Mummy’s Turn

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This is part 2 to the incestuous story before this, and a recount from Mummy to Daddy about when she started with their younger son. Happy fapping! Keep this only in your head.

Mummy (shouting): ‘Alex! Come!’

The secondary 2 boy ran into the kitchen, where he saw the pair of underwear he accidentally masturbated in. Embarrassed, he did not know what to say, but Mummy had her questions readied.

Mummy: ‘Don’t you know how to use tissue? This is going to dirty the rest of the clothes you know?’
Alex: ‘Sorry Mummy.’
Mummy: ‘How long have you been masturbating?’
Alex: ‘I just.. only this year.’
Mummy: ‘Let me see.’
Alex: ‘Huh! Don’t want la. I’m so big already.’
Mummy: ‘Alex.. ‘

He nodded shyly and went to his bedroom, where Mummy followed after she separated that underwear. Standing in front of his bed, he lowered his shorts without underwear on (since they were at home). Mummy, who was on the bed, took his dick in her fingers and inspected them, from above and below.

As soon as she peeled his foreskin back, his dick began to grow and the whitish powder on his little head only made Mummy gave him a stern stare.

Mummy: ‘How can you not clean this part? Must wash here in the shower k?’

She grabbed two pieces of wet tissue from his table and cleaned him up, which got him even harder as the coldness touched it. Not wanting to say anything to him, Mummy began stroking him, which caused his legs to give way, falling towards Mummy’s body.

For starters, she wasn’t those middle-age looking aunties. Her public relation job required her to maintain her figure and so she did, going to the gym and swimming in the convenience of their condo. Being braless then, she brought his hands to her breasts, and he knew exactly what to do.

While she lifted her skirt up, he did not stop and even went to tease her nipples once they were in view. Mummy did not moan so as not to distract him, or worse, to let him know he was in control. With his dick fully erected, she realised he could fit the width of her closed palm perfectly, like from her pinky to thumb unopened.

Mummy: ‘Have you watched porn before?’
Alex: ‘Yes, I have.’
Mummy: ‘Then you know what to do?’

She stood up and pulled her gym shorts off, revealing a shaved pussy that caused Alex’s eyes to shine. Lying on his bed, Alex sat between Mummy’s legs and began exploring. Swiping his fingertips along those sensitive folds, Mummy lost hold of herself and began breathing deeper, soon guiding her son’s fingers into her pussy.

The rediscovery didn’t end there. He felt around her vagina to know what it truly was like, and the amount of juices just kept his hard on, up. Seeing all those liquid flow down to butt cheeks, he got on fours and licked her for his first time, tongue shooting everywhere once he heard how she reacted to various parts. Slurping her juices up, she had been admiring him, fully aware that she brought him into this world for more than just.. licking.

Mummy: ‘Alex, put it inside Mummy?’
Alex: ‘Are you sure Mummy?’

She got up and placed him between her opened legs. Holding his dick loosely, she guided him in and a long ‘aww.. ‘ from him soothed her confused mind. Before she said anything, he was already pounding at her. For her body and his age, he was just nice. His dick had been poking non-stop at her g-spot, firing orgasms that squeezed him to a point he couldn’t move. It wasn’t those kind of intense sex she had with Daddy. It was more of family bonding to her.

What she had in her, was a man she brought up after the years of hardwork. Who could be better to give him his first taste of sex, as well as to know how his son have been doing? Slapping sounds echoed loudly in the room as his balls bounced off her butt, triggering yet another orgasm that finally told her she had enough – in that position.

Mummy: ‘Alex. Take it out first.’

She turned herself around and faced her ass at him, sticking her pussy out so he could see where he was going. Getting the point immediately, he let himself in and hammered away, though this time totally missing her g-spot. Between her own legs, her fingers were fast at work, vibrating on her pussy to give her the addictive climax.

Alex (panting): ‘Mummy.. I’m going to shoot.’

Mummy: ‘I’ll let you shoot inside me this time. It should be safe. But next time must have a condom on.’

She asked for him to lie down and squatted over his dick on the bed. For that instant, he was granted the full view of a pussy going down onto a rock hard dick. Only their genitals were joined then, as Mummy wanted to give him his virgin creampie. Holding onto her own knees, she hopped above him, squeezing her pussy to a level of tightness Daddy always succumb to.

