girls took one side each and started talking between themselves, letting Keller listen in to their conversations. Since his trail of thoughts were long distracted, he introduced himself and they did the same. The girl in a shirt and short cotton skirt was known as Bernice and the other girl, in a small tank top and shorts, was Fiona.

They both had devilish looks to die for and their top was translucent enough to expose their S shape bodies, giving Keller a good estimate of their figure without clothes on. Bernice had her legs perched on the other stool, hiking her skirt up to her thighs, just inches away from giving him a peep under. For Fiona, she was resting her ample boobs on the table beside him, cleavage going as deep as her bra cups were.

Chatting at his normal tone, the girls couldn’t help but look up to him, listening to the life story of someone who had the luxury of going through school without a hiccup. Soon, Fiona’s hand was roaming up and down his shorts, in a material too thin for comfort. As her teasing got more daring, her fingers ‘accidentally’ went under his pants and rose to his groin, without an underwear for more airflow.

Suddenly, her head went sideways near to the table and whispered her concerns to him, ‘You didn’t wear underwear?’

Keller: ‘I just live above here. Don’t have to dress too nice for a smoke right?’

Bernice turned towards him and hugged one of her legs, letting him catch a glimpse of her pink polka dots white panties.

Bernice: ‘Don’t be shy. I like smart guys.’
Keller: ‘I only sound smart. And you don’t know me that well too.’

She then lowered her feet and made a quick attempt to remove her panties, placing it on his lap before raising one of her knees again.

Bernice: ‘You can know more about me through my panties.’

A little embarrassed by the admirable courage from them, he held her panties in his hands while Fiona continued teasing his inner thighs, occasionally brushing onto his foreskin. That pair of panties were slightly damp and it was clean, like bleached white type of clean. Bernice silently took one of his hand and placed it on her thigh, before lying on her outstretched arm on the table.

Keller had his fair share of girls from the past relationships he had, but had never came across such.. casual ladies. With his fingers exploring the perfectly shaven cunt, he was in his little piece of heaven from Fiona’s hand, which had started stroking his penis under his shorts.

Fiona: ‘I want your fingers too!’
Bernice: ‘Too bad you’re in shorts.’

Fiona pulled her shirt longer to check if the length could provide enough cover and before Keller could decide for her, she had slipped her shorts out under her feet, leaving that black panties to be shielded from her stretched top.

Bernice: ‘You’re really desperate.’
Fiona: ‘Looks who’s talking.’

Fiona placed Keller’s other hand on her panties and let him massage her, while she dug into his shorts again to work on that long piece of meat. After some time of triple foreplay, Bernice grew agitated by the lack of privacy for him to go all out. Fiona too, was so close to an orgasm but it never came, because he couldn’t reach his fingers deep enough.

Fiona: ‘Eh.. It’s more inconvenient for me since I am wearing panties. Keller, help me out first.’
Keller: ‘Help you out?’

She stood on the stool and sat on the table, hands at the hems of her top to pull it down readily if anyone saw them. Bernice stuck her hand into his shorts and took over the handjob, while Keller turned his attention to the dark black haired girl. She peeled her panties aside for him to finger and he did so, thrusting worriedly. Soon, the quietness calmed him down and he took his time, curling his fingers slightly before pumping his hand slower.

It did not take too long for Fiona to start shivering from the gentle orgasm he created and her thighs went to clamp his hand still, trembling while her juices wet his palm. Moments later, his hand was pushed away and she went back on the stool, resting for the public orgasm she just went through.

Bernice: ‘My turn now?’

She climbed onto the table and opened her legs, giving Keller ample space to thrust his fingers at. WIth his non-master hand, he curled his fingers the same way but was hearing more noise from Bernice, who was moaning while squeezing her own boobs discreetly.

Bernice (whispering): ‘You are good with your fingers huh?’
Keller: ‘All my ex said the same thing too.’

Right then, his lighter fell to the floor and Fiona bent over to pick it up, stopping at his groin and pulling his shorts’ waistband just enough to let his wiener out. Her warm mouth went over his dick instantaneously, upping the speed he was finger-fucking Bernice. The girl on the table was soon adjusting herself to the edge, tugging her skirt up to her waist before a strong stream of cum squirted at a distance.

