Out with Sis

Day: Sunday
Date: 22 November 2009
Time: 1pm
Location: Novena Square, Esprit changing room

My sister and I were out at Novena’s Espirt, which caters more to ladies than guys. Anyway, I was there helping her pick a few new clothes for her wardrobe. She took a sundress which colour I can’t identify (colour blind) and pulled me to the changing room.

There wasn’t anyone else around and the staff were out of sight. She went in and changed into the dress, then opened the door and looked around before pulling me inside. I was worried where is this getting at.

With a tug, she pulled my loosely tied bermudas down my legs and roughly jerked my boxers down. I helped her took her jeans off while she removed her top. She’s dressed in her undies while I’m only wearing a shirt. It was quite scary being so naked.

She stood before me and took my dick into her hands while pushing my head to her nipples. I knew what to do immediately, she wanted me to satisfy her horniness by making me horny too. Keeping my head at her breasts, my hand moved unconsciously to her pussy and started fingering as deep as I could. A little of her juice were getting on the floor and she hinted to me for more, ‘Can you stop my juice from leaking with your cock?’

Putting one leg on the cushion seat in the room, she opened her legs wide for me to put it in. I hugged her tight while ushering my rod into her. It was exciting for me, doing it outside house, public incest. I couldn’t hold it long due to the amount of stress I am handling, we managed to do it in doggy while standing up.

She had to cum about 2 times before she would let me shoot. Sitting on the cushion chair, she diligently worked for my cum with her mouth and hands, knowing I made her very happy today. I released all my sperms onto her panties as requested.

We then go dressed and made the purchase. Seems that my sister is fine with not wearing panties outside. I suppose because I am around and she’s wearing jeans. If we were ever caught that way, doing in public, I would have nothing to say for myself.

Sis’ Birthday

Day: Saturday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 12am
Location: Her room

She was out clubbing till about 11pm before collapsing on her bed. I had to go downstairs to pick her up from her friends as she’s too drunk to go up on here own. As she lay on the bed sleeping, I went back to bed as I had plans to go out early.

It was her 19th birthday and I didn’t get anything for her. She is my sister, and a very good one who takes good care of me. Slowly, my thoughts tire me out and I fell into sleep.

Just as I was about to fully sleep, I smelt my beer-reeking sister enter my room and lie beside me. Knowing she’s tired, I took my blanket and covered her, unaware she was naked until we’re under the blanket.

She hugged me and opened her eyes, ‘I’m here to claim my birthday present.’ ‘I didn’t prepare any, tomorrow?’ replied quickly. ‘No. You’re my present.’ said my sister with a grin. Not wanting to spoil her mood, I just let her hand roamed into my shorts I wore to sleep. I didn’t had any undies on then.

She wrapped her legs over me and slid her hips across, her pussy that close to my dick. Immediately, I reached out for my drawer which had a pack of condom from my girlfriend and slipped one on before she attempts anything.

Sitting down slowly, she guided her pussy down my shaft deep and rode it like a real cow girl. Dizzy from the beer, and high from the sex. It was super wrong, but she wanted it as a birthday present.

Her pussy was wet and tight, I became the bad brother who took her virginity, her own brother. There was a little blood, but not too difficult to clean up. My sis and I had the same blanket, it was easy to swap and claim that her period dirtied it.

As I unloaded my first shot into the condom, she fell onto my body and asked, ‘Can you keep moving? I want to make tonight last.’ I moved my semi-soft dick, which is still in the condom and quickly got hard again.

Her moans and look made me continue moving without feeling tired. I kept going at it until she was asleep, with a contented look on her face. I pulled my softened dick out and went to wash up. For her present, I came 3 times in a row. I was happy, and hopefully nothing bad will come out of our relationship.

I covered her up with another blanket and slept on her bed, with thoughts (maybe regret) of our actions running through my head.

Surprise for Sister

Day: Thursday
Date: 19 November 2009
Time: 6.30am
Location: Her room

It was 6am and I was wide awake. Our parents were home, but sound asleep. Well, if I remembered correctly, their love-making session ended just hours ago. Going to the kitchen for a drink, I saw my sister’s door ajar.

Thoughts of what we did together came into my mind and I turned into her room instead. My little brother was standing a little while I admired her body on her pink hello kitty bed. She was in a spaghetti top and the lower half covered with the blanket. I lay beside her while lifting the blanket up only to find that she didn’t wear any panties.

Feeling a little adventurous, I ran my hand from her tummy down into the blanket, rubbing her pussy in a circular motion with my middle finger. Her body responded by opening her legs wider so I could stimulate her better.

Sitting beside her, I grabbed her boob and toyed with her nipple. As my eyes were fixed on her face, I saw her facial expression changed as she got hornier. Guessing she was awake but didn’t want to let me know, I continue the little fun in her room.

Going to her feet, I went under the blanket and searched for her pussy hole. In the dark, I finally found it and proceeded to lap it like a little kitty drinking milk. Moist gathered and soon got damp enough for me to slid a finger in. But I gave her 2 fingers instead.