Screams were heard from Alex as he went crazy from the over-sensitivity, dick head constantly brushed against by Mummy. An exhausting five minutes later, a huge load warmer than her body pumped out of the tube and she sat herself down, rocking back and forth to the flipping of the tortured young boy.

Alex (pleading): ‘Mummy! Stop stop! No more no more!’

Getting a little embarrassed by her initiative, she got off  him and let him wash up. As for herself, she sank her fingers into her pussy, scooped out a bit of his cum and gave it a taste. That smile across her face, was the most priceless thing Alex can never catch her with.

Since that afternoon, Mummy told Daddy that she would end work late, only to arrange a meetup with Alex so she could fetch him home. And once they were home, it was pure sex, still unprotected.

Now that Daddy and Mummy know what they were up to, things got more daring as they wore close to nothing at home. Blowjob and cunnilingus became the parents’ reward, and sex became their daily family workout at different, multiple times of the day.

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Daddy’s Secret

Part 1 | Part 2

This is an incestuous story from the numerous requests of my readers. It’s between a dad and his daughter. Happy fantasising!

Bernice: ‘Coming coming!’

She appeared in the living room in a tank top with gaping wide sleeves and a pair of plain denim skirt. Her tube bra was barely containing the contours of her breasts but there wasn’t a need to be worried with her dad around. For him, it was a pair of thick cotton pants and a t-shirt. It was after all a movie night for them as mummy worked late on Thursdays to hopefully get an off day on Friday.

Tucking her arms under daddy’s, they left their condo and made their way to i12, tickets paid for through online reservation. Being the first to enter the threatre, they found their spot somewhere in the middle. The film they were about to catch had been on screen for almost two weeks, and it was the last screening before it was gone.

Soon, the lights dimmed to the handful of audience and she went on to pull her bra down to her waist. With a cardigan on hand, it was more of a cover than to keep her warm. We all know that cardigans are invented to hide the beautiful skin of girls. Daddy quickly covered his legs and let her daughter lie on his shoulder, where his hand slipped under her shirt to fondle those pubescent young boobs.

As for Bernice, she had gone under her ‘cover’ and onto her dad’s lap, dick easily accessible without underwear on. Stroking it gently, she remain focused on screen while her nipples hardened in the chilly cinema. Once he had enough of warming her breasts up, he went for her skirt, where she had long been prepared without any panties on.

Dipping his finger into those wet, fleshy folds of pussy, she was wet as usual. Feeling daddy wriggling his rough finger into her pussy, she grabbed tighter onto his arm. Her hips had unknowingly begin to move, but he was soon moving faster to keep her still.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Let Daddy do the work.’

A shudder went across her body signalling an orgasm, with a smile that made her press her head harder onto the strong biceps.

90 minutes of showtime, 90 minutes of foreplay. Bernice had came a few times, and daddy haven’t. Given where they were playing, it was as far as they could afford to go. Before the movie ended, she pulled her bra back to its original position and helped daddy dry his wrinkled fingers. It was time for part two.

Heading back to their condo, they went straight for the carpark, where his personal two-door, four-seater car awaited. Hopping into the backseat, she removed her shirt and yanked her bra down, while daddy stripped his pants off. He leaned his body against the door and gave Bernice enough space to bend over.

Like a symphony, she was soon sucking on daddy’s cock, while he pushed her head downwards to get the momentum right. She loved how daddy groaned when she fondled his balls, not only would she be turned on more, she loved how he controlled her mouth, ramming his juicy cock down the same mouth mummy fed her milk when she was young. As long as he was happy, she would be.

Daddy: ‘Come, kneel here.’

The pair of cushions in his car was there for exactly this reason. She got into doggie with her knees on the floor softened by the cushions, and daddy was right behind her. Sitting close to the edge of the exquisite leather seat, he guided her down on his dick. Very slowly, she applied some resistance to feel every inch entering her. A love hole she didn’t dare to even her fingers into, was filled with her daddy’s cock. One that was mature, thick and long. It pushed every buttons inside her and never once did she get clear views with him inside. Her eyes.. they would roll white in pleasure.

Daddy: ‘Baby girl, you’re especially tight today.’
Bernice (breathlessly): ‘I always am, Daddy.’

Her body jerked from a slow to fast speed gradually, clamped between the two front seats. Daddy was sliding on the backseat while his dick got sucked into her small body involuntarily. It totally felt like she was made for him, or rather, by him.

Bernice (panting): ‘Daddy.. argh!!’