Bernice (trembling voice): ‘Fuck! It’s the first time I squirt!’

His fingers went sore from the impossibly tight pussy of hers and by the time he pulled out, Bernice had gone all weak and fell her head on his arm on the table, panting deeply from the intense orgasm.

Bernice: ‘Fion, let me try too.’

Fiona raised her head and wiped her mouth satisfied, before sticking his hand into her thighs again. Keller proceeded to finger her again, and closed his eyes in enjoyment from the blowjob. Bernice was taking her time to taste every part of his shaft, licking and kissing on the exterior. Soon, her mouth was all over his manhood and slurping sounds went echoing in the silent void deck. Her tongue was pushing him to the edge, lightly pressing under his rod when she sucked him off, and swirling when she took a break.

Fiona: ‘Is she better?’

Keller: ‘Yeah. But I think you’re better at something else.’

Fiona gave him a playful nudge on his shoulders before rolling her eyes to his deep thrusts, breathing soft moans out of her glittering pink lips. After some time, Keller lifted Bernice away and wore his shorts back to the disappointment of the girls.

Bernice: ‘You’ve had enough?’
Keller: ‘I am thinking we should just go all the way. Here.’
Fiona: ‘Bernice, you dare?’
Bernice: ‘As if you can.’

She moved her butt to the edge of the table and pulled Keller up, forcefully lowering his pants and holding his dick towards her pussy. Wrapping her legs around his waist, a strong pull brought his dick directly into her and they hugged tightly to his pounding hips, sinking his rod so deep into Fiona.

Bernice: ‘What the fuck! I want it also!’
Keller: ‘I have something else in mind for you.’

Thrusting fiercely at the same time, his fingers went to work on Bernice’s pussy while his dick busied with Fiona. The oblivious sex happened in silence and the girls knew how to keep things down. In less than five minutes of the table bonk, Keller was in and out of a trance from that skilled pussy which knew how to squeeze and relax as he rammed. For the last lap, Fiona came really again from the intercourse and Keller knew it was time for the next girl.

Keller: ‘It’s your turn.’

He pulled her by her hand and placed her in front of Fiona, who was resting in a sitting position. Her feet stood a few steps away from the table and her skirt was flipped up. Keller held and shoved his cock in once he felt the opening behind her and kickstarted a rapid fire mode, jerking in short strokes while deeply embedded.

The continuous high-speed small movements drove Bernice insane and Fiona had to kiss her to muffle her moans. Still ramming at that fine tight ass, he was kneading her breasts under her shirt and forcing her to cum fast.

Keller: ‘Bernice, where do I cum?’
Bernice (moaning): ‘I.. don’t.. know.. Anywhere?’
Keller: ‘Inside you?’
Bernice (moaning): ‘If you want.. ?’
Keller: ‘Just kidding.. I’m pulling out now.’

Bernice reached her hands to his waist and held him close, moaning ‘Just a while more.. I’m cumming~’. He knew his body could take it and finished her orgasm, where her knees gave way and Keller let her fall on his lap sitting on the stool.

The only part of his dick that was inside, being the tip, was going through an overwhelming push-pull motion from the suction at her pussy, putting Keller in desperation from the over sensitivity. Finally, the agonising ordeal was over and the girls were asked to sit next to each other.

This time, Keller sat on the table with his dick out and let the girls suck him off, taking turns to give a few strokes while their pussies were still being fingered by their own hands. Feeling like a king, he had two hands on their heads and swapped their mouths whenever he liked. It was only a matter of time he had to decide, who would get the king’s cum.

Keller: ‘Bernice, you’re better with your mouth. Finish it off, then share with Fiona.’

An eager nod came and she began working her mouth, forced down by Fiona who wanted this to end so she could rest. With the deep throat and contraction happening in her mouth, Keller was soon pressing her head in his groin and letting the powerful spray empty his balls. Bernice did not just stay still but kept shoving his rod down her throat, until ever drop was emptied.

A comb of her fringe to the sides and her mouth was unobstructed by any hair. Fiona landed her lips on Bernice seamlessly and they split their winnings. Pushing a little of the white liquid onto their lips for show, they cleared their throats in one gulp and Fiona moved one seat to let Keller between them.

