The Russian Tourist

Day: Friday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 8pm
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I was walking along Orchard Road to get to Takashimaya. Without any plans, I could take my time while I wonder about the little people on streets. It’s a Friday, but the number of people was horrifying little. There were tourists around as usual, but a family with a cute teen caught my eyes. They were gathered around at a map and was obviously – lost.

I went up to them and offered help. I wasn’t really going to get anything specific, so I decided to bring them around to where they want to go, and to some of my favourite places too. The girl was beside me all the time while her younger sister walked with her parents.

Their day ended around 7pm, so I brought them back to their hotel for their night. I learnt that they’re from Russia, and the girl whom caught my eyes just turned 18. Her parents planned the trip to celebrate her birthday. Her parents and sister entered one room, and I was invited into the room she was sleeping in.

I sat at the bed while she went to wash up. After ten long minutes, she exited with only a towel wrapped around. Undoing the towel, she pushed me onto the bed while frenching me. With our lips still locked, she unbuckled my pants and soon enough, we’re stark naked.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Russian naked. Her body is in perfect shape. Contours at the right place, slim with a little baby fats. My hands ran all over her body, feeling anywhere on her body I want to.

With me lying on the bed, she went down and sucked me hard and deep. Her gagging on my dick got my whole shaft covered with her saliva. I pulled her right beside me as it’s my turn to go down on her. Licking a clean shaven smooth pussy is like having a nice abalone in sweet sauce.

I turned over towards her and slid my dick into her dripping wet pussy. She didn’t mind doing raw, she didn’t mind me being rough. I hit her with everything I got while she kept moaning like many of the Japanese porn I watch. With my dick in her, she stopped me and turned around so I could fuck her doggy style. We changed back to missionary and did it for as long as we could.

After about fifteen minutes of non-stop loud thrusting, I came inside her with her approval. Collapsing on the bed, she gave a sweet smile and I returned the smile. She passed me my cellphone after she turned her pussy towards me. With little effort, she managed to squeeze out a load, showing me a ‘live’ creampie for the first time. I took a few random pictures with her and left for home.

Well, they will be leaving for their home country the next day. A little sad, but satisfied.

Emergency Stairs

During the whole course of the movie, Rinnie and Ivan was kissing. Their hands ran all over each other’s body in the dark hall. It was empty, save for a few other couples who were in corners too.

After the show, they were the last, and hurriedly scrambled to the emergency stairs to make out. As Ivan pin Rinnie onto the wall, his thighs were in between her legs, and her hips was moving on its own, rubbing her pussy under her frilly skirt.

Ivan’s hand moved under her skirt and went into her her damped panties. His hand was already slowly working into her. Rinnie was in a state of ecstasy, red faced, breathing hot heavy air out of her nose while kissing Ivan.

She rubbed his obvious bulge in an up-down motion, making Ivan crazy. He removed her panties and put it into his pockets, untied her neck bra and placed it into her bag. Rinnie did not care at all, she was too horny to know what was happening.

She squatted down to Ivan bulge before loosening his belt and letting his pants fall to the ground. With a tug, his hot rod is right in front of her face. Without hesitation, she took it into her mouth and sucked it hard, in perfect synchronisation with her hand on his shaft. Ivan was going numb in his head, he held Rin’s head and pushed his dick deep into her mouth, unloading his down down her throat.

In desperation for air, she pushed his away and caught her breath. Now, it’s Ivan’s turn to satisfy the sex-starved girlfriend. With her back facing him, he spread her legs apart before putting his dick into her pussy, pounding her ass with his hips.

Rinnie is a wet girl, very wet girl. Her juice was practically flowing onto the floor from her pussy, her thick cum dripping slowly. He did not rest nor slow down, as he feels his cum building up, he increased his speed, pushing Rinnie into to a frenzy.

With one final thrust into her tightening wet pussy, he unloaded his huge load into her. Filling her up to the brim, so much so that her juice, with his cum is overflowing onto the floor. As Rinnie fell to her knees in pleasure, Ivan was dressing up.

In a semi-dazed mood, Ivan helped Rinnie cleaned up and walked her down to his car, driving her home – without her bra and panties. She fell asleep at the back of the car and as usual, was unconscious to know that she was fucked again in his car below her flat.

Reaching home, Ivan took her wet panties and masturbated again, cleaning all his sperms onto it, intending to make her wear it the next day.