Going completely silent before she finished her sentence, she had gone cold from the intense orgasm. Another few strokes brought her back to life magically and the moaning continued. Daddy himself was quietly trying to hold it in, but without much success in his horny daughter’s presense.

Daddy: ‘I’m going to stop now. Don’t move.’

Once he slowed down to a complete halt, she wriggled her ass a little to push him off the limit. Sinking into his chair, he managed to get himself out before he really came into his own daughter.

Bernice: ‘What do I do now?’
Daddy: ‘Let’s finish it outside.’
Bernice: ‘How?’

He pulled her bra up and helped her put on her cardigan. Bare-bottomed, they exited the car after a quick check. Just outside their car, the door served as an emergency shield. They weren’t exactly in the open with another car next to them, but it was enough to frighten Bernice.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Come. Squat down.’

She moved to the rear wheels and held Daddy’s dick, while he leaned over her head. Feeling her lips wrap around his tip, her warm, wet mouth went back and forth, sucking him at a tightness he taught her to. After a minute of getting serviced, he moved his hips at her mouth till her head hit the car.

Having no space to move her head backwards, he started thrusting. In long, swift strokes, Bernice kept her teeth out of the way as her throat convulsed unpredictably, receiving all or some of Daddy’s meat. The excitement had triggered his finale earlier than usual, but it was all good.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I’m cumming! Ahh.. ‘

She opened her mouth and her hand formed an O over the base of his dick. A few thrusts later, the powerful streams of silk fired into her mouth, filling her mouth so fast she had to suck him like a straw to keep everything in.

Once he was done, she gave him a final few licks mostly at the tip and dashed into the car. Looking at Daddy, she swallowed and showed him her ‘disposal’.

Daddy (whispering): ‘That’s my good girl.’

They went back into the car and went back to their apartment, with Bernice in the cardigan-bra combo and skirt. With all the lights off, the glow from underneath his bedroom door was obvious. The both of them gave puzzled looks and tiptoed to the pillar next to the door, listening hard to what was happening inside.

Mummy (screaming): ‘Oh yes! You’re as big as Daddy! Keep going!’

Daddy positioned his hand on the doorknob and flung the door open, to the awkward scene of his younger son humping Mummmy in doggie style.

Mummy (shockingly): ‘Dear! I.. ‘

Bernice immediately reached for Daddy’s erection and stroked it, as though telling Mummy not to worry about it. Dad went straight to Mummy and hugged her, and behind her sobbing voice..

Mummy: ‘You two brother and sister cannot do it with each other k?’

The siblings replied ‘ok’ at the same time and Bernice pulled her cardigan off her shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Daddy.. can we join them?’

His arms opened to include their teenage daughter in their embrace and their son, hugged Mummy from behind with his hard on.

Mummy: ‘Let’s finish this.’

That night was the wildest night for the family of four, with moans and groans following orgasms and messy ejaculations. On the bed, with their lust satiated, Mummy had been in Daddy’s arms after their own intense workout.

Daddy: ‘So dear.. when did you and Alex got started?’
Mummy: ‘Umm.. ‘

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Part 1 | Part 2

Background of the girls;

Beatrice – My adopted cousin, known for her figure due to yoga. Dresses like any other 16 year olds, often revealing her shoulders and long fair legs. Sometimes going pantyless, she explained that it kept her pussy airy apart from those tight shorts and pants she wore for yoga.

Fiona – The sloppiest but intelligent girl among the group. Known for her over-developed breasts and causal postures (with shirts and loose shorts) that gave many guys nosebleed from under her kiddy-looking panties, plus the occasional downblouse.

Elly – The skinniest girl who appears best in short dresses. A tattoo across her left breast would be left unhidden whenever she was out of school uniform. Known for her studious nature and lively attitude that attracted many guys, none got to see the full message of her tattoo above her nipple.

Alicia – A diligent girl who is caring and friendly to even her stalkers. An ‘A grade’ student, she often went braless for comfort, and to avoid the ‘coloured bra’ offence. Her A-cup boobs did not deter guys from trying to spot her horniness whenever her school blouse teased her bare nipples too much.

Fiona: ‘So.. you are Beatrice’s cousin?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why?’

Fiona: ‘No nothing!’