Fiona: ‘Will you be here often?’
Keller: ‘I can give you girls a call.’
Bernice: ‘Just call me will do.’
Fiona: ‘Don’t be a slut. We’re going to share.’

The three of them exchanged numbers and Fiona hurried home after picking up a call. For Bernice, she had followed Keller home, and pleased his long dick like a slave, sucking on it the first thing they went into his bedroom, until it was big enough to pleasure her. That night, it was an endless cycle between oral sex, and sex.

Of course, Fiona had her share of personal fun behind Bernice’s back and no matter who had clocked in more orgasms, Keller is the winner.


A girl appeared in front of me, wearing a grey skater dress, walking her dog. She was looking for something in her purse when the dog suddenly made a dash and the contents of her purse spilled onto the floor. I hastened my pace and walked over to her, squatting down to pick her cards and receipts when I noticed the opening between her legs. Her shot dress had raised to her butt and at first it would look as though she was wearing nude colour underwear or her panties had a higher waist support, but the lights that was just right, showed me something else. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

The contents on the floor included a number of coins, so as I picked, I spoke softly without looking at her.

Me: ‘Miss, you should now go around without any underwear.’

Her expression turned to an angry one and she spoke in a similar tone.

Girl: ‘What the fuck! To think you were so kind to help me.’

Me: ‘Look, I had intended to help you. It was an accident.’

Girl: ‘Accident my foot. I’m going to sue you for peeping.’

Seriously? Sue me cause I tried to help? She was the one who was panty-less. So, I gave her my number (which was actually a spare SIM card I had when registration wasn’t compulsory) and she stomped away in a hurry.

That night, we had a ‘mobile’ argument but all she was doing was really finding a way to make me scared and perhaps settle this basically-unnecessay issue out of court through settlements. After we texted for a long time, I brought some logic to her senses and even Facebooked her details, just to be sure I had everything on her. For safety, I had never had a Facebook account, and so she was actually the one who had nothing on me, not even my mobile number.

My mobile phone clock showed 3:00 and she was going quieter, SMSes getting shorter too.

Girl: ‘Fine! You win!’

Me: ‘By the way, I got your address and details off your Facebook page. Would you like me to bring this up to your friends so they can justify? I’ll be sure to include all the details.’

She did not reply my text, but gave me a call instead. She insisted on meeting at this hour and since it was just a block away, I went to meet her. She was in the same dress but had no dog this time. She screamed at me for threatening her and I rebuked about who was really a threat. Sadness overcame her and her tone changed to a calmer but sweeter one. A hot girl is always angry, or was it the other way around.

Girl: ‘What can I do to settle this with you?’

Me: ‘Did you remember to wear your panties this time?’

She quickly held her dress down and I sort of knew the answer. She had not bother to put on anything at all. I held her hands, and put them aside, before lifting the hemline of her dress up her thighs and revealed the pussy with short prickly stubs on it.

Me: ‘Touch yourself. And I want to hear you moan. You seem to have many prolific friends on your network huh?

The two lines I said linked well, she she raised one of her legs onto the tiled chairs in the Residents’ Corner under her block. A SMS came into my phone, but I did not read, turning on the camera app instead and placing it standing on the table, aimed at her body. Her hand then went between her legs, and she began touching herself before me.

Moans was also heard as her pussy got wetter, dripping constantly onto the floor. Her fingers kept going until she gave a shudder and a few large drops of juices dripped.

Me: ‘Clean your fingers.’

She noticed the bulge in my thin shorts and she placed the wet fingers on it. Massaging it through the cloth and making me next to moan. Hidden from any flats nearby, I pulled my pants down and she too, took her phone and tapped a few times before holding it with her other hand, camera pointing at me. Shit, she was going to have a better frame and my video might just lose out to her. But making any funny movements might just get me exposed, so I just continued doing nothing after my shorts were lowered. Her wet hand grabbed my rod and jerked it fast and furious. And when it got a little dry and rough, she would reach under her skirt before dipping her fingers into her pussy before coming back to complete the handjob.

But it wasn’t just a handjob. She knelt on the floor between my legs, and went on to give me head. Her mouth was a mean one, biting me occasionally but sucking at the same time, making the whole job much easier with her salivating mouth. She did not bother to swallow the excess saliva and just let it coat all over my shaft and balls, dirtying my shorts.