One Hour

Day: Monday
Date: 16 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My House

Knowing we had only an hour before my parents return, we wasted no time in stripping to our bathing suits, getting on my bed and kissing all over each other. As it got more intense, my hips instinctively positioned in front of her pussy and slid in without much friction. There was no resistance from her as she was all horny from the teasing with my fingers on her pussy.

It seems like she was already wet on the way to my place.

Keeping our lips sealed, I spread her legs wide and moved my dick in, going deeper with every thrusts. She clenched onto my upper arms tightly as I forced through her hymen. There was no turning back, no second chance. Right away, I knew I was inside once she started crying and sobbing. Her expressions tells me she wanted to stop, but not her body, which soon was overtaken by the pleasure.

Placing my face beside hers, she sobbed while I continued my rhythmic and smooth thrusts. Slowly feeling better, her moans got louder and her body responded to every move as she immerse herself in making love rather than sex.

The tightness did not get any lesser, it was like a sign she wants more, knowing the tighter she gets, the longer I want to hold it in. As she clawed my back for the fifth time, I could feel the bedsheets was all covered in her blood and juice. Slowly pulling my dick out of her red, sore pussy, it was the blood and mix of her cum juice that caught my eyes.

I wasn’t afraid of it, to me, it felt like a representation of a new beginning. I could feel more love than ever from her.

We proceeded to the toilet and she sat on the bowl, with the seat cover up. She spread her legs wide enough for me to go again and I did so. As she got used to a long warm rod in her, she knew it felt good to be tight and mine to be big.

With the final thrust into her tightening pussy, I pulled my dick out and spurted all my load into the toilet, from under her love hole, with blood still dripping from her raw pussy. The clean up took some time as most of our lower body were covered in thin blood and sweat. After we got dressed, she just sat on the sofa, rubbing her pussy to ease the soreness.

I went to change the bedsheet and we took the longer ride home by bus. She had a small, soothing but contented smile on her face while she dozed off on my shoulder.


She fainted on her cold bed, pussy covered in a mixture of her virgin blood and my cum. I couldn’t resist but took out my phone and snapped as many pictures as I could. I didn’t meant for it to turn out that way, it was her who forced me to be someone else.

I was suppose to send her home after school, she decided to give in to me for once by allowing me to send her home. Once she reached her house gate and opened the side door, I pushed her in and held her arms behind her back, inflicting tremendous pain onto her. Warning her not to make any noise, I snatched the keys from her hand and opened the main door and entered. Pulling her hair and with her wrist still in my grip, I pushed her up the stairs to her room and onto the bed.

She starts kicking and struggling once I loosened my grip, so I pinned her down on the bed with my hand, applying my body weight on her and removed my bottom with the other hand. I turned her around and placed my hand around her neck, ready to give a squeeze if she struggled. I undid her belt and pulled her shorts off forcefully. I ripped her panties away and left everything everywhere.

I flipped her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her ass could face me while I could keep her body on the bed. Whether her legs were opened or not didn’t quite matter as she will spread once it gets painful. I spread as much saliva as I could onto my dick and onto her pussy as well.

As I placed my raw dick at her opening and she screamed upon contact with it. Begging me to stop, I didn’t know what I had to lose. She ruined me, it’s my turn now. I pushed my hips towards her pussy and as expected, her legs widened but her pussy tightened to prevent entry. It turned as a wrong move as I wanted a really tight pussy.

I pushed my dick in and out, inch by inch deeper into her before I could reached her deep virginal walls. Once in, her virgin blood trickled down onto her bed and onto both our thighs, flowing down to the floor. With that sight, I went into a sadist mood and promised to make sure I enjoyed myself. She was moaning unwilling and tears of pain was flowing all over her face, mixed with mucus and saliva. She could not take it and could not break free from my grip but couldn’t faint from the pounding.

As I felt the sperms accumulating, I paused and whispered into her ears. ‘I’m going to shoot now, what should I do? Prepare ok?’ She was crying really pitifully and begging me not to cum in her, she would exchange anything for that. I continued my pounding and with one final thrust into her tightening pussy, I released my load into her.

Keeping my weight on her. I fell onto her back and rested. I went into my shorts on the bed and took a bottle of popper and placed it near her nose. Her heavy breathing took brought one huge whiff into her and she charged up struggling again. I took a whiff and stuck my hardening dick into her again.