She ran back to the group of three girls without Beatrice among them and giggled while returning stares at me. I was ‘invited’ to the BBQ the girls organised at a chalet, and was at the grill after the girls returned from a swim at the beach. Being the only one above legal age, I was the one to bring the Bacardi and whiskey, mixing their drinks for them.

Apparently, they had asked the question to know if I was available, but whether or not I was in a relationship didn’t mattered. Little did they know, I have already been in Beatrice.

The evening came and go, with the girls taking turn to feed me as I filled their hungry stomachs. Alcohol was consumed like never before and they were just having their own fun in the air-conditioned bedroom. About to finish with the clean-up, Fiona creeped up behind me and playfully tried to shock me. She helped to bring everything indoors, and pulled the curtains to keep the lights out.

Fiona (whispering): ‘Everything done?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why are you whispering?’

Fiona (whispering): ‘Shhh! I don’t want to wake them up.’

Drunk, she fell into my arms and began pulling my shirt up. Half-sleeping and half-ravishing me, I sent a text to Beatrice to help her ‘hornified’ friend up. Not only did she reply me with a :P, she asked me to have fun. What was she thinking?

Before I knew it, my beach shorts just dropped onto the floor and I was in only my shirt and underwear. Not wanting to take advantage of her, I brought her up stairs, only to find the room locked with laughters within.

Fiona got on her knees and pulled her laced cover-up off, along with her bikini top. Her skirt? Well, she stripped her undies while sitting on her bum. Pushing me onto the wooden floor, she climbed on top and began riding me, thankfully for the underwear between us. It seemed that she knew about it, and that ‘ride’ was to get me up.

Unable to deny my impulses, she whipped my cock out after it was poking at her and slipped it into her pussy. In that tiny space.. what could get worse?

Fiona (shouting): ‘He’s rock solid now!’

The door opened to loud music and the girls dragged me in. Fiona went first to ride me, while the rest of them got naked and Beatrice had a compact camera pointed at me. My limbs were pinned, skin on my fingers crumpled by being in pussies I had no idea who they belong to, and body never a break from their roaming hands.

Overpowered, okay. It was more of dominated. I could cum easier than with Beatrice. Fiona’s violent movements were hitting all my sensitive areas and I managed to tell her I was cumming. In the dimness, a cup was handed to her and she hopped off before the finale, pumping my single udder till I exploded in the cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Woohoo! Next!’

Alicia got into doggie on the bed and I was helped up, dick guided by another hand into her pussy that was sticking right out at me. Holding her waist, I hammered my flaccid dick into full length, flooding her with orgasms.

Alicia outperformed Beatrice in that particular field. Her body just couldn’t stop climaxing when I attacked at a specific angle. In no time, her pussy got too tight that my ejaculation was brought forward, like in five minutes.

For her part, the girls had to pull her away when I was about to unload, emptying my second round into the same cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Turn him around!’

I wasn’t sure of that command but when a pair of knees went over my head, I knew what she meant. A dildo came into sight and went straight into Elly, mouth quickly swallowing my little snub as the hand controlling the dildo pumped away.

One of the girls bounced Elly’s head in my groin, sucking all the blood to my nether region for the third refill. Her tongue, her throat, her teeth, all took turns to weaken me. My constant plea for them to end this position or swap to another went unheeded. The girls were extremely excited when I flipped left to right.

It took slightly longer for me to cum in this position, but the girls were too high with the music to feel the delay. My dick was driven straight down Elly’s throat, contracting and relaxing as the girls kept her head pinned.

A hand fondling my balls finally triggered my eruption and they lifted the worn-out Elly from my body, her hand still on the dildo that she masturbated herself to another orgasm with. The third shot went into the cup as usual, and the girls were done with me.

Beatrice: ‘Hey! What about me?!’

Girls (in sync): ‘But he’s your cousin!’

Beatrice: ‘What happens in this room stays in this room right?’

High-fives were exchanged, and I was helped up to let Beatrice lie on the bed. A pair of hands came from the side to revive my dick, and it was the view of Beatrice’s pussy that got me excited.

I raised her legs for the girls to hold onto and plunged right in, thrusting non-stop with no rest between. Beatrice was moaning her lungs out as the orgasms came every minute, cheered on by the girls who was tweaking her nipples.

She felt extremely tight compared to the others, possibly due to the Kegel she did. After a breathless and adrenaline filled eight minutes or so, I took the cup from one of them and pulled out. Someone then replaced my dick with the wet dildo and gave her another orgasm while I dripped whatever left into the container.