Grabbing the chance, I adjusted my phone to face the camera downwards at her, while she continued sucking me off until I lost control and exploded in her mouth. She just turned her head away after the first few shots and as a revenge, my dick continued firing the forceful jet of muck onto her cheeks ears. She spat out the mouthful I gave and then skipped backwards, tapping the screen on her phone to show me the video of her giving me a blowjob.

Would that even work? Anyone could see that she did it willingly, and I did not even say a word after we started the foreplay. Her large Samsung Galaxy S3 screen clearly recorded what she did in HD, even capturing my face in the initial parts. She walked away while glancing at me, to make sure I wasn’t tailing her. Why would I need to tail her?

A few minutes later, my Whatsapp beeped and she sent the video to me. I immediately downloaded it and made a few copies to be save. But frankly, it was quite a turn on to watch the sexy wilful girl going down on me. After the video was sent, she sent numerous long messages to detail how she was going to get me into trouble, saying she saved our SMSes, recorded the video. Please don’t tell me she would be sending the video to other people. It would gain her the fame she never wanted in mere seconds.

In return, I sent her the video I took, with surprised me the most. The wide angle had managed to capture the scene she raised her legs and masturbated, fingers moving quickly under her dress. I had her face, voices and everything I needed, in a clear, unshaking clip. I had never replied her since then, but she had been frantically calling me whenever she was free, to make sure none of what happened that night got leaked.

Soon, she became my fuck buddy and was even on very good terms with me. Enjoying moments when we had the chance to be alone, playing a fool around our neighbourhood. Maybe she was doing all these to make sure I was contented and never had to think of releasing the video.

Michelle, I promise you that whatever happened that night will be our secret forever – as long as you keep doing what you had been doing with me. :p

Quiet Night

It had rained in the day and Kacie finally found a good time to head out to the study corner below her house. Giving an excuse to make some calls, she slipped on a thin cotton laced spaghetti top and a pair of FBT shorts, going panty-less since she was just around her house. At the void deck, she scrolled along her collection of short pornographic videos she downloaded and played one at the lowest volume, careful not to expose herself to the neighbouring blocks of flats.

As her eyes fixate on the huge white dick pounding into a thin girl, her pussy was reacting to it and was wetting her privates. Tempted by the lack of netting of her shorts, and the privacy of the corner she sat in, her fingers wriggled into the opening of her shorts and stroked along her slit, spreading the juices around her opening. After a few minutes, fingers found their way into her pussy and the public masturbation began. In and out she went, producing just small slurping sounds that would stop whenever anyone walked past, but no one spotted what she was doing.

Right behind her at the opposite block, someone had been watching her through his long zoom lens of the camera he carried. His friend spotted her and they spent some time to find out what she was watching and they got their answers. Her random erratic body movements further exposed her daring self-pleasure in the tranquil corner, making wild head throws whenever she orgasmed. There were just so many clips to get her going, and the pleasure was just too overwhelming to stop.

They sneaked up behind her as their watches neared ten, which would trigger an automatic switch to dim the lights where she was. Finally, their patience had paid off and a few lights went off, dark enough to provide cover in a few corners of the area. Jim went behind her and covered her mouth while Nicholas placed his DSLR on the table, aimed at her and the dark spot behind. Her screams were well suppressed through Jim’s hand and an alcohol scent was weakening her. Nick had suggested to use the small bottle of cleaning solution for their cameras, as a replacement for chloroform which they had no access to. Either way, it was working but took them some time.

Kacie’s body was forced onto the ground and her shorts was pulled down to her knees with Jim going first. His pants dropped in a flash to his ankles and the rape began. Nick took his tripod and raised it to the highest point, before using it to break the rest of the lights that were still on. One by one, the place began to go into darkness. He took a piece of towel reeking of sweat and used it to stuff her mouth full, and held her face to the ground so she would not spit it out.

Jim’s dick went easily into her lubricated pussy and the pain tore Kacie right apart. As a virgin, nothing wider than her fingers went inside her before, and the girth was nothing compared to her hands. Jim did not waste anymore time and held onto her waist with his free hand, and rammed mercilessly into her. Her phone that laid in a distance was still playing the porno flick she was watching, and it was all her eyes could see from the side.