Off I went pumping her pussy and as it was the second time, it took longer for me to cum and definitely felt longer to her while she got fucked helplessly on the bed. I kept at it and emptied the second load into her, triggering a series of kicks and struggle as she felt my warm sperms enter her.

As she laid motionless on the bed for my third round, I pumped away and unloaded the 3rd  time all over her pussy. She fainted the moment I pulled my dick out. I carried her onto the bed and turned her around so I could see her face. After taking photos of her in all possible angles, I switched to video mode before cleaning and dressing her up, as though nothing happened.

Having had my share of fun and revenge, I exited her house and went home to mosaic my face off the videos and making sure I had one-click/ line command to upload the files to as many servers. Codenamed ‘Jhae’, I.T. was my niche and now, her greatest fear.

Money, sex.. what more could I want?

Skype Friend

Day: Tuesday
Date: 10 November 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her dormitory

I had a friend whom I knew on Skype. She’s from China, 17. We had been friends for close to a year and her plans to study in Singapore starts today.

I went to her school’s entrance to bring her friends and her around for a tour. After walking for close to 2 hours, shopping for groceries and toiletries, I managed to sneak in to send them back to their dorms.

She invited me into her room while her room mate ‘automatically’ excused herself. Having done cyber once and felt comfortable with it, I pushed her against the locked door and kissed her while my hands massaged her huge breasts. She was moaning with my tongue in her mouth and pushed me onto the lower bed of the double deck.

Her group of friends entered the room suddenly taking both of us aback, and worse of all, they are armed with a video camcorder. Pinning me down onto the cold hard floor and her onto the bed, they took the clothes off me and her.

Pulling her hair and locking her in armlock, they forced her to sit on my dick, putting it up her pussy. Fresh virgin blood flowed down my thighs and they were pushing her down whenever she moved up to ease the pain. In a mess of violence, they forced her to move without their help and filmed the whole thing.

I was helplessly held down by four girls placing their whole weight to hold my limbs down. She kept riding me and soon enough, she went into a daze and had a pleasurable look on her face. She fainted after she came and squirted a huge load on me. I did all I could not to release it into her for fear of getting her pregnant.

They carried her limp body and placed her onto the bed with her legs out of the bed and spread wide. It was my turn to fuck her now. They had their hands on my hair and stood behind me to keep my hips moving.

I did as they ordered and woke the poor girl up with the deep thrusts and I suppose, pleasure. She did not resisted but just cried and moaned. It was hard for me to continue but had to keep at it or risk being beaten. After a long time of pumping, when I said I was going to cum, they kept my dick inside her by pushing my hips against hers with their feet.

I somehow managed to slip out of her pussy and sprayed it all over her pussy and body instead. They then laughed and left the room. Once again, both of us were alone in the room, covered in bruises, sweat and blood. When the music played signalling the lights out, I had already put on my clothes and apologised many times before leaving. She was too traumatised to say anything then.

Outside, all the girls looked guilty and feeling ashamed. One of the more older ones passed me the mini-DVD and said, ‘对不起,我们玩得太过火了。’

I took the disc from her and left without saying. It was a mixture of satisfaction and confusion. As if I have destroyed a girl’s life for my pleasure. I no longer contact her until she did.

We met and promised never to tell anyone what happened. It was then when we felt the hots for each other, and went for a fuck session before going our separate ways.

Friend from M’sia 2

Day: Monday
Date: 9 November 2009
Time: 8.30am
Location: Value Hotel

I was awaken by a warm and wet but gentle sucking on my dick, in a daze, I could feel my blood rushing downwards and getting ready. She stopped abruptly as how she started and I soon went soft and slept.

After about 9.30am, I woke up and went under the blanket to give her pussy a lick. She moaned gently and started to get wet. I stopped as abruptly as I started and sneaked out of bed to put on a condom.

I positioned my dick at her pussy without too much movements or contact as possible. I gently used my dickhead to go up and down her pussy lips. As she moaned and got wet again, I pushed my dick into her and she let out a little yelp.

I started to move my hips and she wrapped her legs around my ass. Pushing me towards her, my dick went deep into her and out. Going to cum soon, I took off the condom and sprayed my semen all over her body.

She covered herself with the blanket while rubbing it all over her body. Me? I haven’t got enough sleep yet, so I went back to bed. It didn’t take long for something to awake me again.