Finally done with the four girls, they surrounded me and poured an equal amount of my cum into each of their cups.

Alicia: ‘Can I mix some green tea to mine?’

Girls (in sync): ‘Nooooo.. ‘

They counted to three together and drank their share up, before putting whatever not needed for sleep away. Pushing me onto the bed, each pair of them laid on my arms, dozing off almost immediately after some comparing of my skills.

Just before the night took me, Alicia, the innocent looking girl with bangs and probably the most conservative one in terms of clothing, got up and cleaned my little one with wet wipes.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Thank you for tonight.. ‘

And a kiss landed on my pee hole.

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Dangerous Recount 4

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Shelia had been very obedient when we got back together, keeping me updated about her whereabouts and who was she hanging out with. Even our sex got better when she gave in to my every demands, and living out many of my fantasies. While our relationship gave our friends an impression that we were so ever loving, a dark secret still lived in her life, and I had to find out the hard way.

The guy she had cheated on me a while back in the past, was still contacting her although she told me she did not reply a single message to him. He was sending my girlfriend long, kinky messages accompanied with pictures of his dick. I was fine with her masturbating to such pictures, but he did not stop there. I had a friend in Shelia’s school and had asked of him to keep a lookout for her, and dear, was I not disappointed.

That friend of mine, had seen Jonathan stalking my girl, especially along the dimmed corridors at the lower floors. Once, she had been stopped by him when he ran up to her and held her by her arms. Instead of a conversation, he forcefully pushed her into the old toilet nearby and my friend went in to record a video of what was happening, using his phone over the cubicle they were in.

Sheila: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’
Jonathan: ‘Don’t lie. I know you miss my cock.’
Shelia: ‘I don’t.’
Jonathan: ‘Hold it and tell me again.’

He dropped his pants and placed her hand on his rod, where she began playing with it instinctively. He did not wait for her to get it bigger and pushed her head down, causing her to sit on the toilet and had her mouth driven over his cock. His hands went away and she was sucking him on her own, slurping and going deep on him.

After he had a five minutes enjoyment of her wonderful gag-less blowjob, he picked her up on her feet and helped the motionless girl remove her shorts and panties. He then raised one of her feet onto the toilet cover and stood close to her, while she looked up at the camera with her eyes closed. As soon as his hips started thrusting, her mouth opened and I could hear the moans from the video.

She was hugging him in no time and asking him to go faster. What a bitch! So much for telling me she had been faithful and listening to me. A few minutes later, she hopped on his body and her legs went around his waist, letting him carry her and bounce over his dick. Her moans were getting louder from the deeper entry and she had to stop him after some time.

Uninstructed, she went on her fours over the water tank and kept her knees together in doggie. That was the position we had most of our sex in and she was giving it to him. He stood behind her and rammed his cock in, pounding her senseless till she was begging him to go faster. I did not understand how could she let someone else fuck her this much, and the fact she had another dick to satisfy her was painful to me.

For the next minute or so, he kept pumping at the moaning girl until his hips slowed down, probably ready to unload.

Jonathan: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Shelia: ‘Not inside me this time? I don’t want him to know I did it with you.’
Jonathan: ‘Ahh.. Fuck him.’
Shelia: ‘No, if not I won’t do it with you again.’

That was the last straw. She was going to do it again anyway, no matter if he unloaded in her. She turned around sat with her legs opened, fingers rubbing on her pussy while she went down on him. She blew him for a while more and he exclaimed ‘fuck your boyfriend’. Her cheeks puffed up from the amount of cum she got and the toilet cover was lifted as soon as he stepped away. He cupped his hand over her mouth and held her head down at the bowl, rendering her unable to spit.

He lifted her chin up after she refused to swallow and pinned her neck against one side of the cubicle. Quickly sinking his fingers into her, he went on to thrust his hand at her pussy till she had to swallow. A loud groan came from her and the video stopped.

I fired up my Whatsapp and eagerly attached the video cropped to the sex scene and sent it to her. For the next few hours, she appeared online and offline, and finally came knocking at my door.

Shelia: ‘I am sorry for doing it again. I can’t stop him.’
Me: ‘Okay. I get it. Want to go out for dinner? I haven’t eaten.’
Shelia: ‘You’re not angry? Can I pay for dinner?’
Me: ‘You are paying. And wear this out.’

