Stop Smoking!

‘Can you go inside first? Daddy will take a smoke.’ ‘No! Don’t smoke anymore Daddy.. ‘ ‘Just one?’ ‘Please?’ At the stairs beside the front door, he had already taken a stick out of the cigarette box and was ready to light it when Princess squatted in front of him. Filling her panties with that accidental squeeze of her pussy, his arm holding...

DDLG 4 Bellea

‘Daddy got something for you.’ Callie looked up from her homework and gave him a wide smile when she saw a pink little dress. The off-shoulders design with frilly hems, so dangerously translucent that looked more like a beachwear than to be worn out. ‘Thanks daddy!’ She pulled the long-sleeved shirt that belonged to him off her tiny frame and flashed her braless chest at...


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