She gasped but did not fight back. As my fingers went deeper with every push, her pussy tighten with excitement and pleasure. Looking at her facial and body response, listening to her quick and shallow breathing, I could tell it’s probably her first time with two fingers in her. Applying the knowledge I learnt from watching so much porn, I worked both her pussy and clit, making sure she got all I could give her.

After about 5 minutes of fingering and pussy-licking, I thought enough was enough and went to prepare for school.

Our parents left for work at around 8am but I wasn’t leaving yet, still taking my time with TV and breakfast. My sister came out of her room after hearing the door closed but TV still on. Standing beside me by the dining table, she reached for my pants and took it out of my undone jeans (was home then, didn’t want to button it). She went down on her knees and licked it like a lollipop. Covering every inch of my shaft with her saliva, it was so wet that her saliva was dripping from my balls.

In a push of her own head down, she forced the whole length of my dick down her throat and kept up with the in-out action. Her gagging produced more saliva but she didn’t seemed to mind. It was the first time I had deep throat and the feeling just couldn’t  get out of my head. With a mix of handjob and deep throat, my cum unloaded right into her mouth without warning.

She sucked it hard to get it all out before putting my dick back into my undies. ‘Don’t wash it’, she said. I gave her a smile and buttoned my jeans.

Sister’s Love

Day: Thursday
Date: 20 November 2009
Time: 6pm
Location: My House

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. I woke up from my afternoon nap with a hand on my dick under the blanket. I turned my body around and saw my sister lying beside, smiling at me. Immediately, I freaked out and sat up on the bed.

She continued with the fiddling, ignoring my concerns and principles. As much as I know we should not be doing this, my little bro stood up. She started jerking me off while I was trying not to get hard to complicate matters. It didn’t take her long to override my big head with my small head.

After getting me very hard, she pulled me onto my bed climbed over me and rubbing my dick onto her panties. Oh god, it was soft and warm. Her left hand was between her legs still on my dick. We did not kiss as the feel would be wrong, but my hands were on her small tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers.

Her face was flushed and her panties was getting wet. I took my left hand and pushed her panties to one side, fingering her while she masturbates me. She got off me and removed her panties so it wouldn’t be in the way. She climbed back on and my dick head was so close to her pussy. I was worried, but I’m sure she knew what’s she doing.

I fingered her until she got so wet, that her juice was dripping on my rod, lubricating it for her hand action. Her moans and massage finally got me ready to fire. She quickly sat beside me and continued to make me cum into her panties. I unloaded all of it into her panties, and for a nice end, she cleaned my dick with her mouth.

I wanted to return the favour but she didn’t quite want it. We fell asleep naked beside each other. Of course, I had to finger her to sleep since she wasn’t as worn out as me after cumming.


Day: Tuesday
Date: 18 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My House

My sister was in her room while I was in mine. For a 18 year old, she had small tits and loves to wear loosely at home, usually a oversized tee with a pair of shorts or panties under.

She screamed for me to go over and look at her laptop. I went over to her room while she got out of her chair. I started fixing her laptop when I could not find her around, ‘Damn, I didn’t close the porn I was watching.’ I ran over to find her watching the screen, with headphones over her ears.

I went over and Alt+F4 to close it. After getting her laptop fixed, having no mood to continue with what I was watching, I went to watch TV. She finished her work and joined me on the sofa too. Our parents were working then, wouldn’t see them for more than 2 hours a day.

Seated beside me, she asked if I always watched porn, and she confessed about her porn collection too. Knowing this is going a little wrong, I did not continue asking or saying anything until she placed her hand in between a partly spread legs, running her fingers around her panties. Feeling hotter, she lifted up her shirt to her belly and pulling the panties down her thighs, her cleanly shaved pussy was exposed. The hard on was almost instantaneous. ‘I’ve fantasized about you some times, but scared to let you know. I love you’, she said

I was horny but still had my senses working. This is wrong for siblings, the love was a different kind of love. She assured me that we’re not going to have sex, just exploring each other’s body, and I stupidly allowed her to.

Pulling my pants down, she wrapped her long, smooth fingers around my dick. The feeling of coldness meeting hot is a little overwhelming. She positioned her mouth to let a huge blob of saliva from her mouth hit my dick. Slowly moving her hands up and down, my dick was soon covered in her saliva, slurping wet.

I sat closer to her and placed her legs and my legs on the table. Pulling her right leg over my thighs, her pussy was never so close to me. I could catch a glimpse of the glister from her moist.

Putting my index and middle finger together, I rubbed her pussy along her smooth pussy lips, with no prickly feel. As she got wetter, I slid my fingers lower and into her tight pussy. Going as deep as I could, I wanted to hear her moans. I sped my fingers up and she soon forgot about my dick. Just grabbing my hand tightly and pushing it deeper up her. It was like my sister using my fingers as a dildo.

After 3 long minutes of fingering, a rush of juice flowed onto the sofa and the floor. Without wasting any, she caught a handful and poured it over my dick, continuing with her jerking.

She took a whole 20 minutes before I came hard into her hands. Working her hands skilfully, she squeezed all the cum out from the bottom of my shaft, to the dick head. Spreading it around her hands, we went to shower up and continued with TV, and some teasing.

Knowing it’s wrong, it didn’t effect us much as we had fun. That’s all that matters right?