I threw a red blouse at her, slightly longer but was nonetheless meant to be just a top. She put it on after removing her t-shirt and saw the length ending just below her crotch.

Me: ‘Without your shorts.’

She had no choice but to remove her FBTs, and lifted the blouse to see how much panties was she going to expose. I had no heart to bring her out to somewhere crowded and just settle for dinner at the coffee shop under my block, where pervy eyes still stared at the upskirt she caused when she sat. That blouse was my favourite from then on, as crossing her legs would reveal the sides of her panties, and not crossing would show the patch of underwear between her legs.

Much fun isn’t it?

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Ray’s Birthday 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Ray opened the door to a girl wearing a floral dress, hair tied up neatly into a high ponytail. Ray stepped aside to let Rikkyo in and she gave him a one-sided frown, as though she had notice something.

Rikkyo: ‘Are you sure you’re working out? It smells different.’
Ray: ‘I am really working out. If you don’t believe me you can touch the end of the bed. My sweat is there.’
Rikkyo: ‘Haha. I’m just teasing you.’

He breathed a soft sigh of relieve as she sat down on the bed, signalling him to go over. For a girl whom had always appeared decent to him, he could not believe it when she folded his towel up to his mid-thighs and slipping her hand under.

Ray: ‘What are you doing?’
Rikkyo: ‘Don’t tell me you don’t want it. I don’t want you to spend your birthday alone, not when I have this day free.’

He patted her head in a fatherly manner and she massaged his rod, that was wet and smelling of shower soap. It was a last minute idea to give it a wash and it had totally hidden the fact that he just used it. She did not noticed anything and rolled the towel higher, till it exposed his erected dick. Looking down on the brown haired girl, he savoured that moment when she touched his dick, locking her eyes on him as she brought her mouth to it.

Unlike Mirah, she slurped on his dickhead for a long time before going deeper, where he felt as though his dick had not unloaded for the whole week. Her blowjob was so different that it was pleasurable just for her to stop and not move. Rikkyo knew how to do it well and she was making his muscular legs weak, forcing him to kneel over her body.

Quickly, he grabbed two pillows and stacked them under her head, so she could continue sucking him off. He did not had to stop her when he had enough, cause she was watching him as well. In a way, this girl felt more precious than Mirah, one that he wouldn’t mind giving up anything for. She waddled her way on the bed on her elbows and Ray crawled to her, staying on top to kiss her.

Their tongues were locked in a mini fight and he brought his lips to her ears after, pecking and smooching downwards to her chest.

Rikkyo: ‘Take it off for me?’

He pulled the straps to her arms and she arched her back for him to remove her clothes. The strapless NuBra was peeled off carefully and he went to suckle on her nipples, listening to her moans as he flicked the tips. Her legs were clamped together in shyness and his hand was roaming up and down her thighs in an attempt to get her to ‘open up.’

Soon, his kisses reached her stomach and she spread her legs, to show him a waxed pussy that looked like the corners of two burgers together. He rested his body between her legs and pried opened the folds of meat, to which she was so shy to show him. But as soon as his mouth came in contact with her clit, her hands were all over his head, pressing him down as he worked his tongue. The fit, young man was getting aroused to a point he had to raise his hips to keep his hard on painless, and continued stroking along her slit with his mouth.

A few sucks on her clit was all she could take before she stopped him, pulling him by his neck to her eye-level.

Rikkyo: ‘Can you fuck me?’
Ray: ‘Anything for you.’

Like duh.. He lowered his hips and aimed it upwards, guiding it into her hole that wasn’t as tight as Mirah. Pushing his way in, her fingernails dug into his back to let him feel her, and the slow entry did not caused too much pain.

Once he was in, her legs wrapped around his hips and held him still, to let her pussy relax to his size. After he felt her feet fall onto the bed, he changed to his elbows to support his upper body, at a distance she could continue to kiss him.

Only moving his waist, he started pounding her in light but deep strokes, delivering his powerful dick to stimulate all of her senses. The poor girl could only hang onto his ribs as he thrust, face displaying a multitude of expressions that ranged from agonising to ecstatic. Her pussy was applying the right pressure and he did not feel too raged, allowing him to take things slower.

Pushing all of her buttons in the right spot, she came silently to him and gave him a feel of the juices that leaked out of her during orgasms. Ray was getting hornier when he felt the stream of warm liquid over his balls, and rammed faster, a notch higher than previously. In no time, their genitals were slapping loudly and Rikkyo was getting numb from this position.