The same warm, wet feeling, but was tighter this time. I could feel something on my legs, but until I realised she was riding me again, I thought it was her mouth. For revenge, she took me for a hellride, clamping my dick down with her pussy, she moved up and down so fast that I had the most craziest ‘after-cum’ sensation. It was definitely making me go crazy.

We fell asleep for a short while before she showered and sent me off. She had about 5 more hours to finish her shopping. And to return to M’sia to continue with her life.

Friend from M’sia

Day: Sunday
Date: 8 November 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: Value Hotel

We were blogpals who were crazy about writing kinky stuff. We kept watch on each other’s blog and tweeted a lot too. It was her who decided to visit Singapore, and at the same time, meet this kid, me, who writes erotica.

Upon arrival, I saw her exiting and recognised her immediately. She looked as pretty as her twitter display picture. I waved to her and she smiled at me, shaking my hand and introducing ourselves.

Going for a quick meal at BK, I offered to help her carry her stuff to the hotel she plans to stay in – Value Hotel. We went to one in Balestier and checked in. She allowed me to stay in her room for a while while she went for a quick bath.

After about 40 minutes, she came out in her bathrobe and looked all shocked.

‘Oh my, I forgot you were still here. Sorry! What were you doing while waiting?’ She went into the toilet to take her clothes out, and of course, I didn’t miss the lacy bra she was holding. Thoughts of loosening her robe became so strong that I had to look elsewhere to snap out of it.

‘Nothing, just waiting for you. You smell really nice.’

Sitting beside me on the bed, we talked about how we generated ideas and if she really masturbated while writing one. Slowly, we went into details about descriptions and plots and it got both of us all heated up in the brainstorming session.

‘Have you ever want to make your fantasies come true? Especially the one you typed about me?’ She asked.

I nodded my head, ‘I didn’t expect any of them to come true, cause most of the girls I wrote about were only friends. If you want, I can enact what I wrote. I can remember it clearly now that we’re halfway into the story.’

I reached for the strap on her robe and pulled it revealing her perfectly slim body. And in my definition of slim, I don’t mean skinny, she had the body of my dream girl. After making sure she is comfortable on bed, I slept on the bed with my head by the side at her right breast, sucking her nipple, fondling it with my tongue.

Her left hand was holding my head down, moving my head around to make me tongue her better. Her right hand was at her pussy, rubbing the clit gently causing soft subtle moans. As it was only 3pm, I did not rush and kept going at it until she felt ready to proceed.

Bringing my head between her legs, it was spread wide enough for my mouth to reach her pussy. After playing lightly with my tongue on her opening, she pressed my head down on her pussy and to keep up with her, I made her real wet with the flicking inserting of tongue into her lovehole. I did not intend to stop until she forgot she was choking me and I had to give up.

It was her turn to have fun.  She made me lie down and gave me a slow and steady blow. She knew how to work a dick, all the way from the balls to the dickhead. Skilfully synchronising her mouth with hands, she need not take any rest and I am the one who was having a hard time holding it in.

As I feel the energy building up in my balls, I asked her to stop and prepare for my launch. With no intention to let me waste the sperms, she stopped to take a condom from her purse and rolled it over my dick.

‘Knowing you are meeting me here, I came prepared lah.’

After I lie back onto the bed, she climbed onto me and took my whole dick into her pussy. She knew how to control her pussy tightness to gain control of me. She rode non-stop on me, grinding my dick for a good whole 10 minutes before I have to stop her again. It was simply too much for me. I pulled her onto my body and turned around to go into missionary.

Pumping her non-stop with deep and forceful thrusts, her expression and moaning kept me going. Her moans, her pussy, her sweat, her breasts, it all fits perfectly into the scene. After the warning to fire, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it all hard, and sucked it all out.

It was the best cum-in-mouth experience, and best after-cum feel as she sucked my dick dry and cleaned my dick with her tongue after she swallowed it, not forgetting to french the opening of my now sensitive dick. I fell onto her bed and she fell onto my body.

Despite not knowing much about each other, we knew we were thinking the same, and enjoyed.

‘Do you have plans tomorrow?’, she asked gleefully.

‘Is my plan to be with you counted?’

We went downstairs for dinner and cheers to get the more condoms. We went back to the room and hugged each other to sleep, recharging our energy, and my soldiers for tomorrow.