With his dick reaching deep into her pussy, the pleasure she was experiencing was beyond what masturbation could provide. So addictive yet unwanted. Moans were still heard, but it was too inaudible to be of any threat to them. Nick’s DSLR had been shifted to the floor right in front of Kacie and filming her vulnerability in full HD. Low light performance would be put to the test in this situation. Jim did not spare himself from cumming and literally fucked her brains out with his force and fury, she was dripping while being raped.

In a few minutes, Jim groaned and whispered to Nick that he was cumming and the next thing she felt, was a gush of hot liquid pumping into her tiny slit, shocking her into silence. The amount was so huge she was certain pregnancy would be imminent. Once he was done, he pulled out and his pants went back on, letting Nick go behind her and do what he needed.

His pants dropped like Jim and while Jim held her down, Nick could hold her slim waist firmly and thrust into her with long strokes. He was much longer, but not thicker. The journey inwards was so fulfilling and satisfying, yet scary due to the fact he was pushing the previous man’s cum deep inside. Nick’s strokes slowly grew shorter as he kept most of his meat inside her while pounding, and was going way faster than Jim, which drove her really crazy.

Never before Kacie felt so useless and dirty. Getting ravaged by two unknown men, and still could climax while they were at it. It was beyond her control but her body had gave up fighting after she was penetrated. Thoughts about her crush at school was basically, crushed. Her pussy was willingly accepting the strong thrusts and was even contracting to intensify the experience by making sure every area of her pussy was covered and caressed.

Nick spent a slightly longer time than Jim, but his cum came in no time and flooded her pussy with the second course for the night. Still hard and long, he made sure to push every drop of his cum into her womb and pulled out only when he felt her pussy squeezing. Like a vacuum, the leftovers were drawn and deposited inside her before he was out.

Very quickly, the two men put their clothes back on and gathered their belongings, before snapping a few pictures of their conquest. She was slumped to her sides with her mouth still gagged, and cum leaking out of her reddish slit. It was humiliating to be photographed, and even more after she was used as a cum dump. They took off after getting enough shots and Kacie recovered her strength after a while, to put her shorts back on and dig out whatever cum she could reach. Yet, none of these no longer mattered.

The videos in her phone was deleted immediately to ease her guilt, and once home, the attempts to rinse the sperms out only made her felt dirtier as she touched herself, to yet another masturbation session in the showers, with thoughts of how she was raped just earlier at the void deck. Will Kacie ever be the same again? Only time will tell.


Shelia’s mum nagged at her for the last time after dinner to get eggs and bread for the next day, if not, her sisters and brothers would go without breakfast. She sighed and went into her room, dressed casually in a singlet and boxers. She did not wear anything under, since it was her own house. Her door closed behind her and she took her jacket out of the hanger on the clothes rack. She pulled away the singlet from her waist and wore the jacket over her bare skin. She slipped out of her boxers and put on a pair of FBT shorts, probably was the slackest bottoms she had. The silence and coolness of her room made her felt lazy to go out of her house.

Since there was no one, she opened her secret stash of toys her boyfriend had bought for her and flipped around for something random. A shiny steel dildo with a slight unique curve to it caught her eyes and she took it out. A thin chain was linked to the little circular hoop at the base of it and it led all the way to her ribs before splitting into a Y shape, ending the chains with small adjustable clamps. She pinched the handle of the clamps and gently let them hang onto her soft nipples. As both the clips increased in pressure, she felt her nipples fighting back with their own hardness, trying to pry the clamps open.

A rush of chill went down her spine and she knew what was next. With the dildo in her hand, she sat onto her bed and guided it into her shorts, raising one of her legs so she could push it inside her pussy after a quick rub on her clit to get it wetter. Finally done, she got up and was a little more willing to run the errand, and even spend more time outside since she was all ready to play.

Shelia took the S$10 note her mum left on the coffee table and left her house, tugging at the connecting point of the Y-shaped chains. Her nipples were as hard as they could get and the tugs only made them more sensitive. Her face was flushed but her dark complexion hid it well. The mama shop uncle looked at her bewildered but did not pay too much attention, returning to his small TV as soon as he gave the change.