She had to pause and he too, had plans to change positions.

Ray: ‘Want to try doggie?’
Rikkyo: ‘Okay.’

He sat away from her and let her turn herself over, hugging the pillows in her arms while her butt stuck out at him. Guiding her hips down his rod, she sat over it and froze, for it was too big and was touching her g-spot. He was watching her reactions all the time and learnt that this stance had totally blew her mind even without moving. Growing dominant, he grabbed her slim waist and kneeled with his body straightened, sending his dick to her deepest spot.

Rikkyo: ‘You’re touching my sensitive spot.’
Ray: ‘It’s a good thing right?’
Rikkyo: ‘I don’t know. You’re driving me crazy!’

He placed his hand under her tummy and kept her still, while he took her from behind, in a monster rage. Accidentally, he lifted her light frame and realised how light she was. Spurred by the fact he was fucking one of the best looking girls in school, he could not slow himself down and went all out at her, delivering orgasms that did not let her rest any bit at all.

Her body was getting lower as he went, but he could carry her to the comfortable height easily. With the clock ticking away, the couple went on fucking into the beautiful night, moaning and groaning loudly in the privacy.

Rikkyo (pleading): ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Ray: ‘I am about to cum, a while more k?’

She nodded frantically and let him pound her with every bit of his energy. Her vagina was getting tighter with each climax and he was nearing his end too.

Ray: ‘I am cumming.. ‘
Rikkyo: ‘Inside.. shoot inside me.. ‘

With all sanity gone, he pulled her backwards hard and drove his cock in, moving so fast that his mind went blank. As the trigger went off, the girl flipped her body backwards and fell onto the bed, lifeless as his cum fired into her. He kept moving as long as his dick was juicing, until the last drop was sucked out of her pussy in a vacuum.

Very gently, he backed away to the unconscious girl and placed her in a sleeping pose on the bed, going to the toilet for a quick wash. He spent the next hour next to her, brushing her fringe to the side and admiring her slender underweight body, before drifting to sleep himself.

The next morning, she had ordered a breakfast through room service and they had their fill, before noticing they had an hour before check out.

Ray: ‘Shall we do it again?’
Rikkyo: ‘I’m thinking the same thing too.’

He plugged his dick right in with her in doggie, and she leaned on his chest while he was inside.

Rikkyo: ‘Can you be my boyfriend?’
Ray: ‘I have always wanted you to be my wife.’

The 37kg girl was carried to the opened windows and had her brains fucked out in the most intense quickie they ever did, cum filling her pussy buffet style and she had to manage the leaking cum as they left the hotel. Leaving a trail of semen flowing down her legs, they headed for his home to continue the birthday treat she started since last night.

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Ray’s Birthday

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Ray: ‘Thanks for coming guys. I’ll catch up with you soon.’

The group bade farewell to him and left his hotel room, booked for a small birthday party and an appreciation night for his graduating school mates. He had been planning for this day to make sure everything went well without leaving anyone unattended, even if he had brought two groups of friends in the same school, one being from his class, and the other from his CCA.

Mirah: ‘Thanks for inviting us over.’
Ray: ‘No worries. 21st only happen once.’

She gave him a long hug while the rest of her friends left, and finally let go of him with a whisper.

Mirah: ‘Don’t sleep so early. I’ll be coming back.’

He gave her a confused smile and waved them goodbye, closing the door to return to the king sized bed. The day was finally over and he took his time to clean the place up, before heading into the showers. Right after he was done, the doorbell rang and he opened it in a hurry, with just a towel around his waist. Mirah was standing in front of him, in a bustier top that left her belly exposed, and a short flirty, flare skirt that made her look somewhat like a prostitute.

Ray: ‘You didn’t wear this earlier.’
Mirah: ‘It’s just for you.’

She walked past him into the room and he took a breath of her scent, smelling so sweetly for a 19 year old Malay girl. Sitting on his bed, she placed her tote bag in a corner and laid lazily, for him to join her.

Mirah: ‘You are ready for me huh?’
Ray: ‘What are you saying? I just had my shower.’
Mirah: ‘I didn’t bring anything for your birthday.’
Ray: ‘It’s okay. I specifically told everyone not to right? I don’t want anyone to spend their money on me. We are all going through a hard time looking for work.’

She tugged at the zipper between her boobs and let her naked breasts rolled down to the sides. There was something about her that night, that sent his thoughts wild about having a birthday present he could not resist. She was one of the girls who took up dance outside of school, and that explained her sexy figure that other guys would die to get their hands on.

Ray: ‘Are you sure it’s alright?’
Mirah: ‘Yupp. I wouldn’t be so daring if it was someone else. You’re always the topic among us girls.’

True enough, his 6-packs paid off and the towel had a little bulge at his groin. He undid the knot and let it fall onto the ground, before climbing into bed, kneeling beside her head. Wordless, she turned to him and held his dick, giving him time to sit on his ankles so her mouth could reach. Slowly, she gave little pecks all over it before sucking the tip so hard he groaned.

Ray: ‘I’m especially sensitive there.’

Mirah smiled and opened her mouth, letting him move his hips forward to help her reach his cock. Her tongue went first to lubricate his shaft up, and after that, were her lips that pasted themselves around the girth, moving in slow, long strokes along the length. Ray was falling back on his arms as he breathed harder, to her sensual blowjob that always made him take sharp breaths. She had been sucking his tip, and then when things got too agonising, a fast descend would take the ache away. Very often, she would kept her lips near to his base while small sucks would sent more blood into his rod.

Mirah: ‘Ready for your present? Come, lie down.’
Ray: ‘I can put it in if it is easier for you.’
Mirah: ‘No. I want to be the one giving it to you.’

He excitedly got on his back and she climbed over his body, riding on his washboard abs. Carefully, she slid backwards to his pointing dick and it poked so ever sexily into her pussy. The gym visits had proved to increase his size and he was proud of his manhood. The girl groaned as he tore through her hole, mixing pleasure into the pain. It had taken her close to a minute to get it fully in, and dear, she wasn’t disappointed at all.

Her flexible body began grinding him and he was next to groan to her tightness. It seemed that pelvic exercises were part of her training and she was using it to her advantage.

Ray: ‘Fuck! Mirah! You’re so tight!’
Mirah: ‘It’s not me. It’s you who is too big.’

She could not keep herself moving due to the sensitiveness, and her mind was constantly kept at the edge of cumming. At last, she fell onto his chest after she forced an orgasm to come through and he knew she was too high to continue. Well, too high for her but not him. He rolled their bodies over and left her on the bed, still inside her.

He pinned her hands above her shoulders and took over the control, pounding his hips hard at her pussy. There was no way to hide her orgasmic expression and she kept begging for him to go faster. He was driving her to her limits as her voice got softer, until she was no longer moaning, but turning her head side-to-side, caught in a trance.

Since he had started, there was no reason to stop until he was done. He released her hands and held her thighs together, squeezing her pussy into a close space. Sitting himself upright, he jerked in high-speed to get her cumming and she did in less than a minute, coming back to her senses for a while before going to sleep again.

Ray was too horny to stop then and kept ramming her, while his phone set of a ring.

Ray (panting): ‘Hello?’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘Why are you so breathless? Masturbating uh?’
Ray (panting): ‘No.. Just doing some exercises.’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘Can I come up? I have missed the last bus home.’
Ray (sounding serious): ‘Umm.. can you give me a while? I am still packing the room.’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘I thought you’re working out? Haha. Alright. Call me when you’re done?’

After he put his phone down, he went deeper and faster at Mirah’s cunt, pounding the life out of it. He had took some time before he finally felt his urge came, and pulled himself out before going to her mouth.

Ray: ‘Mirah, wake up. I am almost done.’

She opened her tired eyes and mouth, letting him place it into its rightful hole and sucked on it. He gave her a few shallow thrusts and erupted into her, making her give him that shocked look to the amount he unloaded.

Ray: ‘My parents are coming over.’

Mirah swallowed and got up, wearing her top back and pulling her skirt to a decent length.

Mirah: ‘Then I think I should be going. Tidy up the bed k?’

She gave him a peck on his cheeks and left in a hurry, forgetting her panties that Ray packed into his duffle bag. After he watched her get into the lift, he sent a text to the Japanese girl, asking her to come up in five. Now, what is Rikkyo up to? She was the person he had been masturbating to whenever he saw her in those casual clothing, some too translucent to hide her bra and shorts.

As he straightened the bedsheets, the doorbell rang for the second time that night, and rushed into the toilet after wrapping a towel over his waist to wet his hair, appearing to be alone for his next visitor.

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