Now freed and alone, she sat at one of the brass couple seats at her void deck and took out a packet of cigarettes from her jacket. A flick and her mouth drew in a large breath of smoke, sending the mind into relaxation from both the ambience and nicotine kick. Her free hand went under her jacket and played on the chains, tugging the side at her boobs.

Out of nowhere, loud chattering were heard and Shelia’s attempt to get out from under her jacket had been clumsy and the wrong direction actually pulled at the dildo that was inside her. The noise past without anyone appearing and so she continued. This time, she toyed with the chains at her pussy and felt heavenly at the spot where the metal touched her flesh, to be exact, her clit. The teasing was barely enough for her, and it wasn’t relieving her at all.

Checking again to see if there was no one around, she placed one of her feet on the chair and slid her free hand into the thigh openings of her FBT. Her finger hooked onto the loop instantaneously and she began to move the dildo in and out of herself, taking puffs at the cancer stick at shorter intervals. Despite the short length of the steel toy, her speed was considered to be fast and she was desperately fighting not to lose conscious and even trying to stay focused on a lookout for passer-bys.

Her cigarette finished fast and another one was lit. Her uncomfortable hand soon moved to her navel and into her shorts. The movements from this angle were much more obvious, but it felt too pleasurably oblivious to her. Her first public orgasm came and sent her body into tiny fits, shivering her body in a rhythm and she just kept jerking while the rest of her body froze.

Once the convulsion subsided, her fingers in her shorts resumed their thrusting and accidentally, she started too fast and the urge to cum had just passed like that, without warning, she embraced herself and sunk the dildo deep into her pussy as the next round of orgasm came and took her breath away.

The dildo was left untouched after that. Shelia made her way home and went to bed almost immediately, still having the clamps and toy on her. That night, she fell asleep from a different kind of tiredness. Her fingers were so addicted to masturbating and thrusting a toy that the steel dildo had found a new home, apart from the occasionally rinsing in the showers. Day and night, home or not, alone or with boyfriend, her fingers would be working on that toy whenever she could, and her boyfriend now realised he could barely keep up with her new-developed stamina.

See What You Say?

Frederick was under his block, talking on the phone with his girlfriend when he heard loud chatter coming. As his eyes kept watch around the neighbourhood, a pair of girls in their teens appeared and had tattoos over their exposed skin. His eyes fixated on them as he continued talking, and they too, returned glances at him until he was out of sight. After a while, they appeared again and Frederick quickly ended the call before they walked up to him.

The girls came up to him and one of them grabbed his hair and her other hand slapped on his cheeks.

Girl (shouting): ‘See what see? Never see ah lian before ah? You want me to call my boyfriend down?’

He shook his head and apologised profusely, knowing he was no match for them if they did call for help. She slammed his head onto the stone table and he quickly gathered his keys and phone.

Girl: ‘Come. Follow us.’

They pulled him to another corner under a block of flats and they placed him in a corner.

Girl: ‘You can call me bitch and her, asshole. Fucker, you’re not going to get away with this.’

Yes, their level of English was there. But definitely not their maturity. They spat at him and kicked randomly, though he blocked away most of it. Bitch then removed her bra under her dress and threw it at him, demanding that he took a whiff. Frederick wasn’t weak nor smaller than them, but the girls were fierce, and he never thought of hurting women. So since he wasn’t in pain, he did what they asked and hoped it would end.

Asshole was in a spag top and tiny skirt, and she removed her bra as well without concern about curious eyes and asked him to smell it the same. The bras did in fact smell great, as they had wore it for the whole day. His dick was growing reluctantly, with thoughts of their nipples just a thin fabric away. After she removed her bra, she took a quick peek around and took her panties from under her skirt too, pushing it up against his nose.

His dick was soon standing in his pants with all the teasing and the girls noticed it as well. They awkwardly tugged at his pants until it lowered to his thighs, exposing his dick to the strangers. At first, they were prepared to laugh at his size no matter how big it was, but when they saw it with their own eyes.. they were instead ashamed of their boyfriends.

Bitch: ‘Wah.. so hard ah? Did we turn you on?’

He stood up and one of the girls pointed her phone’s camera at him. Frederick had been playing along well, even with the camera pointing. Bitch who was wearing a dress, rolled it up as high as she could and proceeded to remove her panties.

Bitch: ‘Come, don’t be shy and put it on.’

Frederick couldn’t be more pleased to do that. He slipped it on and a tearing sound could be heard as it went pass his knees. The soft material was sticking very closely to him, hurting his erection. The two girls continued laughing while slapping and pushing him into the corner. Believing he could never raise a finger against them, they flipped up their clothes to expose their pussies to him, baring their chests as well.

Asshole: ‘How? You still dare to diao or not? Busybody.’

That was about it he guessed. Or was it just a beginning?

With both hands bearing a strong grasp, he held the two girls by their hair and shoved their heads together. Resulting in a loud fall to the ground and screams in pain. He picked up Asshole’s phone which was still recording and aimed it at them. Still holding Bitch’s hair, her pussy was exposed as she sat on the floor.

Frederick: ‘You girls wanted to play right?’

He placed the phone on a nearby metal bench angled at them and went back to the girls. He took their undergarments and ripped them easily into pieces. He tore their clothes up too, but not to an extend they had to go home naked. Still grinning with confidence, he held Bitch up by her hair and pushed his dick against her face.

Frederick: ‘You know what to do? Open up!’

He spoke into her ears and she did in fear. Her head was forced towards his dick and he was thrusting in and out of her, disregarding any pain or tears. As she began choking after a while, he was figured she had enough and flung her into a corner. He went over to the crying Asshole and lifted her up. He raised her dress to her chest and pushed her chest forward, till she was about 45 degrees, with her ass sticking out for him.

Without warning, he rammed his dry dick into her pussy and the size almost knocked her out. He made sure to go as deep as he could and began pumping as soon as he was in. At the start, it was extra hot and dry with the friction, but as he went on, her pussy complied and juices made their unprotected sex more comfortable. Bitch could only watched in fear as her best friend was fucked mindless. As much as she wanted to rescue her, the fact that she was moaning without restrain confused Bitch.

Frederick: ‘You want to run away now? Or wait for your turn?’

No way she would leave her friend, so she gathered whatever clothes she could get. And that exact moment she tried to make a dash for the phone, he presented her with a hard slap and held onto her hair again, this time forcing her to face her friend’s butt getting pounded. With a shove of his hip, he got Asshole away from his dick and brought Bitch to her feet. He hugged her from the front and raised her two legs over his arms like playing with a rag doll.

Using the flawlessly painted walls for support, he managed to enter her pussy after a few tries and Bitch moaned the instant he was inside. The sheer size had breached her limits and it felt better than her own guy, pushing out whatever spaces in her pussy. Her head rested on his shoulders in weakness while he pounded away, filling her up one stroke at a time.

Frederick knew Bitch was way tighter than Asshole, and it would not take him long to cum. After a spat of vigorous thrusts, he pushed her off him and she landed on her butt against the floor. She couldn’t resist and only cringed in pain with Asshole by her side. They crawled to each other and hugged as Frederick went to take the phone. Still in recording mode, he held the phone in one hand and took Asshole’s mouth to use.

Frederick: ‘This time, you move. Don’t think of getting away with this.’

She got on her knees quickly and sucked him off. Bitch did not leave her friend in the lurch and joined in as well, massaging his balls and stroking along the length her best friend’s mouth could not reach. They managed to take a shift each and Bitch put all her knowledge of giving a blowjob to use. Minutes later, he nudged them away and stroked himself until the enraged pool of semen attacked. Their faces, clothes, exposed breasts, legs were covered in his amazing load and he was finally done.

Frederick (panting): ‘Now, do you have anything to say to your boyfriends? Say it in front of the camera.’

Bitch cried harder and apologised, begging him to let them go and she would never tell this to anyone. Asshole on the other hand, was sobbing throughout her chance to speak. Frederick’s contented expression wore off and sympathy kicked in. He stopped the video and went to the table to dress up. Picking up all his belongings, he then went back to them and patted their shoulders.

The two girls stopped crying after he was out of sight and quickly recovered before making a run for their houses. Asshole had lost her phone, and luckily for them, no one spotted their tattered state. But it did not take long before a video reached Bitch’s phone, reminding them that he had something on them.

Fucked by their own foolish act, they had no choice but to agree with every demand of him. To date, the three of them were still meeting, and deep down inside, they were secretly enjoying his larger-than-average manhood despite the misery.